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66 SPORTS ILGA prepares for summer IMGA news — June 2012

Ruth Rees, club champion.

Catherine Jenkins It never rains in Arizona! However,

the rain did cause the second day of the crossover Palo Verde, Ironwood, Cottonwood, Oakwood (PICO) tournament to be cancelled during the middle of


round. Instead of awarding teams who won a two-day event, prizes were awarded to winning teams for play on the 19th of April. Linda Meisinger did a great job chairing tournament. Twenty foursomes played at

Ironwood that day, and 20 played at

Cottonwood. Each location was treated as a separate tournament, and the winners were paid separately. The winners for play at Cottonwood on

April 19 (with a score of 108) are: MaryAnne Lofquist (CW), Jan Skibo

(OW), Barbara Hewitt (IW), Sharon Claude (PV). The winners for play at Ironwood on April 19 (with a score of 105) are: Donna Purcell (CW), Marilyn Morgan (IW), Nancy Wolfi n (PV), Marie Welsch (IW). This was the second annual event and ILGA’s home and homes. Next


year the crossover tournament, now called PICO, will be held on Tuesday, April 16, and Tuesday, April 23. Oakwood and Palo Verde will host the 2013 event. Nicole Wadley shot a hole-in-one

on number 15 during ILGA’s Swing for Hope Charity Tournament held April 12. Congratulations, Nicole!

Nicole Wadley had a hole-in-one. ILGA members are marking their

calendars for the third year of the summer league. Each month, one of the executive courses along Riggs Road (Ironwood, Palo Verde, Sun Lakes Country Club and SunBird) hosts a mini-tournament. All events are held on Wednesday, and they are AM shotguns. Here is the schedule for the remainder of

the summer. Wednesday, June 13 Palo Verde Wednesday, July 11 SunBird Wednesday, August 15 Ironwood Wednesday, September 12 Sun Lakes Each of the leagues in IronOaks sent

representatives to meet with a golf architect who will be working with the Golf Committee and HOA. The plan is to improve our golf courses to reduce costs, enhance revenues, maintain our reputation and quality, and plan ahead for the future of our courses. It was a great meeting, and a lot of valuable information and suggestions were presented. Although each improvement will be done in phases and take a considerable amount of time, the end result should really benefi t the growth of our community and golf courses. During the summer, ILGA will not be

holding our monthly luncheons. Luncheons will resume in October. For play day winners and more

information about Ironwood Ladies Golf Association, please visit our website: http:// 

PVMGA charity fun day

Home and Home winners: Al Ivanich, Dean Bierly, Mark Saylor and John Concannon.

Winners of this year’s Gayle King Tournament, Arnie Henden and Dave Sanders.

John Concannon, Publicity The last Home and Home tournament

until next November was held with Sun Lakes Golf Club. The Tuesday competition went off without a hitch, but the Thursday round encountered some severe weather conditions, including high winds, a substantial dust storm, rain and a 12-degree drop in temperatures. It was the fi rst time I used an umbrella in, like forever. There was a fi rst place tie between Al Ivanich/Dean Bierly and Mark Saylor/John Concannon. In third place was Robert Clark/Don Dinkelman. The summer league is upon us. The

fi rst tournament was held on May 30 at Ironwood. The other tournament will be played on July 12 at Sun Lakes, August 10 at SunBird and September 5 at Palo Verde. The fi rst 20 players from each club will be included. Individual sign-up is required for each tournament. There is a $3 fee, but coffee and donuts will be served prior to the game. Last month I wrote about Gayle King’s annual tournament. In error I included

Pickleball clinic

Patsy Shell Wednesday, April 18, Arizona Olympic

PVMGA presented a check to the Sun Lakes Sheriff’s Posse.

Dick Nelsen, Publicity The Palo Verde Men’s Fun Day on May

5 was special this year. The objective is to have fun playing golf with a lot of crazy approaches on every hole. A charity that affects the Sun Lakes area is chosen, and this year the Sun Lakes Sheriff’s Posse was the recipient of the money collected from the entrance fee and funds from an auction of experienced and new golf equipment. Bob Keltz, co-chairman of the Major Events Committee following the luncheon on May 12, is presenting a check of $1,862 to Louis DiGirolamo, Commander of the Sun Lakes


Sheriff’s Posse and Gerard Willover, Vice- Commander of the Sun Lakes Sheriff’s Posse. These gentlemen and the other volunteers of the Posse receive no salary and dedicate their time and energy to make Sun Lakes one of the safest communities in the state. They must pay for their own uniforms and even pay for the squad cars that help patrol our area. They do receive money from the recycling center and donations from members of the community. It is a pleasure for the PVMGA to present this check to the unsung volunteers of the Sun Lakes Sheriff’s Posse. Thank you! 

gold medal winner David Zapatka held a clinic demonstrating strategies and skills to Intermediate/Advance Pickleball players for IronOaks and Sun Lakes Pickleball Club members. Fifty-eight club members left with a new appreciation for the game as well

as fantastic skill improvement

techniques. The clinic covered the following areas: Strategies including the ready position,

forehand and backhand groundstrokes. Skill building including serving, return

of serve, pickleball’s most important shot—the third ball, the Arizona soft game, court positioning and footwork. Court etiquette and Safety. Interest in IronOaks pickleball is growing

rapidly. Membership now exceeds 190. If you are interested in learning more about pickleball, please contact Bev Krueger ( at 480-883-8276. Have fun! Play pickleball! 

Dave Zapatka demonstrates strategies.


a photo of last year’s winners. This year the winners are Arnie Henden and Dave Sanders. Sorry for the error, guys. Although it

is months away, I would

like our members to consider running for the Board of Directors. Our constitution, yes we have a constitution, currently disallows individuals from holding the same offi ce for two consecutive years with the exception of the treasurer, who can hold offi ce for two years. All current elected members will need to be replaced in December. We are losing a long-time member of

IMGA. Terry Bledsoe and his wife Shirley are moving to Rhode Island to be closer to family. Terry for several years wrote the IMGA news article for the Splash and was club president in 2000. Our best wishes for a continued retirement go with you. Finally, Ray Paiva would like to

sincerely thank all of those who sent cards of condolence on the loss of his sister-in- law and father. Ray said that the number of cards received was overwhelming to him and his wife Debra. 

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