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Guys and Dolls annual tournament a great success

Cheryl Reed The Sun Lakes Guys and Dolls annual

golf tournament was held March 25 because the previous week AZ had its usual “one day” of bad weather and the tournament was delayed. The tournament was a great success, and the weather this particular week could not be beaten; no wind and plenty of sunshine. Many family members of players attended and were cheering the participants on. There were sand shots, water shots, missed putts and much laughter between players and crowd. The winners of the Guys and Dolls 2012

are Moe Schoenwalder and Frank Capron; second place: Carolyn Luna and Marv Selby (last year’s champions); third place: Karla Carrillo and Dave Green. Thanks to the family and friends of

players for coming out and enjoying the great golf and many laughs. See ya next year. 

The IronOaks Pickleball Club hosts Ahwatukee. Moe Schoenwalder and Frank Capron.

Patsy Shell Thursday, April 19, at 8:00 a.m.

Sun Lakes Lady Putters results Apr 24: “Scramble” 1st Place: Inez

Susan Gottschalk Sun Lakes Lady Putters have concluded

their season and are already looking forward to beginning their new season in October. Watch for startup news this fall in the Splash. Monday Flight Apr 9 “Best Ball” 1st Place: Colleen

Foley. Holes-In-One: 2nd Merta Brown; 3rd Pauline Dye; 4th Susan Powell; 7th Linda Dickerson; 12th Ginny Morrison; 18th and 19th Colleen Foley. Apr 16: “Best Ball” 1st Place tie: Mary

D’Ortenzio, Susan Powell. Holes-In-One: 3rd Norma Marsh; 4th Paula Herzstein; 5th Marilyn Hayes; 5th and 6th Susan Powell; 6th Irene Brown, Diana Laubenstein; 7th Susan Gottschalk; 8th and 9th Linda Dickerson; 10th and 11th Terry Sporleder. Apr 23: “Scramble” 1st Place: Darlene

Bickford, Norma Marsh, Susan Powell, LaDonna Williams. Holes-In-One: 5th Darlene Bickford; 7th Susan Powell; 20th Colleen Foley. Apr 30: Holes-In-One: 3rd and 4th

Pat Martin; 4th Jan Foldenaur; 7th Diana Laubenstein, LaDonna Williams; 8th Susan Powell; 13th Ginny Morrison. Tuesday Flight Apr 10: “Scramble” 1st Place: Myrna Dufner, Dolly Bruns,

Greene, Dottie

Helen Ronning. Holes-In-One: 3rd Dottie Dufner; 5th Susan Anderson; 11th and 12th Myrna Greene. Apr 17: “Scramble” 1st Place:


Doerr, Pat Hanson, Susan Anderson, Marie Sullivan. Holes-In-One: 1st Dottie Altamore; 2nd Nadine Walch; 4th and 5th Lois Buttke; 7th Jean Stemmley; 8th Marie Sullivan; 10th Laurie Burke; 13th Myrna Greene. Apr 24: “Scramble” 1st Place: Dolly

Bruns, Marie Sullivan, Dot Haanes, Pat Hanson. Holes-In-One: 5th Ginny Kinch, Kathy Mindnich; 6th Dot Haanes. May 1: “Scramble” 1st Place: Ilsa Moore,

Kathy Mindnich, Dottie Dufner. Holes-In- One: 3rd Ilsa Moore, Toni Kalschuer; 6th Susan Anderson; 8th Jean Stemmley. Tuesday Oakwood Flight Apr 10: “Scramble” 1st Place Tie: Chris

Kibler, Carol Schuh, Leona Skeate, Sara Wagman; and Deone Cartford, Carol Leavitt, Peggy Raber, Jan Wilkinson. Holes- In-One: 1st Sara Wagman; 2nd Carol Schuh, Chris Kibler, Mickey Friedman; 5th Peggy Raber; 5th and 6th Carol Leavitt; 8th Paula Lauer; 22nd Marge Duggan. Apr 17: “Scramble” 1st Place 4-way

Tie: Shari Hurst, Diana Milkint, Carol Leavitt and Jan Abbey, Claire Akin, Paula Lauer, Leona Skeate and Marge Duggan, Irene Olson, Cheryl Schaab, Carol Schuh and Deone Cartford, Sheila Holland, Jan Mulgrew, Petty Raber. Holes-In-One: 2nd and 3rd Sara Wagman; 4th Jan Mulgrew; 6th Peggy Raber; 7th Dotty Deschenes; 7th and 8th Carol Leavitt; 8th Jan Abbewy; 9th Cheryl Schaab; 10th and 11th Shari Hurst, Claire Akin; 12th Sheila Holland; 23rd and 24th Marge Duggan.


Kirscht, Jan Prestin, Peggy Raber, Cheryl Schaab. Holes-In-One: 3rd Merrillee Richardson; 5th Barb Sele, Linda Teehan; 5th and 6th Elaine Legorreta; 7th Peggy Raber; 8th Deone Cartford 8th and 9th Inez Kirscht; 9th Carol Leavitt; 25th and 26th Marge Duggan. May 1: “Scramble” 1st Place: Claire

Akin, Lynda Fallenberg, Inez Kirscht, Ann Marcinowski. Holes-In-One: 5th Rita Tanen; 7th Elaine Legorreta; 8th Dotty Deschenes; 10th Carol Leavitt; 12th, 13th and 14th Claire Akin; 15th Margo Otte; 27th Marge Duggan. Wednesday Flight Apr 11: “Scramble” 1st Place: Jeannette

Boychuk, Lori Dykstra, Mary Kunzelman, Velma Steinman. Holes-In-One: 2nd Doris Maxwell, Jane Gallagher; 3rd Jane Schaeffer, Laura Sahlin; 4th Lee DeLeo; 5th Ann Eckert, Joy Voight; 5th and 6th Shirley Keating; 6th Lori Dykstra; 7th Velma Steinman; 7th, 8th and 9th Judy Hester; 8th Dot Patrick; 9th Mary Kunzelman, Anna Marie Como; 11th Linda Parfi tt; 13th Linda Murray; 14th Tanya Bradford; 15th Jeannette Boychuk. Apr 18: “Scramble” 1st Place tie: Jane

Schaeffer, Delores Logan, Judy Dakin, Kathleen Keohane and Pat Weitzel, Mary Alice Clifford, Louise Henderson, Joy Voight. Holes-In-One: 1st Mary Alice Clifford; 4th and 5th Kathleen Keohane; 5th Lee DeLeo; 5th and 6th Louise Henderson; 6th Jan Stuckey, Rose Ann Pantano; 7th Shirley Keating; 10th and 11th Anna Marie Como; 16th Jeannette B oychuk. Apr 25: “Scramble” 1st Place tie: Jane

Stuckey, Lana Jonker, Joy Voight and Judy Hester, Tanya Bradford, Delores Logan. Holes-In-One: 2nd Kathy Kuglitsch, Joan Westrack; 4th Pam Grachan; 7th Jan Stuckey, Lori Dykstra; 9th Dot Patrick; 12th Linda Parfi tt, Anna Marie Como; 15th Tanya Bradford. May 2: “Scramble” 1st Place: Linda

Murray, Kathy Kuglitsch, Donna Martin. Holes-In-One: 3rd Kathy Kuglitsch, Maria Shaw; 4th Jane Schaeffer; 3rd, 4th and 5th Donna Martin; 8th Lana Jonker; 10th Nancy Fife; 14th Linda Murray; 16th and 17th Tanya Bradford. Thursday Flight Apr 12: “Scramble” 1st Place: Roxanne

Manz, Fran Marolla and Irene D’Aloisio. Holes-In-One: 2nd Anna Pagano; 3rd Ruth Willoughby; 5th Mary White; 6th Irene D’Aloisio, Nina Scinto, Hillary Thibodeau; 7th Carol Ciccarelli, Mitzi Iverson; 8th Joanne Johnson; 12th Roxanne Manz; 17th Fran Marola; 21st Edite Evans. Apr 19: “Scramble” 1st Place tie: Mary

White, Ann Harrigan, Edite Evans and Nina Scinto, Roxanne Manz, Carol Cicarrelli, Fran Schuring. Holes-In-One: 6th Marilyn Brenner; 7th Irene D’Aloisio; 8th Jeri Henry; 9th Fran Schuring; 11th Bev Lundeen; 19th Fran Marolla; 22nd Edite Evans. Apr 26: Rained out. 


IronOaks Pickleball courts were abuzz with energy. IronOaks Pickleball Club members were dressed in their new eye-catching blue and white club shirts when a sea of red shirts arrived from Ahwatukee. Fifty-two participants and a crowd of

onlookers were treated to four hours of entertaining, competitive pickleball. At halftime, Ahwatukee led 9-7 in matches won. A stunning come-from-behind victory was staged by our very own IronOaks members, winning the second half 10- 5. The competition was tied at 14-14 but IronOaks pulled it out when we won the fi nal three matches. Representing IronOaks Pickleball Club

were fi fteen teams divided into divisions: MEN.

A: Pete Machsam/Nelson Berberian; Earl Schalin/Bill Bishop; B: John

Moore/Bob Zimmerman; Lou Blas/Steve Langer; C: Forest Ernst/Rick Nelson; Kim Fliethman/Rich O’Brien; D: John Livoti/Jim Clarke; Jerry Worden/Glen Butler WOMEN. A: Bev Krueger/Linda Snider;

Lil Harris/Jackie Alvino; B: Judy Gahide/Bev Schalin; Janet Myrick/Darlene Williams; C: Kay Moore/Dianne Zimmerman; Patty True/Karen Machsam; D: Janet Livoti/Sheila Sellers. John and Kay Moore, social coordinatiors,

and their volunteers provided an assortment of delectable treats artistically displayed for all participants and spectators. To top it off, an over-the-top delicious lunch was served at 11:30. Club member John Livoti was our offi cial photographer. We are all so grateful to everyone who contributed to making this event such and outstanding success. Our guests left with a promise to host us at their site in the fall. 

CWLGA 18 Hole Gold news

Shirley Edmiston, Publicity Lots of members are leaving during the

month of May for the summer, and we wish them happy golfi ng in the cooler climates. For the ladies that still play and brave the 100+ degree weather at Cottonwood, remember that shotgun on playday starts at 7:00 a.m. in June. Congratulations to all our winners this

month. April golf competition results: April 5 – Ace of Aces qualifi ers Anne Lofquist, Nadine


Sanders, Billie Seiberling, Penny Hunter, Diane Kruse, Sandy Worden, Tammy Visser, Sharon Wilson, June Park and Joan Barcal. Criers Tournament, First Place Gross and Net. 1st Flt: Gross Nadine Sa n d er s , Net Mary


Lofquist. 2nd Flt: G r o s s Billie Seiberling, Net Penny Hunter. 3rd Flt: Diane Kruse, Net Sandy Worden. 4th Flt: Gross Tammy Visser, Net Sharon Wilson. 5th Flt: Gross June Park, Net Joan Barcal. “Lucky Lady” Member-

Guest Event, April 12. Great turn out with 144 participants. A continental buffet was

Ballroom with a Lady in Red “Tee It Up” Towel, Insulated Tote and Zippered Coin Purse placed at each table setting. Winners of the Six-Six-Six Game were announced, and then the raffl e tickets were drawn for the prizes. Winners: 1st Flt. Gross Susan Stoval and Claire Schruoyer, Net Peggy Hoff and Connie Locy. 2nd Flt Gross Mary Nelson and Penny Fox, Net Nancy Gahn and Pat Richards. 3rd Flt Gross Sandy Worden and Patty Cumming, Net Pat Tjosvold and Sharon Eisenzimmer.


Flt Gross Liz Kirkpatrick and Carol Myers, Net Veda Baack and Lynnette Liffrig. 5th Flt Gross Paula Lazutin

and Kay Steele, Net Helen Jeub and Karen Jensen. A great big thank you to co-chairs Veda Baack, Jan Martin and their committee for all the hard work and special efforts for this very successful event.

See pictures in the Posting Room. April 19 and 26, Pico Crossover Tournament. This was the second year

enjoyed by

all attendees before heading out to play. Thanks to all the members who provided the wonderful assortment of fruit, specialty breads, egg dishes and pastries. Everyone had fun reviewing the prizes that were being raffl ed off, deciding which prize to put their tickets towards and buying chances for the 9th Hole Jackpot. Many thanks to members’ husbands Leonard Meyer, Terry Wilson, George Papaioannou and Dick Howell who took care of guests’ bags and did breakfast cleanup. A great lunch was held in the San Tan

the event has been held and includes members from the ladies groups at Cottonwood, Palo Verde, Oakwood and Ironwood golf clubs. Play was held at the Cottonwood and Ironwood courses. Results were from the fi rst day of play only, since rain canceled out day two. However,

the two teams that actually completed play in the rain went on to win the tournament. First Place Team from the Cottonwood Group were Mary Anne Lofquist, Jan Skibo, Barbara Hewitt and Sharon Claude. First Place Team from the Ironwood Group were Donna Purcell, Marilyn Morgan, Nancy Wolfi n and Marie Welsch. Real golfers don’t miss putts, they get

ROBBED!  — June 2012

IronOaks Pickleball Club hosts Ahwatukee Pickleball Club in Men’s and Women’s Doubles Mixer

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