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June 2012— Sun Lakes Niners news

Rosalie Bowen, Publicity Let’s all congratulate the winners of the

9ers/18 Holers tournament held on April 24. They are Karen Brown, Linda Kalamar, Laurel Cathey (9er), and Bobbie Munter. Good golfi ng, ladies. We will be hosting this event next year. Our last regular play was May 22. There

was a get-together after golfi ng. Summer play started May 29. Tee times will start at 7:00 a.m.

If anyone is interested, sigh-up

sheets are available on the bulletin board. Our next event will be our Welcome

Back Brunch on October 27 in the Navajo Room. Hopefully all will be back from their summer homes and/or traveling. Sure will miss all of our members who do leave for the summer months. Have a great time off! I would like to introduce you to one

of our members, Eleanor Patton. Eleanor will be 94 in October and is still active in playing golf and attending our social events. She has a great sense of humor, enjoys the game of golf (hits that ball pretty straight), and is truly a great person to be around. Everyone agrees that knowing Eleanor is such an honor and privilege. What a gal! We are looking forward to another year playing golf with Eleanor. A thank you to Sandy Iosue for printing

Eleanor Patton, age 94 and a cancer survivor, was in the Rally for the Cure tournament in April 2012.

the recipes from the salad luncheon. Many thanks to the Niners who parted with some of their prized recipes. Enjoy! Regular play will commence on

November 6. All stay well and have a great summer. See you all in October. 

Meet Pearl Martin - Sun Lakes Lady Golfer

Cheryl Reed It is my privilege to introduce a valued

member of the Sun Lakes Ladies Golf Association and the over 80 club. I will not give her age because a lady never divulges that information. Enough said. Pearl Martin told me with a chuckle

that when people in Sun Lakes see her picture they would assume this to be her obituary. This is defi nitely NOT an obituary but a celebration of Pearl. Harvey and Pearl Martin moved to Sun Lakes from the Lake Tahoe area in 1981. Pearl immediately took a golf lesson because she had never even held a club before. She wanted me to know that the one lesson she took was simply to learn how to hold and swing the club. After that lesson she was off and running, well at least walking down the fairways anyway. In the 1980s when Pearl joined SLLGA,

the lady golfers paid 25 cents each week to play, and she thinks the golf membership was around $150. She and her husband Harvey have the distinction of being the only husband and wife Club Champions in the same year. That’s quite an accomplishment for someone that started playing golf when she was in her mid-50s. It did not take Pearl long to kick her game into a different gear. Pearl was Sun Lakes Ladies Golf

Champion in 1984, 1985, 1991, 1992 and 1993. She was also the SLLGA president when membership in the ladies league was 286.

She has had 10 Holes-in-One. She has

won three “Guys and Dolls Derbys,” which at that time players had to wear what looked like horse tails on their backside! Many members have come and gone at

Pearl Martin, celebrated golfer.

Sun Lakes Country Club, but Pearl is still here having a great time on the course and in the community. Anyone that has ever met this lady walks away with a smile on their face and hope for their own “golden years,” and we all know some of those years are not that golden. Pearl has had a few health issues in the past year, but one would never know it from her attitude on and off the course. I can say from the bottom of my heart as the current SLLGA President, “Thank you, Pearl, for all the things that you have given back to the association, to the members themselves and the entire Sun Lakes community.” Keep swinging and keep smiling. 

CMGA’s got a new website

John Bell For the past two months, efforts have

been made to develop a website for CMGA. As of this reporting, it is relatively complete and is available for members and others. The site will include the latest news and information relating to CMGA, including current results of tournaments, schedules of upcoming

events and tournaments,

and other pertinent information about the club. The website address is: www. are results of regular Saturday play. April 14, two-man scramble. First

fl ight: gross Woody Dunwoody and Terry Wilson; net, fi rst place Steve Nolan and Gene Kivi; second John Almond and Don Ryan, third (tie) Bernie Wolfi n and John White, Al Kahanoff and Bob Walk. Second

fl ight: fi rst place gross Ron Gunnoe and Rick Nelson; net, fi rst place Bob Sullivan and tony Wooldridge; second Bob Zinnel and Jim Czaja;

third (tie) Tom Rainville

and Alex Lazutin, Jim Crandal and Jack Voight, Bob Brown and Jerry Smith. Third fl ight: gross Chuck Bakeman; net, fi rst Bob Dorion and Trevor Lloyd; second (tie) Bob Schrote and Gerald Heine, Gene Brown and Roy Heimbrock. April 21. Beat the Pro, Mark Leibfried.

All golfers achieve a net schore of 72 or 73 beat the pro: John Robbins, Bob Schaedel, Elwood Boehmer, Hank Clausen, Les Clark, Bob Walk, Rick Nelson, Jim Czaja, John Gettles, Jeff Singer and Gene Kivi. April 28, 2012 CottonVerde. Mixed the front nine at

foursomes played — CMGA cont. on page 72 SUN LAKES SPLASH



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