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IronOaks Pickleball hosts Crazy Mixed Up Mixer — June 2012 Cottonwood Lady Niners

Front nine winners of the Lady 9er’s Invitational Tournament were, left to right: Gloria Wilson, Dianne Thompson, Judy Garofalo and Mary Ann Pauling.

Bev Krueger in front. Back row, left to right: Peggy Archambault, Sue Wagener, Monica Dickens and Bob Zimmerman.

Patsy Shell On April 11, 2012, the IronOaks

Pickleball Club held a special “Crazy Mixed Up Mixer” social for the club’s novice players. This lively event included about 40 players, with additional spectators. Everyone was invited to join Bev Krueger, Jan Krueger and Polly Giessing on an adjacent court for a skills drill clinic to keep the enthusiasm fl owing between the Pickleball games.

In honor of Bev’s dedication to

help promote Pickleball in IronOaks by continually teaching new players the game, the novice players surprised Bev with a thank you card and a gift of Pickleball

earrings! The day was full

of smiles and laughs and lots of fun, Pickleball style!

Come on out and see what it’s

about! For more info call Bev Krueger at 480-883-8276. 

Desert Cove captures Spring Softball title

Bette Lu Buchanan, Publicity March was a beautiful, warm month,

and we played several interesting games that were enjoyed by all participating in the Lady Niners of Cottonwood. On March 1, we played “Low Gross,” which is a qualifi er for the State Medallion Tournament. First fl ight winners were: Marlene Knightly, fi rst place, Gail Wooldridge, second place, and Susan Lamb and Kathy Thomas tied for third place. Second fl ight winners were: Judy Nicely and Cathy Sullivan in a tie for fi rst place, with Karen Kispaugh taking third.

In the third fl ight, Catherine Korol

took fi rst place, Lee DeLeo, second place and Florence Wright took third place. On March 8 and 15, we played “Ecletic,”

which takes the best 9 holes of two rounds of golf combined. In the fi rst fl ight, Gail Wooldrige took fi rst, Jan Lien was second, Bette Lu Buchanan, Dee Monsonis and Kathy Thomas tied for third. In the second fl ight, Gloria Wilson took fi rst place, Joan Irwin was second, Janet Jackson and Cathy Sullivan tied for third. Third fl ight winners were: Florence Wright fi rst, Lee DeLeo second, Catherine Korol and Patti Landry tied for third. Chip in winners for March 8 were Karen Ryan and Margaret Donnelly. March 22 was the date of our Annual

9ers Invitational tournament. The fi nal week of March brought us to

The spring season and tournament champion Desert Cove team. Kneeling, left-right: Bill Cheney, Jerry Galvagno, Ed Sowney, Mike Gloyd and Bill Kreisman. Standing, left-right: Steve Schaider, Dick Moran, Chuck Myrick, Manager Larry Kaufmann, Bob Zawidski, Henry Ellis and Hal Kime. Missing: Bob Hutchins. Photo by Core Photography, LLC.

Larry Wolfe The Desert Cove Senior Softball Team,

managed by Larry Kaufmann, won the spring session title with a sparkling won-lost record of 13-5. They edged out the second place Brenden Financial Services team, which fi nished with a record of 11-7. Desert Cove and Brenden Financial

Services, managed by Ken Brenden, both compiled 33-19 overall records for the three sessions

(fall, winter and spring). Desert

Cove won a tiebreaker to earn the number one seed in the season-ending tournament. At a recent Board meeting, the following

directors and offi cers were named for the 2012-2013 season: President Denny Davidson, Vice President Roger Spark, Secretary Larry Wolfe, Treasurer Bob Deken and Members-at-Large Mike Core, Henry Ellis, Ed Sowney and Jesse Washington. Even though league play is in a hiatus

until early November, softball never takes a break at the Field of Dreams. Our summer program includes batting practice and pick- up games every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings. Call Denny Davidson at 480-883-9716 for further information. The annual Sun Lakes Fire Department vs. Sun Lakes Senior All-Stars event took place in


early May. The Seniors bested the “Juniors” 24-9 and 13-10 to sweep a doubleheader. Thanks to the Fire Department for furnishing pizza and drinks following the games. Thanks to our newest billboard

advertisers, Caribbean Dreams Landscaping and BLD Restaurant. Caribbean Dreams is a local fi rm owned by Brad Clark. They offer a full range of landscaping services including maintenance and property management, water features, misting, irrigation and outdoor lighting systems and more. BLD is also a locally owned company and a sister restaurant of Cork, which is also a billboard advertiser. Robert

and Danielle Morris

and Chef Brian Peterson are the owners of both restaurants. As the name implies, BLD serves breakfast, lunch and dinner in its South Chandler location. Also, thanks to The Charles Company & Associates, insurance specialists, with offi ces at 9666 E. Riggs Road, Suite 136, for renewing their sponsorship. The Charles Company has been a loyal supporter of our program since 2003. Go to the Sponsors Page on our website (

to learn more

about BLD, Caribbean Dreams, The Charles Company and all of our other sponsors and advertisers. 

the game “Odd Holes,” where only the odd numbered holes are scored for a winning round. First fl ight winners were: Dee Monsonis fi rst, Barb Bassett second, and a 4-way tie for third place between Bette Lu Buchanan, Eden Carter, Jan Lien and Judy Nicely. Second fl ight winners included Jerry Jordan fi rst, with Joan Irwin and Dixie McQuaid in a two-way tie for 2nd. Third Flight winners included a 2-way tie for fi rst between Peggi Boyles and Pat Kivi, and a 3-way tie for third place between Annette Carrington, Judy Garafalo, and Suzanne Jones. We played “Select-a-Drive” on April 5.

First Flight winners were: Gail Wooldridge fi rst place, Dee Monsonis second place,

and in a three-way tie for third place were Marlene Knightly, Jan Lien and Dorothy Thurman. In the Second Flight, Janet Jackson was in fi rst place, with a two-way tie for second place for Sherry Jameson and Cathy Sullivan. Third Flight winners were: Mary Ann Loran fi rst place, and Suzanne Jones and Betty Lansing in a two-way tie for second. Chip in winners on this day were Bette Lu Buchanan, Janet Jackson, Gail Wooldridge and Florence Wright. On April 12 we played “Least Putts.”

In fi rst place were Bette Lu Buchanan and Lynn Zimmer. Second place included Annette Carrington, Judy Hultgren, Susan Lamb, Dixie McQuaid and Judy Rethke, and in third place were Karen Kishbaugh, Marlene Knightly, Jan Lien, Donna Royle, Judy Wolfstich and Gail Wooldridge. Our farewell luncheon was held on

April 19 in the Saguaro Room where we enjoyed a delicious luncheon of Chicken a la King, green beans and warm rolls. Following a short meeting, we played a Team Scramble on the back nine of Cottonwood. The fi rst place team was Eden Carter, Joy Gardner, Iris Hardy and Karen Ryan. In second place were Jeanne Floberg,

Joan Irwin, Judy Nicely and

Jacquie Poetker. The third place team was Pat Andersen, Karen Kishbaugh, Sue Schafer and Cathy Sullivan. The offi cers for next year are: Gail

Wooldridge, President; Susan Lamb, Vice- President; Florence Wright, Secretary; and Judy Wolfstich, Treasurer, along with Peggy Boyles, Membership; Pat Kivi, Social; Pat Andersen, Golf Committee; and Bette Lu Buchanan, Publicity. Most improved golfer was Kathy Thomas. Our State Medallion winners this year were Eden Carter, Low gross and Vickie Ricketts, Low net. They will participate in the State Medallion tournament, which will be held December 3 at IronOaks Country Club. With our snowbird members starting

to pack up and leave, we wish everyone a wonderful summer. Hit ‘em straight and long! 

Oakwood 18 Hole Couples

Becky Kolb The Oakwood 18 Hole Couples League

played the Palms/Sonoran with a 4-Ball 6-6-6 2 Low Net on April 13, 2012, with results as follows: Flight 1, First Place: Barb and Joe

DeNapoli with Joan and Adrian Lauer with a score of 123; second place: Julie and Arnie Hastings with Colleen Ritter and Tom Bezrutczyk with a score of 126; third place: Robin and Dave Thomas with Fran and Jim Morin with a score of 127. Flight 2, fi rst and second place was a tie with a score of 126: Bev and David Lutes with Kathy and Gary Burns and Mary Lynn and Doug Currie with Becky and John Kolb; third place: Jennifer and Dale Schmitz with Mary Ann and Robert Taylor with a score of 128. Flight 3, fi rst place: Alletta and Fred Kent with Kay and Don Neilsen with a score of 125; second and third place tied: Sharon and Al Bowditch with Shelby and Craig Larson and

Kathy and Gregg Heinemann with Marion and Charlie Peles with a score of 126. Closest to the pin winners were Sharon

Bowditch on Palms no. 4, Alletta Kent on Palms no. 7, John Lauer on Sonoran no. 3 and Charlie Peles on Sonoran no. 8. YTD Totals: Hens 2 and Roosters 24. Longest putt winners were: Robin Thomas on Palms no. 9 and Jan Hanson on Sonoran no. 1. Year to date: Hens 12 and Roosters 11. April 27 was a 4-Ball Couple Scramble

played on Lakes/Palms with results as follows: Flight 1, fi rst place: Mary Figgis and

Jess Baker with Colleen Ritter and Tom Bezrutczyk a score of 114; second place: Alletta and Fred Kent with Paula and Howie Dielmann with a score of 114.5; third place: Eleanor Hinerichsen with Bill Boxwell with a score of 116.5. Flight 2, fi rst place with a score of 110.5: Suzie and Dale Willey with

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