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June 2012—

OLGA Ladies 18 Hole Golf news and scores

Jeanne Sutherland, Publicity On Sunday, April 15, the Bocce Ball

potluck and awards party was held to celebrate the end of the second session and the season. The second session winners are as follows: Division A: 1st Don and Velma

Steinman, 2nd Neil and Mary Ann Winters, 3rd Bill Janicki and John Terranova. Division B: 1st Rich and Terry Sporleder, 2nd

Barb Gillespie and Pat

Richards, 3rd Arlin and Virginia Wesner. Division C: 1st Gordon and Cheri

SPORTS 59 Bocce Ball winners

Buettner, 2nd Tom and Monica Lovrien, 3rd Jo Bryant and Nancy Hibbard. Division D: 1st Lee and Len Knecht, 2nd Mac and Helen Michaelis, 3rd Ken Wentland and Judy Roller Division E: 1st Barbara Collier and

Judy Cody, 2nd Gordon McCleary and Kathy Komaishke, 3rd Dale Hallberg and Janet Korhauser. Division F:

(3-way Tie

for 1st) Roy and Linda Parfi tt, Harry and Lorraine Seger, Les and Maggie Klingberg. Division G: 1st Bob and Patti Peterson,

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The 2012 Oakwood Ladies East Valley team members.

Judi Sloan Twenty-one women represented OLGA

in the East Valley Team Play. Throughout the fall and winter months the Oakwood Team competes against each of the other 10 teams in the league. The format is match play with partners, and points are awarded in both gross and net. The OLGA team placed third in the net competition and fi fth in the gross competition for the 2012 season. Any OLGA member with a handicap of 25 or

lower is eligible to join. This is a

wonderful way to meet new golfers and play at different Valley courses. The 2012 Team members were Sharon Bowditch, captain, Eleanor Hinerichsen, co-captain, Kathy Burns, Dolly Eide, Paula Ferguson, Jean Hedberg,

Lonni Hocker, Karen

Jensen, JoAnn Johnson, Kay Kaiser, Alletta Kent, Joanne Knutson, Kay Lehmkuhl, Rita Mabry, Kathy Maggio Stephanie Raach, Carol Russell, Jennifer Schmitz, BJ Schuller, Joyce Schwartz and Judi Sloan. On May 1, the OLGA game of the day

was T’s and F’s. Winners for Flight 1 were 1st Pat Feuling (tie) Glo Malmberg and Judi Sloan. Winners for Flight 2 are 1st Linda Thrash, 2nd Liz Pritchard (tie) and Joyce Sbur. Winners for Flight 3 are 1st Sue Richmond (tie) and Vicki Carmicheal, 3rd

Sharon Snyder, The Flight 4 winners are 1st Mary Ann Kletzien (tie) and Debbie Boynton-Gregoline, 3rd Jacquie Peterson. On Tuesday, May 8, OLGA had a very

successful Member/Member event. This partner of choice game was scored one low net of the twosome. Following golf, everyone enjoyed pizza on the patio. It was a special day before many of our OLGA friends leave for the summer. Winners for Flight 1 are 1st Glo

Malmberg and Joyce Sbur, 2nd Kay Kaiser and Ruth Rees (tie) Debra Foster and Judi Sloan (tie) Susan Hayward and Penny Fox (tie) Pat Feuling and Linda Thrash. Winners for Flight 2 are 1st Patti Hickson and Judy Cody, 2nd Rita Mabry and Dolly Eide, 3rd BJ Schuller and Kathy Burns (tie) Shirley Weaver and Bev Lutes. Winners for Flight 3 are 1st Marilyn Morgan and Candy Watkinson, 2nd Jean Hedberg and Pat Schepp, 3rd Kathy Maggio and Carol Jones. Flight 4 winners are 1st Sandy Knight and Mary Ann Kletzien, 2nd Julie Hastings and Fran Morin (tie) Jan Skibo and Sharon Snyder (tie) Jimmy Maramonte and Nancy Lienenbrugger. Winners for Flight 5 are 1st Cher Fugua and Rydia Almy (tie) Robin Thomas and Barbara Anderson (tie) Jean Garceau and Dori Lucero. 

PVLGA news and views

Janet Baron, Publicity Spring arrived in April; it’s the season

between winter and summer. Spring has sprung and gardens are glorious! We celebrated Easter and Passover. We observed these days with sincere respect and family festivities. April Fool’s Day arrived a day later this year but still on April fi rst. February alone has 28 days and in leap year has 29. Leap year occurs every fourth even-numbered year. Our ladies participated in a two net

best ball tournament on April 4. The team of Liz Kirkpatrick, Betty Echgelmeir, Kathy Komishke and Nancy Nelson placed fi rst.

In second place the team of Tammy Visset, Dot Starholff, Mary Smith and Liz Campbell, June Park, Marlene House, Joyce Overstreet and a blind draw captured third place. April 11 our weekly game permitted us to

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Carolyn Hoffland had a hole-in-one. SUN LAKES SPLASH

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