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June 2012—

CLUBS AND CLASSES 57 IronOaks Breakers Pool League announces winners

David Mork, Godfather and Chairman As can be seen from the picture above,

the game of pool has brought together “old friends” and a time to make new friends while enjoying the camaraderie of a new group. David and Bill played pool at Silk’s Pool Hall during their Duluth East High School days and on weekends. They may have skipped a day or two to play pool, but they will never tell. They both remember the owner saying, “Don’t sit on the sides of the table, it ruins the rail cushions!” He shouted these words from his perch in the middle of the hall, similar to the scenes in the movie The Hustler. The release date was September 25, 1961, three years after David and Bill began playing pool in 1958. Season Four Winners. 8 ball Rack 1: First

Place Bill Moore, Second Place Pooch Ferris, Third Place Bob Wilkinson. Rack 2: First Place Willie Foster, Second Place Michael O’Rourke, Third Place David Mork. 9 ball Rack: First Place Pooch Ferris, Second Place Don Moelk, Third Place Robert Pasch. Based on the number of players in the Rack, prize money was paid to the top three players in each Rack derived from the entry fees. Since the league inception in October

2011, residents of Sun Lakes have competed in 8 and 9 Ball Racks. As of the end of season

four, the league members have played 6,237 games of pool with a win/loss percentage of 50.1% (games won) versus 49.9% (games lost). The 9 ball members have played 3,381 games and the 8 ball members have played 2,856 games. The win/loss percentage has remained constant between season four as at the end of season three. This is due to the caliber of the players, which provides for an even match of the Rack’s that the members are assigned into at the beginning of each season. The IronOaks Breakers League will be playing during the summer at the Billiards Room, and there is still time for players to sign up for the summer seasons. Season fi ve started May 15 and will end

on June 30. It appears that a sixth season will be played during the late summer, which will end prior to the League Championship scheduled for October 14 to October 20, 2012 at the IronOaks Billiards Room. The Championship will host one, and if suffi cient interest

two, World Ranked Pool players

to play the League Champion’s and these ranked individuals will showcase their talents during the fi nal event. The casual games of pool, played on

Tuesdays and Thursdays, are fi lling up as the players have used these twice-weekly

PRAYER ______________________________ - continued from page 50

Main speaker, Maricopa County

Attorney Bill Montgomery, delivered a challenging address. He spoke of our forefathers who established our country on Christian principles, recognized that all rights came from the Lord…not the politicians…and praised the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Quoting James Monroe, James Madison and George Washington, he showed their conviction that our freedoms are derived from God. “Our moral compass is

Christianity,” Mr. Montgomery maintained. In regard to separation of church and state, he noted, “No place in the Constitution is this found.” Everyone was given a booklet entitled “The Constitution of the United States.” If my people, who are called by my

name, will humble themselves, pray, search for me, and turn from their evil ways, then I will hear [their prayer] from heaven, forgive their sins, and heal their country. 2 Chronicles Chapter 7 Verse 14. 

David “The Godfather” Mork, and Bill “The Silk” Aune, lagging for break in the IronOaks Billiard Room, just like they did when they played at Silk’s Pool Hall in Duluth, Minnesota, in 1958-59 where they first met. Now they are members of the IronOaks Breakers Pool League 54 years later.

pickup games as a tune up. We will, in the near future, limit the players to the fi rst 50 IronOaks residents that sign up and pay their entry fees. If you are interested in playing, contact the Godfather/Chairman

of the Breakers League, David Mork, by email at, or contact the tournament director, Willie Foster, by email at to play in the upcoming seasons. 

Art Sloane Honor Flight

Jewish War Veterans notice for WWII Veterans will

be the topic of this month’s meeting of the Jewish War Veterans at the Mirror Room of Sun Lakes Country Club at 9:30 a.m. June 17. Three WWII Veterans, two from the post, were recently taken to the Memorial in Washington D.C. by Honor Flight. This three-day trip costs $850, and no veteran may pay. All funds must be raised to send them. There are 300 still on the waiting list in Arizona, and with 1,000 WWII veterans passing away each day, those going are very lucky to have been chosen. Len Estrin and Sam Morris

are from the post and Bernie Boston from Sun Lakes will join them. The post also served a graduation banquet for those graduating from the drug and alcohol rehabilitation program at the VA hospital. The post meets each month from

September through June and welcomes all, persons no matter what


that want to help veterans. Reservations for the meeting, which includes a bagel and lox breakfast, must be made with Gail Cantor at 480-480-895-1618 or gailnbob58@wbhsi. For information on the post, contact Chuck DeSerre at 480-895-7828.

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