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52 CLUBS AND CLASSES Golden Goalies

Bea Loozer Golden Goalies like the idea of losing know it

weight. We takes more than

just a desire to lose, so we offer support, information and incentives. Twice a year we honor our biggest loser

for the six month period. In October, that loser was Marie, who left that celebration $25 richer and many pounds lighter. For the period ending in April, the biggest loser was Dorothy Vacin, shown in the photo. Be nice to Dorothy; she’s $25 richer too. Kudos also go to other losers, including

some newer members who lost quite a bit but were not eligible to be “biggest losers” because they were such recent members. Loretta Simmons falls into that category, so congrats to her on her outstanding achievement. Whether a new member or a long-time

member, all of us encourage each other to get healthier. And loser or gainer, everyone is supported. Speaking of kudos. Did you know that

our own Liz Myers participated in the Pat Tillman Walk? Yes, she walked, and she FINISHED the 4.5 miles; the second oldest person in the race to fi nish.

Dorothy Vacin is a Golden Goalies champion.

Join us each Saturday morning. Weigh-in

is between 7:00 and 7:45, and the meeting begins at 8:00 in the Friendship Room of Sun Lakes Country Club. Contact Rita at 895-2559 for more information. 

Aero Club ends season

Wayne Divoky At the year-end Camera Club meeting,

annual awards are presented to the club members for the best overall competition performance and from the best photographs submitted by club members throughout the year the best of the best images are selected. This year, Bill Lewis swept the awards

for class A (the most experienced photographers) with the Photographer of the Year award; the Print of the Year award, and the Digital Image of the Year award. Georgianne Giese won the award in

class B for Photographer of the Year. John Livoti won the award in class B for

the Print of the Year award. Sue Bell won the award in class B for the

Digital Image of the Year. Congratulations to Bill, Georgianne,

John and Sue. Over the next four months, the winning

photographs will be the featured image accompanying the Sun Lakes Camera Club Splash article. This month we are starting with Bill Lewis’s “Splash Rebound 2” image,


Digital Image of the Year in class A. A small photo group, which meets once

a month, had a water drop photography demonstration by club member and new club president, Fred Giese. Bill


none of the group was successful on that day, so he decided to do some additional work on the project at home. With the help of club member John Livoti, the two worked out the rest of the details. In the end, they were able to capture fairly good images approximately one out of each three or four drops. Bill used his Nikon D-700 DSLR with a Nikon 105mm macro lens. He used the on-camera fl ash as the main source of light, and he aimed the fl ash at the orange background. The photo was shot at f22, 1/250 sec. and a white balance of 5250 K. During editing, Bill added a lot of contrast, because bouncing the fl ash off the background diffused the light. Bill also darkened the corners of the image to create a vignette to drive the viewer’s eyes

Splash Rebound 2 by Bill Lewis.

to the drop and splash. For the fi nal touch Bill using Photoshop, selected the drop, the splash and its refl ection, and used the hue adjustment to change the color to the complement of orange, which turned out to be turquoise. The contrast in colors made the splash stand out even more. Once again, congratulations to Bill on a job well done.

The normal club year has come to

an end, but the club is holding informal meetings once a month in the Cottonwood Ceramics Room at 7:00 p.m. The next meeting is Monday, June 11. The agenda for the meeting will be sent to club members via email and posted on the club website calendar. If photography is an activity that interests

you, attend one of our meetings in the fall. Visit our website: site/sunlakescameraclub for samples of club members’

images and information about

our club. For any additional information call Fred Giese, club president, at 480-220- 4394 or John Beamer, club past president, at 480-895-7683. 

Aero Club members attend a year-end potluck.

Gary Vacin Every spring, Sun Lakes Aero Club

members gather for their year-end potluck at Sisk Park. This year’s event on April 28 was attended by 24 members and guests. Club president Bob Walch cooked the brats, and members brought salads and desserts. Among those attending were Leigh and Betty Goddard, Earl and Grace

Cuyler, Gary and Dorothy Vacin, Vern and Sylvia Nelson, Bill Young, Al and Gladys Galvi, Bob and Nadine Walsh, John Marsh, Bob and Carol DeLong, John and Dorothy Kohler, Arlene Riley, Richard Peek, Jerry and Seal Iantaro and George Solandros. The club will begin fall activities with its October meeting at the Sun Lakes Country Club. 

New dance class forming at SLCC

Mary Lou Kaye Introductory special for Sun Lakes

residents—FIRST CLASS FREE. Call to reserve your space in the fi rst meeting of either class. Try before you buy. Like the fi rst class? Want to learn more? Register at the end of class that evening. On Wednesday, June 6, 2012, a Basic

Social Dance Class will be offered in the Mirror Room of Sun Lakes Country Club for all those who don’t need to move like Fred and Ginger but who want to avoid looking like Abbott and Costello. They will begin at 7:30 p.m., last one hour, and the session will run for eight weeks. Singles are welcome. In this class we’ll learn basic rhythms

of dance and the principles of leading, following and being a great partner. Leaders don’t even need to know what the dance is. The same movements will take you through the Fox Trot, Waltz, Rumba, Swing, Cha Cha, Tango—50s, Old Tyme or

Pop Music—you name it! There will also be a Dancing Divas

class (ladies only) where the focus is on dance, fi tness and fun. Broadway routines, party, great

line and folk dances will provide exercise

as we polish up some

groovy routines. No experience or partner necessary. They will be offered at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesdays. To register, call Mary Lou Kaye, DEA

and PDF-certifi ed Instructor at 480-491- 4942. You can also visit her website at if you want to learn more about her program and background. The tuition rate is $88 per person for the eight-week session, but Sun Lakes residents pay only $65 for this period of

time because of the fi rst free

class and a special Sun Lakes discount of $15 per person. Call now to get your name on the roster for the free class of your Choice! 

Arv Schultz, an aviation historian and recent inductee into the Arizona Aviation Hall of Fame, left, was guest speaker at the Sun Lakes Aero Club (SLAC) April meeting. Here he is shown with SLAC president Bob Walch. Photo by Gary Vacin.

Gary Vacin The early development of aviation in

Arizona was the topic of a presentation at the monthly meeting of the Sun Lakes Aero Club (SLAC) April 16. Arv Schultz, a recent inductee into the

Arizona Aviation Hall of Fame, delivered a power-point presentation covering how aviation blossomed in Arizona between 1910 and 1920. Schultz also covered the early beginnings of aviation dating back to the 1800s in Europe. In 1910, powered fl ight was still a


novelty if not a miracle to most Americans, according to Schultz. He noted that the Wright brothers had fi rst fl own in Kitty Hawk only seven years earlier, but few people actually saw powered fl ight until 1909. As a result, he said, there was an impassionate interest in fl ying machines across Arizona and the nation and the men


who made and operated them. Arizonans’ fi rst exposure to aviation had

been through traveling aeronauts appearing with their dirigibles and balloons. Phoenix hosted an aviation meet in 1910, drawing notables from across and state and attracting several airplanes designed by noted aviator Glenn Curtis. Schultz said the fi rst airplane to land

in Arizona happened in Yuma in 1911 on a cross-country fl ight from Santa Monica, California to Florida. The next leg of the trip took the aircraft to Maricopa. SLAC meets the fi rst Monday of the

month October through April in the Sun Lakes Country Club Mirror Room. The public is invited to attend all meetings. Additional information is available on the club’s website,, or by calling Bob Walch at 895-8869 or Gary Vacin at 802-2225. 

Hall of Famer addresses Aero Club — June 2012 Camera Club picks winners

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