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Sun Lakes Charities plans summer shopping spree

Colette Mc Nally Our May Rotarian of the month is

William [Bill] A. Schink. Bill joined Sun Lakes Rotary in October 2010. He came to us with a long history of involvement in Woodinville, Washington Rotary Club where he served as club director, auction chairman and director of Rotary First Harvest. Bill also is a Paul Harris Fellow. Bill continued his volunteer services at our club, bringing him to being voted Rotarian of the month. Bill, who is retired, was a business

and strategic planning manager for the Electronics Division of Ford Motor Company. His other civic engagements included being director of the Washington Food Bank and Capital campaign manager of Maltby Food Bank. Bill, who is married to Barb, has two

daughters and two grandchildren. He received his BA and MA at the University of Washington. Our thanks to Bill for his generous

Jack Wartley and shopper.

Dee Rasmussen This

is one of my favorite projects.

Why? Because the memory of the excited, happy grins of many youngsters selected from the East Side Boys and Girls Clubs lasts forever! Target stores will be the scene on July

28 this year. Four and possible a fi fth Target store will be involved. This year Sun Lakes Charities has plans to enable each child to purchase $120 to $125 worth of school clothes due to increases in costs. These youngsters have been selected by each club dependent upon their need. Shopping is done in the morning hours

starting at 7:00 a.m. prior to the stores’ opening. These youngsters arise and arrive early, and the excitement is contagious! Each child has a list in hand designating

their sizes and needs. The shopping is directed to their need of school clothes. Target stores will have many, many items ready for their perusal including those who need certain uniforms of a certain kind. Shoes are always on the list, and many will be available. The volunteers are there to assist the youngsters in getting the correct sizes, etc. After shopping, treats are given to

regenerate the kids after a heavy day of shopping! More information will be in the

July Splash, but if you are interested in volunteering to help these great kids, please call Dee Rasmussen at 480-895- 2414 or Stan Scott at 480-895-2734. It will make their day! And I guarantee you, it will make YOUR day!

Italian American Club open to all Italians and wannabes

Donna Haugland, Corresponding Secretary and Elect Lou Blas, Secretary The Sun Lakes Italian American Club

changed its bylaws at the May 7 meeting. Membership is now open to those of non- Italian descent. We’re looking for Sun Lakes or neighboring residents of Italian heritage or those just interested in Italian culture and history to join us. Singles or couples are welcome. Our meetings are the fi rst Monday of

the month from September through June, in the Arizona Room of Sun Lakes Country Club. We begin at 6:30 p.m. with dinner, have a short business meeting and end with

a presentation or social time. Join us for an enjoyable evening of fun and food and meet some of your friends and neighbors who share a love for all things Italian. Our meeting on May 7 was highlighted

by a presentation “Eating from an Italian Garden,” presented by Dianne Winenger, who suggested that after living or traveling and dining in Italy, we may be unable to duplicate the “taste of Italy” because they grow many edible plants, including those in their recipes that are unknown to some Americans, like cardoon. Gardening in Italy may be different depending where on the peninsula one lives. She displayed fl owers, books, herbal teas, lotions and herbal plants, including the “pizza herb” oregano whose name means “the joy of the mountain” and legend, lore and practical uses of plants were discussed as many members shared their experiences of growing Italian plants in an Arizona garden using seeds from the “old country.” Freshly baked herbal cookies were shared with everyone. New offi cers for the 2012-2013 year are:

President Donna Haugland, Vice President Betty Tuzzolino, Treasurer Marie Szymanski, Recording Secretary and Corresponding Secretary Lou Blas, and Sergeant-at-Arms Joe Sigillo. There was a potluck dinner of wonderful

tasty authentic Italian home cooking including classic pastas, salads, bread, as well as scrumptious desserts of cakes and cookies. Our last meeting and dinner for the

season will be June 4 and food will be provided by the club. The speaker for this meeting will be Guiseppi Miele from Amalfi Pizzeria. The club will also have installation of the newly elected offi cers. If you plan on attending or would like more information, call Donna at 480-802-3737 or email at 

Korean War veterans

The next meeting of the Countryman

Chapter of Korean War/Korea Service Veterans Association will be Tuesday, June 26, 2012, in the Friendship Room of Sun Lakes Country Club, with Call to Order at 10:00 a.m. Refreshments will be available, so arrive

a few minutes early and participate in this new feature. Our guest speaker will be Mr. Ron

Shackle, a veterans’ benefi ts counselor with the Arizona Department of Veterans Services since August 1991. Mr. Shackle is an Air Force veteran,

having served his last duty assignment as personnel offi cer at Williams Air Force Base from 1982-87. “Freedom Is Not Free.” 

SUN LAKES SPLASH Bill Schink, Rotarian of the Month.

support to Rotary of Sun Lakes and its many projects.  — June 2012 Rotarian of the Month

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