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INSIDE: What’s June 2012

Savvy Travelers ............ 44 Spring Softball Champs ...60 New S.H.E. Offi cers ...... 68 Calendars ...............72-74 Classifi eds ..............75-83

Roberta Arpan The CTC is 280

members strong with men outnumbering the ladies 161 to 119. Recently members were asked to complete a 20-question survey and turn it in with their annual dues; the response rate of returned questionnaires was approximately 30%. Although the returned surveys might

be more indicative of people who like to complete questionnaires

than of the

membership in total, some interesting trends did emerge. The following was learned from those responding: the age range for men was 54 to 87 with the average being 79 years. Female respondents tended to be younger, with an age range of 43 to 80 and an average of 64. The average age for taking up tennis was 34 for men and 37 for women, although one male respondent was 74 when he took up tennis and one of the ladies did not play tennis until she was 65. The overwhelming majority of CTC

members gave their club a big “thumbs up.” When asked, “What do you like best about your club?” the 78 respondents gave over 123 highly enthusiastic comments. The majority of members wrote “great friends and wonderful people,” followed by “great organized activities by member volunteers.” A few direct quotes include, “It’s the greatest thing that happened to my wife and me when we moved to Cottonwood,” “In my 70 years, I have belonged to many clubs, none as well run or as worthwhile as the CTC,” and “It is an important reason why we are so enthused about living in Sun Lakes.” Several other questions also elicited overwhelmingly one-sided responses:

— CTC cont. on page 65

ho are the members of the Cottonwood Tennis Club?

Winners of the Ladies’ Wednesday Tennis League: Mary Ann Rice, Maureen Pivec, Mary McCalla, Louise McIlravy, Kathryn Campbell, Paula Lazutin. Photograph by Bernie Tighe.

T.H.E. Summer Schedule

Movement is key to good health Our bodies rely on good circulation to

distribute oxygen and blood through our systems in order to keep us healthy and feeling lively. Circulation brings blood to our muscles, color to our skin, focus to our brains and removes toxins and lactic acid. In short, having good circulation fi lls us with vitality. Many of us spend hours sitting in front of

computers or at desks at work and watching television or playing video games at home. As a result, it’s more important than ever to make time to stimulate our circulation. Jazzercise founder and CEO, Judi

Temple Havurat Emet’s new Board of Directors.

Barbara Schwartz Temple Havurat Emet (T.H.E.) is pleased

to announce our summer schedule for the months of June and July. Services will be Friday, June 1, and Friday, July 6. We will be meeting for a full service

at the home of one of our congregants at 7:30 p.m. Please notify Ron at RonKarl1@ so that he will be able to set up for the proper number of people, and he will be able to give you directions at that time. If you do not use email, you may call at 480-838-2598. This will be a normal, full Torah service using our normal prayer books and music materials.

meeting place at

We will be returning to our normal the Lecky Room of

the Robson Library on Riggs Road for our August service, Friday, August 3, when we will hold an indoor picnic at 6:00 p.m. followed by a meet and greet session with our pulpit staff. The multi- generational service will start at 7:30 p.m. Please join us for this fun event and bring your children and grandchildren as we kick off the cooler, fall season at Temple Havurat Emet. We look forward to seeing you!

Be sure to check our website at

Sheppard Missett, recommends some ways to keep your blood fl owing. Remember to talk with your doctor before beginning any exercise program or if you have been sedentary for a long time. Move It! Physical activity is by far the

most effective and benefi cial way to increase your circulation. Do whatever you can; some movement is better than none. Walk around the block, stretch, join an group fi tness class like Jazzercise, do Tai Chi or Qi Gong, yoga or Pilates, join a team sport, skip rope, ride a bike, throw a ball, mow the lawn or chase your dog. Move your body any way that feels good to you. Get a massage. The gentle pushing

and pulling of your muscles by a massage therapist moves blood throughout your body, helps your muscles release lactic acid and oxygenates them. And it feels wonderful. Breathe deeply. Take a deep breath.

Notice how your body seems to sigh with relief? Most of us breath shallowly, but breathing deeply increases the amount

of oxygen circulating through our bodies. Imagine how much more circulation you’ll have breathing like that all day long. You’ll feel less stressed, more relaxed and you’ll think more clearly. Eat. Incorporate foods that have

been found to increase your circulation, specifi cally citrus and iron-rich foods. Citrus fruits are high in Vitamin C, which helps blood fl ow. Leafy green vegetables, beans, lentils, raisins and prunes and red meat are iron-rich foods. Spice Up Your Life. Chili peppers and

some spices increase blood fl ow and overall circulation. Turmeric, a root also known for its anti-infl ammatory qualities, can be added to all sorts of dishes for fl avor and it’s yellow color, or toss it into your morning smoothie. Also benefi cial are ginger and cayenne. Take a Shower. Alternating hot and cold

water in your shower can jump-start your circulation. Hot water causes blood to rush to your skin. Switch to cold water to send your blood rushing to your internal organs. Finish off with hot water again, fl ushing your organs and returning blood to your skin. Jazzercise, the workout program that jazz dance,

offers a fusion of resistance

training, Pilates, yoga, cardio box and Latin style movements, is offering FREE Fridays in June! Classes are held in the San Tan Ballroom at Cottonwood Country Club Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 7:30. We also offer an evening Saturday class. Call

for details on those classes as

they are in different locations. For local information contact Sara Medina at 602- 614-1844 or go to 

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