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36 CLUBS AND CLASSES Scrapbooking news

Judy Farnham Scrapbooking is sweeping the nation!

This “hot” hobby is a fantastic way to preserve your memories and family history and have a lot of fun doing it. Scrapbooking clubs bring people

together, not just to improve their skills and learn new techniques, but more importantly to form friendships and help one another. Scrapbooking is all your personal style and photos; there is no right or wrong. Join our group and make cards or scrapbook layouts like never before. We

are moving to the Sewing room of the

Oakwood Arts & Crafts Center, and classes are on Sundays from 1:00-5:00 p.m. Use paper and embellishments for

all hobbies and sports: NASCR/racing, volleyball, football, quilting, etc. Paper is also made for all holidays, so those memories will last a lifetime and longer. Some tools and scrap paper will be

provided. If you have any questions or would like a seat saved for you, please call Judy Farnham at 480-895-6690. “Having a good time;” that is our motto. — June 2012 CLUBS AND CLASSES

Sun Lakes Watercolor Club honors Shirley Bledsoe

Good-bye party for Shirley Bledsoe.

Diane Hitt The Sun Lakes Watercolor Club held a

good-bye party for Shirley Bledsoe. Shirley is a long-time member of the club, and she will be missed. She was the club secretary for a long time and then submitted articles for the Splash each month for years. We thank her for her dedication to the club and hope she and husband Terry enjoy Rhode Island. We recently participated in a club project

in which we drew on a piece of paper with masking fl uid, and when it had dried we poured two to three different watercolors onto the paper. We removed the masking

fl uid and fi nished the painting. The contrast between the white of the paper and the poured color made a striking picture. We’ve hung new paintings in the

Cottonwood art room gallery. The month of June features pictures of bottles, or as the dictionary defi nes a bottle, thin necked jars. Please come by to see our artwork. The club would like to invite Sun Lakes

artists to join the watercolor club. We don’t teach classes, but if you have some experience in watercolor and would like to talk to us about joining, call Diane Hitt at 802-7080. 

Check things out with Sun Lakes Women’s Association

Charlotte Newberry Do you need new furniture or maybe

just a change? How about friends who are moving here (or anywhere) and need one or more very affordable pieces. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised at

the variety

and cost! There is a plus to all of this also. Not only do we sell household items, but also we gladly accept usable donations that we can arrange to pick up. For more information contact Sharon Horton at 480- 323-5519. All proceeds from sales go right back

into helping Sun Lakes with projects needing to be done, thereby improving our quality of living. In other words, everyone

in every part of the Sun Lakes communities benefi ts. That’s why it is a great place to live and work! Are you bored, ladies? We have a variety

of things to do: painting, fl ower arranging, needle work and sorting out objects for sale at our November Bazaar. We meet from 9:00-11:00 a.m. on Mondays. Come to the Sun Lakes Country Club and ask directions to the Arts and Crafts Room. They will be glad to tell you. Cactus Corner is in bold letters on the front of the building. Nettie Dingler is quite an energetic gal

who prefers straightening and packing our storage areas. There are, of course, others who are awesome dealing with this, but Nettie is the “commander of the outpost” and does a great job. During softball season she uses the strength she has developed to play on the ladies team! And she is pretty good! I have noticed some very unique all-

occasion cards have been handmade and are displayed in the glass case in the library section. These also are for sale at a very, very affordable price! Come in and join us for fun and

fellowship! Let’s have a great summer together! 

Wet and Wild Water Aerobics

Marti Scott Now it is HOT! So why not cool down

and exercise at the same time? All Sun Lakers are welcome, men and women, M-W-F at the Cottonwood Pool and T-Th at the Oakwood Pool. All classes are at 10:00 a.m. We use all kinds of music, and you are encouraged to work out at your own pace. If you have a noodle, bring it and show up ready to have fun as you exercise. Each class is $3, or you can buy a $25 punch card that is good for 10 classes. For more information, call Marti Scott at 480-895-4176. 


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