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June 2012— Summer is here

Lee Koury It is time to turn our thoughts to enjoying

the great outdoors and sharing fun with our four-legged kids! With the nice weather comes a different set of rules for our kids. Be mindful of the dangers in our summer heat for both you and your pets. PARVO: A highly contagious disease

that can kill and is transmitted by oral contact with feces. It can be transmitted on shoes, car tires, dog parks, groomers and other dogs. Vaccinations and good hygiene are critical. HYDRATION: Water is very, very

important for your four-legged kids. Dehydration can cause serious health issues including kidney and heart damage. Don’t forget to take water for your dog on your walks. TRAVEL: Do you let them sit on your

lap, put them loose in the back seat, front seat, rear cargo area? An unrestrained 10-pound dog in a 50 mph crash will exert roughly 500 pounds of force—enough force to seriously or fatally injure them. It is against the law to put a child in the front seat as the airbag can kill them—the same is true for your dog. Use a harness/safety belt, hard sided crate, pet vehicle seat, or pet barrier. CAR PRECAUTIONS: NEVER leave

your pet in the car during our hot Arizona summers—not even with the windows cracked. The temperature inside will reach 200 degrees in minutes. If you see a dog in a parked car, alert store management. If the owner does not return immediately, call 911. HEATSTROKE: If out in the direct sun

with sustained exercise, heatstroke can occur within fi ve minutes. Watch for a red tongue, dark red gums, panting hard, pacing and breathing rapidly. Get the dog to a cool, shady, breezy spot and offer small amounts of water, relax him to bring his

Tippi is a fabulous 1-1/2 year old Border Terrier. She has a great sense of humor, loves to walk and is more than happy to curl-up in your lap and watch TV. If you would like to meet Tippi, please contact D, Placement Coordinator for Rover’s Rest Stop at 480-600-2828 or by email, D@

body temperature down. Pour cool water (not ice water) or put wet towels on his body. If he is losing consciousness, place him on his side and be sure his tongue is pulled out so he can breathe. The dog is going into shock, and you must get him to a vet for IV fl uids immediately. PLANTS: Check your yard as well as

where you are traveling for any poisonous plants. The Arizona Humane Society has a list under Pet Tips tab or the Arizona Poison & Drug Information Center information-center/plants. 

The Remodeling Corner

Janet B. Cook There are about as many ways to design

a kitchen or bathroom as there are families. You want to be happy with the end result that you will be living with by developing the idea of what you want. Will it be Old World, country, or contemporary style? Painted cabinets or wood stained dark or light? What type of backsplash, countertop and colors? There are so many choices to be made in combination;

it can be hard to

visualize what it will look like, not to mention remembering the unique details you want included. Over the years,

we have been saving beautifully designed remodeling


from professional journals to offer as a resource for our clients to help defi ne what

interest on “boards” on their profi le with comments. You title the boards according to its theme. You can add a “pin it” button to your web browser so anywhere you go, you can add pictures you like to your board. People searching for pictures may view them, and re-pin the ones they like on their board.

If they like what

you’ve collected, they may elect to “follow you” to easily visit your site at a later time. Each picture will tell where it is from, and you can go to the site to see if there is more there that you like. Photos of food frequently will take you to its recipe. Organizations like

HGTV, Better Homes and Gardens, even Martha Stewart have a presence there. So set up your

they do like and

what they don’t for their home renovation. Truly, a picture says a thousand words and does much to communicate to a professional designer so they can create the project that will refl ect a family’s tastes and lifestyle. Rather

than having to

buy books and magazines or borrow resources, you can now gather pictures online through photo sharing sites! One of the fastest growing social media sites is called Pinterest, and it is growing in popularity faster than Facebook. It is an easy way to fi nd and gather ideas and dreams. The founder got the idea looking

through a catalogue, thinking; wouldn’t it be nice to be able to see a collection of what his friends liked? So he developed the concept that a person can “pin” pictures of


Pinterest page and start collecting pictures of what you want your home to look like. A good online resource is www. It has the largest co l l e c ti on of interior and


decorating ideas on the Internet, including kitchens and If you want a jumpstart on

ideas for remodeling your home, kitchen or bath, check out the boards I put together at Happy Remodeling! Janet B. Cook, a Certifi ed Aging in Place

Specialist, is President of Cook Remodeling, celebrating their 33rd year, voted AZ No. 1 Best Kitchen and Bath Remodeler. She partners with Jeff Cook, CEO, who is a Certifi ed Graduate Remodeler. 

SUN LAKES SPLASH Simply the Best At Hawthorn Court, our award-winning InTouch®

Dementia Care program has been thoughtfully designed to enhance the lives of our residents and their family members.

Visit today and learn how Hawthorn Court can make a diff erence in the life of your loved one.


13822 So. 46th


Place at Ray Road, Phoenix

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Accreditation Rehabilitation Facilities

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