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10 GENERALS — June 2012

Summer fun and Team Trivia at Ironwood

Charlene Petragallo The snowbirds are leaving so there is

room for new Trivia players this summer. The very popular Team Trivia will continue through the summer every Thursday night at the Ironwood clubhouse. Team Trivia is a live-hosted trivia game It originated in Atlanta

played by teams.

over 20 years ago. It has grown and is now played throughout the country. “It sounds like fun, but what do we

need to do?” Just come over to Ironwood on any Thursday night and have a great time. Come alone or bring some friends.

Team size doesn’t matter. The Team Trivia host will bring everything necessary for your team. Visit the Team Trivia website at www. for more information. For one free answer each night, click on “Tonight’s Answer” on their home page. It’ll be a “gimme” for you, while everyone else has to wrack their brains. Trivia begins at 6:00 p.m. There is no

cost to play, and prizes will be given for the top two teams each week. Come early and enjoy the dinner and

drink specials. 

Upcoming events in IronOaks All Sun Lakers and guests are welcome!

For questions pertaining to any of the following events or to purchase tickets, contact the Oakwood clubhouse at 480- 895-7275. To view fl yers for each event, go to: and click on “activities.” June 8—We will hit off the grand opening

of Poolside Café being open all summer long with a Summer Luau by the pool at Oakwood. Buffet Menu for $15 inclusive of tax and gratuity. Entertainment will be by Tia’s Royal Islander’s, Hawaiian band and dancers. Buffet served from 5:00-6:00 p.m. and entertainment is from 6:00-8:00 p.m. June 23—Karaoke at Ironwood with Mr. B & The Blonde at 6:00 p.m. Dinner and drink specials are available.

Board News

David Peters Mr. Mike Osborn, a homeowner, led the

Pledge of Allegiance. CALL TO ORDER: President Charlene

Petragallo called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. The meeting was held in the Oakwood Ballroom. Board members present included Ms. Petragallo, Wayne Karp, Vice President, Dave Wigton Treasurer,

Joe D’Amore,

Secretary, and Members at Large Dave Peters, Charlie Bunce, and Bob Deken. Randy Ankeny, General Manager, and

Trisha Brooks, Controller, also attended the meeting.

A quorum was present. COMMITTEE REPORTS: GOLF. Paula Ferguson, Chair, reported

dance with entertainment by Harry Mathews.

July 4—Stars and Stripes dinner and Additional

information is

available on fl yers at the clubhouse. July 20—Free entertainment with

Thaddeus at the Oakwood Clubhouse Ballroom from 6:00-9:00 p.m. Join us early for dinner in the dining room for the full menu, or order dinner in the Ballroom from a limited menu. July 27—Luau buffet at Poolside Café.

Additional information is available on fl yers at the clubhouse. Every Thursday at

Ironwood is Team

Trivia at 6:00 p.m. It is free to play, and the team that answers the most questions right wins a weekly prize. Come and join the fun, with dinner and drink specials. 

IronOaks president’s message

Charlene Petragallo, President, IronOaks Board of Directors FACE Fund It’s offi cial. The FACE Fund has been

approved. The amendments were signed and recorded. Written notice of approval was mailed to homeowners. What


means for the FACE Fee is that any property sale that opens escrow on May 1, 2012, or thereafter becomes subject to the FACE Fee. This is a signifi cant step forward for IronOaks. Now in addition to our Reserve Fund for the repair and replacement of existing assets, we now have a fund in place that establishes a revenue source for

future capital improvements. I would like to thank the members of the Ad Hoc Capital Improvement Committee and Master Planning Committee for their time and effort over the last year. The community is grateful for your service. Pima Rate Increase In September of 2011, Pima Utility

Company advised IronOaks of their fi ling to increase water and wastewater rates. Pima Utility Company has advised IronOaks they are substantially reducing

their original

increase request. The revised request would result

in an increase of between — IO PRESIDENT cont. on page 71

that golf operations revenue is $50,000 over last year’s revenue. A golf architect reviewed the course and met with representatives of the leagues. He will provide a report to the committee and management on his fi ndings and recommendations. The Golf Disability Policy is on the agenda for today. The third annual Golf Expo will be October 31. The second non-member scramble will be held May 20. MASTER PLANNING. Mike Osborn,

a committee member, reported that two surveys are on the agenda today. The fi rst one is for realtors who do business in IronOaks; the second will go to new owners to gather their thoughts and reasons for buying in the community. TREASURER’S REPORT. Mr. Wigton

reviewed the March 2012 Balance Sheet, which is included in these minutes. OLD BUSINESS REMOVAL OF PLANTING AREA. Mr.

Deken read the resolution to remove the planting area near the curb at the front of the Oakwood clubhouse and create a new planting area on the other side of the sidewalk in that same area. After discussion, Mr. D’Amore made a motion to table this project for further investigation. The motion to table passed unanimously. GOLF DISABILITY POLICY. Ms.

Petragallo read the resolution to approve the Golf Disability Policy as presented. The Policy had previously been posted for homeowner comment for the required time period. The Policy was unanimously approved. NEW BUSINESS REPLACEMENT OF GREENS MOWERS.

Ms. Petragallo read a resolution to purchase two greens mowers for the Ironwood

course. Funding of $63,467.14 will come from golf operations surplus. Purchase of the mowers was unanimously approved. REPLACEMENT


FOUNTAIN, ICE MACHINE, FITNESS POOL HEATER, AND KITCHEN FREEZER. Mr. Deken read a resolution to replace the following existing assets: 5hp fl oating fountain, icemaker for Ironwood, Fitness Center pool heater, and kitchen freezer for Oakwood. The costs of $28,910.29 will come from Reserves. The resolution was unanimously approved. REQUEST FOR SURVEY. Mr. D’Amore

read a resolution to approve proceeding with the development of two surveys as outlined by the Master Planning Committee. The Board will have fi nal approval before the surveys will be sent out to homeowners or realtors. The resolution was unanimously approved. FACE FUND. Ms. Petragallo said the

FACE Fee will go into effect May 1. The question is should the HOA open a separate account or should the fees go into an existing account? Mr. D’Amore said, for the record, that both the Declarant’s Rights and the FACE Fee amendments to the CC&R received the appropriate number of positive consent votes and the amendment, both original amendments were combined into one by outside counsel, was recorded with Maricopa County on April 18, 2012. Notice to homeowners in written form was sent on April 23. As of the 23rd the amendment is offi cial. This is the second amendment to the CC&R. The Board discussed the pros and cons of having a separate FACE account and the logistics of receiving the money. IRONWOOD IMPROVEMENTS. Mr.

Peters read a resolution to approve the purchase of foyer seating and artwork for the Ironwood clubhouse. After discussion, Mr. Deken made a motion to table the resolution for further study The motion passed unanimously. IRONWOOD PATIO FURNITURE. Mr.

Peters read a resolution to approve the purchase of replacement patio chairs and tables for the Ironwood clubhouse. The resolution was unanimously approved. Funding of $4,500 will come from Reserves. OAKWOOD BULLETIN BOARD. Mr.

Peters read a resolution to approve that the bulletin boards located at the exterior entrance to the Oakwood clubhouse be

— IO BOARD cont. on page 34


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