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Volume 43, Number 06 ✦ June 2012 INSIDE: What’s

June Library programs ...2

The Dictionary Project ...20

Watercolor Club honors Shirley Bledsoe ...36

Summer hiking options ...45

Sun Lakes Charities plan summer shopping spree ...48

Presentation to the Chandler High School Treblemakers by director Dore

oreen Hansen and b The C

The hord d board me h Ch dairesChs Chorusp d members C s Cindi Ei Edwards & Ma horus performed he r spr d tth ir spring

show on March 31, 2012, at the Cottonwood Country Club in Sun Lakes, AZ. The proceeds from this show are shared with music programs in the various Chandler High schools. This year

Don’t Drink The Water - July 15

This is probably one of Woody

Allan’s funniest plays. It all takes place in an American Embassy located

in an Iron Curtain

From the sidelines ...65


Generals ........................ 2 Features ...................... 26 Taste of the Town ....28-29 Destinations................. 30 In Passing ...............34-35 Clubs ........................... 36 Sports .......................... 58 Religion ....................... 68 Calendars ...............72-74 Classifi eds ..............75-83

country. The Hollander’s (Walter, Marion and daughter Susan), an American family from Newark, New Jersey, are on their summer vacation in this Communist country. Walter has recently taken up photography as a hobby but has made a terrible mistake by taking pictures in a restricted area! Now just steps ahead of the police, they run into the Embassy for help. While they are staying as guests of the Embassy, anything and everything goes wrong. You will meet a number of interesting characters. Tickets are only $15, and if

you’d like to dine with us prior to the show, dinner tickets are only $20 (includes tax and gratuity).

Tickets go on sale

Monday, July 2, at Cottonwood’s Saguaro Room foyer from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. We’ll start off with a matinee on Sunday, July 15, and then run the rest of our shows from Wednesday, July 18, through Saturday, July 21. The play will take place on the San Tan Ballroom stage and on the fl oor in front of the stage. All audience members will have a straight-on view of the show, and all views will be great! 

Brian Curry When you think of a fi re department coming to help, you probably imagine fi re engines coming to put

out a fi re or a state-of-the-art ambulance providing medical care in your time of need. But while that is certainly the case a majority of the time, a fi re department like the men and women of

the Sun Lakes department can also be involved with the community and helping them at other times too. Such is the case in the SLFD’s partnership with American Service Animals Society, a non-profi t

organization dedicated to enabling disabled veterans to live a more productive life through the use of service animals. In visits throughout the year, the ASAS, spearheaded by Sun Lakes residents Gerad and Debbie Claseman,

visits the fi rehouse for a “paws on” training for the service animals that become acquainted and familiar with fi refi ghters and medical personnel in a non-emergency, non-stressful setting. Most important is that the dogs and their handlers get to see what the department members look like

in their uniforms and protective gear. This is followed by the dogs getting to climb on the engines and ambulances, smelling them and the equipment used by the SLFD personnel. While some of the dogs instantly take to the new faces and environment, it is

also apparent that for other dogs the chance to see, sniff and investigate these new people in a non-emergency situation will lead to a better environment for all concerned in the case of an actual problem. It is not just the animals that benefi t from this training, as the fi refi ghters

and medics also become familiar with the handling of these dogs and realize the importance of the dogs being with and staying with their handler, even during a medical emergency. The American Service Animal Society is a caring, supportive team of volunteers that is dedicated to improving the liberties of the disabled veteran. They envision a world in which the disabled vet is able to lead a happier life through the use of a service animal. ASAS acquires dogs for the veterans. Some of these dogs are from shelters and rescues. ASAS trains the dogs that are chosen by the vets, since this will be their best friend, lifeline and partner. Two lives are saved this way. After their training, the service dogs will be able to perform many tasks such as turning lights on and off, picking up dropped items, the ability to call 911 and assist with grocery shopping by picking items off the shelf and placing them in a cart. The dogs are

— SERVICE cont. on page 18 

the Chordaires were able to make a donation to the TREBLEMAKERS. The Young Women in Harmony Chorus of Chandler High School an all-female chorus who have been featured at previous Chordaires spring shows. They travel to

rds & Mary Ann P uling eC

sw ea etom ead is n Pauling.

various competitions and music festivals around the country. It is very rewarding to be able to contribute to this talented musical chorus and to assist in a small way to promote their continued expansion of the wonderful world of music.

ous competi ons andm c f sti d fl d s a



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