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Martindale HPAT600

PAT Tester with User Adjustable Pass Limits. Takes the basic template of the HPAT500 and adds more functionality to the mix. One touch testing but also with two modes, easy (manual) and fast (automatic). Manual mode is ideal for newcomers to PAT testing, in this mode the tester takes you through each test and displays connection diagrams and asks for the user to confirm each step. In automatic mode one button press runs through the selected test sequence with no further input required unless a failure happens. The ability to store test data for up to 200 appliances which can be easily reviewed on the instrument if you need to check a result on site. Selectable dual voltage for the insulation test. Like all PAT testers it has a 500V test but it also has a 250V test that is easily selectable by the user. Users can set their own pass thresholds for all tests, which is great for testing appliances that have very long leads or long extension leads. Supplied with earth bond probe and croc clip, rechargeable NiMH batteries, extension lead adaptor, mains battery charger, in car battery charger, soft carry case, instruction manual and calibration certificate.

Plug In Socket Tester BC500 CP501

Classic Check Plug (Pack of 10 socket testers)

Martindale Test Instruments Description

Circuit Detection & Location FD500

Analog Fuse Finder. Locates fuses or breakers controlling a circuit. Circuits can be traced from socket to socket. The transmitter is mains powered and emits a signal for the receiver to pick up. The receiver has an adjustment wheel to increase or decrease the sensitivity. Supplied with a transmitter, receiver, batteries and instruction manual.


Digital Fuse Finder. With microprocessor controlled multi-level sensitivity for fuse and breaker identification. The 6 segment bargraph shows progressive indication of the signal strength, allowing for even faster identification. In addition, the Elite Fuse Finder also incudes a non-contact voltage indicator. There are two modes of operation for the FD550: Automatic Mode - Has a memory & auto adjusting of sensitivity for foolproof identification. Manual Mode - Allows for rapid fuse finding using the bargraph


Digital Fuse Finder Kit. Allows for tracing of fuses through mains sockets, light fittings and points in a circuit where there is no power socket available. The transmitter is supplied with a mains plug and a set of two wire test leads, emitting a signal for the receiver to pick up. The microprocessor controlled multi-level sensitivity makes identification of fuses and breakers much easier. The Elite fuse finder also features a non-contact voltage indicator. Supplied in a hard carry case with a transmitter, mains plug, two wire test leads, receiver, batteries and instruction manual.

Clamp Meter CM51


200A Mini Clamp Meter. With autoranging, display hold and auto power down. The small jaws make it easy to use and the autoranging 200A AC capability accurately covers the majority of applications.

1000A AC/DC True RMS Clamp. Measures both AC & DC current and volts, resistance, frequency & continuity as well as a diode test. The large LCD display has a 42 segment analogue bargraph, giving better resolution of changing readings. Additional features include Max & Min reading memories, along with Peak & Hold. The clamp is autoranging as standard, but has a manual range change / hold for optional override of the autorange function. Supplied with standard test leads, soft carry case, battery and instruction manual.

Multimeter MM34

General Purpose Multimeter - Manual Ranging. Four main functions, AC Volts, DC Volts, DC Amps and Ohms, along with a diode test and battery test. Readings are clearly displayed on the large LCD and it’s ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold and the rotary dial makes selection of the required range simple. Supplied with standard test leads, battery and instruction manual.


Safety Sensing Multimeter - Manual Ranging. A manual ranging multimeter, with the added benefit of a non-contact voltage indicator, capable of detecting voltages above 70V AC, with both a visual and audible indication. The main functions include AC volts, DC volts, DC Amps, AC Amps, Ohms, battery test and diode test. The design is the same as the MM34, making it comfortable to hold, with a dial on the front to select the relevant range. Supplied with standard test leads, battery and instruction manual.


Standard Digital Multimeter - Auto Ranging. A large rotary knob for easy selection of the required test, even when wearing gloves. There are two additional buttons, one to lock the range and the other to hold the result on the display. The multimeter functions include DC Volts, AC Volts, AC Amps, Ohms, Continuity with Audible Indication and Diode Test. Supplied with standard test leads, batteries, protective rubber holster and instruction manual.

PAT Tester HPAT500

Basic Manual PAT Tester. Battery powered, this portable appliance tester offers ease of use, combined with the legal minimum requirement for the testing of class 1 & class 2 appliances, as well as IEC & extension leads. With one-button test selection, the HPAT500 PAT tester is fast and gives test results with a pass / fail indication. The tester is completely safe for testing of IT equipment, as it will only perform an earth bond test at 200mA. However if you have a requirement to test surge protected leads, or filtered equipment, then the HPAT600 is the better tester to go for. Supplied with earth bond probe & croc clip, rechargeable NiMH batteries, mains battery charger, extension lead adaptor, soft carry case and instruction manual.


(511) Socket Tester. A fast and easy way to ensure that 13A sockets are wired correctly, indicated by all three high brightness, long life LEDs illuminating. Wiring errors are indicated by one or more LEDs failing to light, with the pattern of lit neons indicating the type of fault. This failsafe socket tester system means that any neon not lit indicates a problem.The CP501 has a virtually indestructible, flame retardant ABS case with a sculpted shape for easy removal. The CP501 Check Plug induces less than 5mA of earth leakage, well below RCD trip thresholds.


Socket Tester with Earth Loop Measurement. Using the EZ150 gives you the peace of mind that not only is the socket wired correctly, but also the earth resistance is within acceptable levels. Martindale’s T-SafeTM technology is incorporated into the EZ150, in order to ensure that RCDs will not trip when the loop impedance check is carried out. Earth loop measurement and socket faults are all indicated with bright, long-life LEDs. This unit should be used as an indicator only and not to provide readings for completion of certificates.


Safebreak R2 Socket Adaptor. A simple way to test at socket outlets without the need to remove the socket from the wall. Commonly used for carrying out R1 / R2 tests, the SB13 features three standard 4mm banana sockets, making it universally compatible with most test leads.

Specialist Test Instruments BZ101 BUZZIT 240V Socket Tester with Audible Buzzer. An audible indication of the correct wiring status of sockets, making it ideal to use in awkward areas. Three bright, long-life LEDs also illuminate to show the wiring is correct, therefore if there is no sound and any LEDs are unlit, you know there is a fault. Faults are easily identified by the pattern of the lit LEDs. With the audible indication, the Buzz-It can also be used as a basic fuse finder, when the correct fuse is pulled the buzzer stops.


Dual Input K Type Digital Thermometer. A high quality, dual-input thermometer with temperature difference capability. The two K-Type inputs can accept a wide range of different probes and the thermometer can measure input and output temperature, as well as temperature differentials through boilers and radiators etc. Temperature readings can be switched between °C and °F, with either a 1° or 0.1° resolution. Hold and maximum buttons enable the freezing of the current value, or for the maximum reading to be stored. Supplied with 2 x bead type probes, protective holster, battery and manual.


Microwave Leakage Detector Kit. A straightforward microwave leakage detector, which gives a simple LED indication as to leakage levels and is suitable for use with both commercial and domestic microwave ovens. The unit is designed to comply with national standards on permitted exposure levels. A self test feature simulates a real microwave input, in order to ensure the unit is working correctly at all times and the leakage tester will indicate at 1, 5 and 10mW/cm2, testing to BS5175. The test procedure for microwave ovens also includes checking that the microwave is heating correctly. Supplied with the leakage detector, beaker, digital thermometer, carry case & instruction manual. The manual also includes the calculations to apply when measuring the microwave output.

Test Leads & Accessories VIPD


Voltage Indicator & Proving Unit. Contains the VI137002 voltage indicator and the PD440 proving unit, enabling you to comply with health and safety recommendations for safe working.

Voltage Indicator. Constructed in accordance with the latest safety standards and guarantees safe and reliable measurements and testing. This robust tester has automatic AC/DC detection up to 690V and continuity testing with optical and acoustic indication up to 200k Ohms, with polarity indication. With bright LED indication and the ability to give a full voltage indication, even without batteries, the VT12 is the ideal tool. Built to the usual high standards that you have come to expect from Martindale, it meets EN61243-3, IEC 61010 and is CAT III 690V rated. It is ergonomically designed and durable enough for both industrial and domestic use. This tester is compatible with the Martindale PD690 proving unit.

440V Proving Unit. Designed to enable voltage indicators to be fully checked, in compliance with Health & Safety recommendations. The PD440 is compatible with the Martindale VI13700G & the new Martindale VI13700/2. The PD440 can also be used to check Drummond and other filament test lamps as well as standard multimeters and other manufacturers two pole voltage indicators.


690V Proving Kit. A 700V AC proving unit, designed to enable voltage indicators to be fully checked, in compliance with Health & Safety recommendations. This unit is designed for indicators with 230V and 415/440V AC detection ranges, such as the Martindale VI13700. The proving unit is one of the few designs to check indicators with ranges above 250V. The PD690 can also check Drummond and other filament test lamps as its output is sufficient to illuminate the bulb. This model is not designed for use with multimeters


Unfused Test Leads. Red and black unfused test leads with crocodile clips and shrouded. Terminated with straight 4mm banana plug, suitable for general purpose use. 85

Test and Inspection

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