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Bella & Mojave Poudre Compacts Poudre Compact Powders are ultra-light and micro-milled for a matte, satiny texture in Bella and Mojave. Apply to set Sheer or Matte HD Foundation or as a touch-up to eliminate shine. Bella includes classic beiges, plus Colorless and Banana. Mojave offers warm and golden- brown hues. Compatible for all skin and media types. Expect 100-200 applications. HDC and MHC .63oz./18gm.


HDC-00 Colorless

HDC-004 Bella 004

HDC-010 Bella 010

HDC-005 Bella 005

HDC-001 Bella 001

HDC-006 Bella 006

HDC-002 Bella 002

HDC-106 Banana

HDC-003 Bella 003

HDC-110 Mocha


MHC-39 Moroccan


MHC-33 Caramel

MHC-41 Adobe

Honey Spice

MHC-43 Tanzania


MHC-37 Sepia

MHC-45 Americano

HD Matte Powder Naturally transparent HD Matte Powder feels light as air. Just a dusting will set Sheer and Matte Foundations or similar bases. Expect 50-100 applications. HDP-1 .32oz./9gm.

Bella Poudre Palette

Indispensable for bridal, fashion, film or HD broadcast. Includes delicate shades for fair and olive skin tones. Expect 200-400 applications. HDCP-8 Net Wt. 1oz./28gm. Shades (by row L-R ), Top: RHDC-00, 010, 001, 002; Bottom: RHDC-003, 004, 006, 106.

®Refills available in Palette shades.

Mojave Poudre Palette This rich palette is filled with natural olive to rich brown shades. Recommended by a busy makeup artist as an ideal palette for contour- ing and touch-ups. Expect 200-400 applications. MHCP-8 Net Wt. 1oz./28gm. Includes all Mojave Compact shades.

®Palette Refills shades: prefix RMHC.

Bella Luxury Powders Micro-milled for a silky texture, Luxury Powders are translucent with just a hint of color. Superior matte finish. Expect 50-125 applications per 1.5oz. BV 1.5oz./42gm. and 3oz./85gm. Shaker Bottles; 8oz./226gm. Jar.


BV-31 Cameo

BV-51 Buff

Beige Suede BV-71 Banana BV-1

Mojave Luxury Powders Translucent, silky powders add just a hint of warmth with golden to bronze undertones. Expect 50-125 applications per 1.5oz. MHV 1.5oz./42gm. and 3oz./85gm. Shaker Bottles.

MHV-1 Camel

MHV-3 Dolce

Olive Sand MHV-5

MHV-7 Clay

MHV-9 Nutmeg

Dark Cocoa MHV-11

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