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Concealer & Adjuster Palette We assembled our best highlights, concealers, adjusters and correctors so you can get the job done perfectly. Palette includes favorites, such as Mellow Yellow, Tattoo Cover, new maximum coverage DuraCovers and Mojave Adjusters. Silky texture blends to a skin-like, matte finish. Requires minimal powder. Expect 300-1000 applications. HDAP-1 Net Wt. 1.5oz./42gm. Shades (by row L-R ), Top: CC-0, GC-1, MY-2, NT-1, NT-11, DV-320; Center: CC-1, NT-2, NB-1, NB-2, FS-1, SC-18; Bottom: HY-1, SC-8, SC-3, SC-9, SC-10, SC-12.

Mojave Adjusters A rich palette of radiant hues to adjust base and contours, especially suited for olive to brown complexions. Use these dis- tinct hues to cover discoloration, correct a base tone to an individual’s own complex- ion or to cover uneven skin tones. Expect 50-200 applications. SC .3oz./8.5gm.

Lightest Brown SC-2 Light Brown SC-3 Adobe Brown SC-5 Sienna Orange SC-6 Golden Yellow SC-8 Apricot SC-9 Burnt Orange SC-10

SC-12 Brick

Sienna Red SC-14

Mojave Adjuster Stack Our Mojave Stack combines five useful shades for highlighting, correcting, neutralizing and

contouring brown skin tones. Expect 300-1000 applications. SCS-5 Net Wt. 1.5oz./42gm. Shades: SC-3, 6, 8, 12, 16.

Deep Red SC-16 Burnt Brown

Creme Neutralizing Crayons Inspired by our concealer classics, such as Mellow Yellow and Red Neutralizer, Crayons have a silky texture with durable coverage. Sharpen with Dual Hole Sharpener (DP). Expect 50-150 applications. NP .09oz./2.5gm. - .1oz./2.8gm.

Ultra Lite Concealer Wheels Concealers fit in the palm of your hand in compact

four-color or economical six-color Wheels. All are now formulated in the MediaPRO formula for a flawless natural finish that needs little powder.

Expect 125-300 applications per Six-Color Wheel Net Wt. 1oz./28gm.

Expect 75-200 applications per Four-Color Wheel Net Wt. .5oz./14gm.

(Shades noted clockwise from upper left.)

NK-11 Total Conceal-All NB-1, MY-2, NT-1, NB-3, NR-1, GC-1 (C)

SK-100 Total Cover-All MY-1, MO-2, CC-1,

MY-2, MO-11, NT-1 (C)

SK-200 Total Cover-All II CC-1, HY-1, NT-1,

CC-2, GC-1, CH-0 (C) NP-0

NP-2 Lite

Red Concealer 1 NP-3 Medium NP-4 Mellow Yellow NP-6 SC-18

NK-1 Conceal-All NB-1, NT-2, NB-2, NR-1

SK-1 Cover-All CC-3, MO-2, NR-2, MY-2

SK-11 Tattoo Cover NT-2, MY-2, NB-4, CC-1

SK-2 Highlight CH-2, CH-0, CH-5, CH-01

SK-3 Shadow CS-3, CL-11, CS-4, CS-21

CSK-31 Mojave SC-16, SC-8, CS-6, SC-4 5

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