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CREME CONTOURS Creme Contour Palette

Make a fashion statement with our incompara- ble Contour Palette. Our ensemble of Creme

Highlights, Shadows, Blush and Ultra Contours will inspire every makeup design from red carpet to bridal artistry. Expect 200-750 applications. HDCCP-1 Net Weight 1.5oz./42gm. Shades (by rowL-R ), Top: MCH-05, 03, 09, 15, MCS-01, 05; Center: MCB-17, 15, 09, 01,

05, 03; Bottom: MCS-07, MUC-05, 01, 03, MCB-11, MUC-09.

Creme Blush Wheel Inspired by professional artists, our Creme Blush Wheel

offers six beautiful shades, from natural to vibrant. Colors are formulated in our silky MediaPRO formula for buildable, easy- to-blend texture. Expect 50-200 applications. CR-100 1oz./28gm. Shades (clockwise from top left): CR-0, CR-4, CR-7, CR-3, CL-13, CR-2 (C).

Milan is wearing MUC-03 Purple and MUC-09 Dark Burgundy.

Creme Blush MediaPRO Blush offers refined hues in a micro-smooth texture that apply and blend effortlessly. Long-wearing colors from soft and natural, to intensely dramatic. Expect 30-100 applications. MCB .28oz./8gm.

Blushing Bride Terra Blush MCB-11 MCB-01

MCB-03 Shy Rose

Jazzberry MCB-15 Blushing Rose

MCB-17 Real Red


MCB-07 Coral

Guava Blush MCB-09

Ultra Contours Pump up the volume with this array of fashion-forward shades. Colors are exceptional for contouring brown skin tones, or any design that requires extraordinary color. Expect 30-100 applications. MUC .28oz./8gm.

MUC-01 Plum

MUC-11 L’Orange

MUC-03 Purple

MUC-15 Red Devil

Urban Violet MUC-05 Tuscan Red MUC-07 Dark Burgundy MUC-09

Creme Highlights Silky-smooth Creme Highlights subtly accent the face for light-catching beauty. Accentuate cheeks, brows, nose and collar bone to add radiance and emphasize focus. Almond, Camel and Light Caramel highlight deep olive to brown complexions. Expect 30-100 applications. MCH .28oz./8gm.

MCH-01 Porcelain

Ultra Light MCH-03

MCH-05 Ivory

MCH-07 Nude

MCH-09 Almond

MCH-11 Camel

Light Caramel MCH-15

Creme Shadows Professional artists know the secrets of subtle shadowing. A touch of shadow defines contours along cheeks, nose or jawline. MediaPRO base blends perfectly with Sheer or Matte Foundations for a natural finish. Ex- pect 30-100 applications. MCS .28oz./8gm.

MCS-01 Neutral

MCS-03 Natural

MCS-05 Medium

Rich Brown MCS-07

MCS-09 Midnite


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