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Foundation and Contour Brushes Rounded, tapered edges and soft synthetic fibers provide exceptional versatility and blending qualities. Excellent for application of creme-style foundations, Neutralizers, pressed colors, liq- uids and wet cake makeup, including Lumières. The FCB-20 Foundation and FCB-24 Wide Foundation Brushes blend creme-style foundations to a sheer, smooth finish. Taklon FCB-16 Medium Contour 9/16”/14mm FCB-18 Wide Contour 3/4”/19mm

FCB-20 Foundation 7/8”/22mm FCB-24 Wide Foundation 11

⁄8 Rouge Brushes

Professional Rouge Generous, full shape provides quick application of powders to face and body. RB-2 / Goat

Touch-Up Beveled shape for precise powder application, especially useful around eye area. RB-3 / Goat

Angle Rouge Flat-topped, angled shape is great for precise application of powders and rouge. RB-4 / Goat

Contour Shader Tapered shape provides precise application of pressed contours and shimmer powders. RB-5 / Goat

Powder Brush Luxurious size deftly adds powder or gently removes excess without disturbing makeup. PA-1 / Goat


Stainless Steel Spatula Use to mix makeup on a palette or apply Nose & Scar Wax, Thick Blood or Gel Effects to skin. ST-1, 7” (1 7

⁄8 ”/47mm Blade)

Silicone Tool Flat chisel design is non-porous, resilient and flexible. Great for detailed application of Aqua Glitter, latex, blood, adhesives or cremes. Wipes clean. ST-3, 3/8”/5mm Wide, Flat Chisel

Tapered Spatula Flat, flexible stainless blade with wood handle. Perfect multi-purpose tool for blending, smoothing, scoring, etc. Wipe clean with alcohol. ST-4, 3.25”/85mm Blade

Blending Spatula “Trowel” style palette spatula for efficient blending. Flexible, stainless blade with wood handle. Wipe clean with alcohol. ST-5, 2.5”/63mm Blade (from bend)

Wooden Modeling Tool Versatile application tool to model Nose & Scar Wax, Thick Blood and Effects Gels. MT-1 Natural Wood

Foam Sponge Expertly apply and blend cremes with our finely textured sponge. Eight die-cut wedges per block. Synthetic, disposable. LF-1 Single Lot, LF-2 Dozen Pack

Velour Powder Puffs Soft, luxurious, double-sided velour puff. Washable. VP-1 Single Lot, VP-2 Dozen Pack

Artist’s Mixing Palette Ample size with a convenient finger hole. Sanitize with alcohol. MXP-2 5.5” x 6.5” White Plexiglas

Stainless Steel Palette Convenient for blending. Transfer makeup to Palette from container for hygiene. MXP 3.5” x 5” Stainless.


RB-3 RB-4 RB-5

”/28mm FCB-24

FCB-16 FCB-18 FCB-20

ST-1 ST-3 ST-4 ST-5 MT-1

Hydra Sponge Durable synthetic sponges efficiently spread Color Cake and MagiCake. Medium size is optimum for body makeup. Washable. HS-1 Small, HS-3 Medium

Stipple Sponge Eight sections per die- cut block. Create beard stipple, bruising, road rash and texture. Disposable. Fine Pore: FNS-1 Single Lot, FNS-2 Dozen Pack Medium Pore: NS-1 Single Lot, NS-2 Dozen Pack

Foam Tip Applicators Soft foam tipped applica- tors for pressed colors. Washable. FB-11 10 Pack, FB-111 25 Pack.

Swab Applicators Cotton-tipped, disposable appli- cators have 1,001 uses. One pointed, one round tip. SW-11 Pack of ten.


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