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Final Seal Matte Sealer Final Seal keeps makeup in place, even when performers perspire heavily. Apply pre-makeup to retard perspira- tion, and over any completed makeup for a smudge-proof finish. Adds dura- bility to air-brushed Liquid Paints. Alcohol-based with fresh mint scent. Use in well-ventilated area. Expect 20-50 applications per ounce. FY-0 1fl.oz./29ml. Spray FY-2 2fl.oz./59ml. Spray FY-8 8fl.oz./236ml. Refill FY-16 16fl.oz./473ml. Jug

Quick Cleanse Light, gentle formula easily removes all creme makeups. Gently massage cleanser into makeup with cotton pad, fingers or sponge and wipe away. Rinse skin with water. Expect 4-20 applications per ounce. QR-1 .5fl.oz./14ml. QR-2 1fl.oz./29ml. QR-3 2fl.oz./59ml. QR-41 8fl.oz./236ml. Pump QR-5 16fl.oz./473ml. Jug

Spirit Gum Remover Efficiently dissolves the sticky residues of Spirit Gum Adhesive. Follow with Hydra Cleanse or soap and water. Expect 3-15 applications per ounce. GR-1 .5fl.oz./14ml. GR-2 1fl.oz./29ml GR-22 2fl.oz./59ml. GR-25 4fl.oz./118ml. GR-3 8fl.oz./236ml.

LiquiSet Mixing Liquid Mix LiquiSet with any water-activated makeup for a smudge and water-resis- tant finish. Mix with Lumière Powders (page 18) to create a beautiful, lumines- cent paint. Gentle enough for eyelids! Note: Colors applied with LiquiSet will not blend. Expect 10-40 applications per ounce. LQ-0 1fl.oz./29ml. Spray LQ-1 1fl.oz./29ml. LQ-2 2fl.oz./59ml. LQ-21 2fl.oz./59ml. Spray LQ-4 4fl.oz./118ml. LQ-16 16fl.oz./473ml. Jug

Hydra Cleanse Oil-free and fragrance-free makeup remover gently cleanses face and body, leaving skin clean and smooth. Excellent as an eye makeup remover and pre- makeup cleanser. Cleans water-based makeup residue quickly from brushes. Expect 15-50 applications per ounce. HR-1 2fl.oz./59ml. HR-21 8fl.oz./236ml. Pump HR-3 16fl.oz./473ml. Jug

Remove-It All Contains universal solvents that make it indispensable as a cleanser to gently and efficiently remove all creme makeup, Spirit Gum Adhesive, Medical Adhesive and Prosthetic Adhesive. Non-hazardous, fragrance free. Expect 15-50 applications per ounce. RR-2 2fl.oz./59ml. RR-8 8fl.oz./236ml.

Bond Off! Remover Quickly and thoroughly removes Spirit Gum, Prosthetic Adhesive and similar adhesive residues from skin and appli- ances. Follow with Hydra Cleanse or soap and water. Expect 5-15 applications per ounce. BR-0 .5fl.oz./14ml. BR-11 1fl.oz./29ml. BR-1 2fl.oz./59ml. BR-15 4fl.oz./118ml. BR-2 8fl.oz./236ml. BR-3 16fl.oz./473ml. Jug BR-4 32fl.oz./946ml. Jug

Brush Cleaner Effective cleaning solution quickly dis- solves all oil-based makeup. Available in convenient spray bottle to quickly clean rouge and powder brushes. Pleasant scent. Alcohol-based. Use in well venti- lated area. Cleans approximately 75 brushes per ounce. BC-0 1fl.oz./29ml. BC-1


BC-11 2fl.oz./59ml. Spray BC-21 8fl.oz./236ml. Pump BC-3 16fl.oz./473ml. Jug BC-4 32fl.oz./946ml. Jug


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