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MagiCake Aqua Paints MagiCakes produce exquisite color for fantasy, face and body paint. Mix with water or LiquiSet for added durability. Apply with flat brush for detail or Hydra Sponge for all over color. Smudge-resistant when dry; spray with Final Seal to extend wear and retard perspiration. Remove with Hydra Cleanse or similar cleanser. Expect 25-50 applications per CF container. CF Min. Wt. .21oz./6gm.; Select shades available in LA Pro Size Min. Wt. .77oz./22gm.

Cloud White Sunshine Yellow Passion Pink CF-15 CF-9 CF-1 Licorice Black Marigold Hot Pink CF-16 CF-10 CF-3 Fire Red Mustard Seed Bazooka Pink CF-165 CF-102 CF-4 Bright Red Burnt Pumpkin Bright Orange CF-17 CF-104 CF-5 Cranberry Lime Green

CF-19 Rust

MagiColor Liquid Paints Richly pigmented in 22 beautiful shades, Liquid Paints dry to a smudge and water-resistant finish. Apply with air brush, sponge or brush. Viscosity varies by shade. If needed, thin with LiquiSet or Final Seal for desired air brush consistency. Expect 20-70 applications per ounce. ML 1fl.oz./29ml.; 4fl.oz./118ml. Refills available in select shades ®.

ML-01 White

Golden Yellow

ML-25 Grey

Cranberry 20 ML-34 ML-13

® ® ® ® ® ® ® ®

ML-03 Black

ML-15 Purple

® ®ML-27 Turquoise

Royal Violet ML-35

ML-05 Red

ML-17 Pink

Magenta Marigold ML-36 ML-29

ML-07 Blue

ML-19 Orange

Fire Red Sapphire Blue ML-37® ML-30 ® Bright Yellow

ML-21 Rust

Cosmic Blue ML-09

ML-11 Green

Warm Brown ML-23®

ML-31® ®ML-32 Kelly Green

CF-108 CF-52 Calypso Blue Gecko Green Honey Brown CF-195 CF-110 CF-6 Stormy Blue Emerald Green Subtle Brown CF-20 CF-11 CF-61

MagiCake Aqua Paint Palettes Indispensible for busy artists, especially body and face painters. Six or twelve indispensible shades are available in refillable metal palettes. Includes No. 7 Flat Brush. Refills available in all 42 shades. Expect 25-100 applications per color. CFK-12 Net Wt. 1.69oz./48gm. Shades (by row, L-R ), Top: RM-1, 5, 7, 9, 112, 3; Bottom: RL-62, 108, 129, 16, 17, 195. CFK-6 Net Wt. .84oz./24gm. (not pictured). Shades: RM-1, 5, 7, 9, 112, 3.

Cosmic Blue Kelly Green Warm Brown ®Palette Refills available in all MagiCake shades. Use prefix RM. CF-21 CF-112 CF-62 Marine Blue Tropical Green Character Shadow CF-22 CF-12 CF-65 Azure Blue

CF-122 Split Pea

CF-23 Grey

CF-7 Turquoise Royal Purple Misty Violet CF-24 CF-129 CF-8 Tahitian Blue Vivid Violet Ultra Lite CF-25 CF-13 CF-81 Seafoam Light Lavender

CF-251 Linen

CF-135 CF-82

CF-89 Maize

Magenta Brown-Black

MagiColor Creme Crayons MagiColor Crayons are great for quick strokes of lasting color and instant touch-ups. Set with Neutral Set Powder. Shapen with Dual Hole Sharpener (DP). Expect 30-75 applications. MJ .05oz./1.4gm.- .09oz./2.5gm.

MJ-1 Bold Red MJ-2 Velvet Black

MagiColor Creme Pencils Creamy and colorful detail for fantasy, clowning, face painting or sports fans. Easy clean-up. Sharpen with Single Hole Pencil Sharpener (SP). Expect 30-75 applications. MC .04oz./1.13gm.

MC-1 Black

Warm Brown MC-14 Fire Red Character Shadow MC-15 MC-2 Ruby Red Misty Violet MC-18 MC-3

MC-4 White

Cosmic Blue MC-19

MC-5 Blue

Turquoise MC-20

MC-8 Violet

Kelly Green MC-23 Bright Orange MC-11 MJ-3 Bright Blue

MJ-4 White

MJ-5 True Red CF-26 CF-14

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