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You’ll love the colorful brilliance of our Lumiere Luxe, Luxe Sparkle and new Ultra Bright Powders. Design options are limitless! Apply dry or wet for beautiful fantasy and avant garde effects on the face and body. Airbrush compatible.

Lumière Luxe Powders Dust Luxe Powder over bare skin or apply over finished makeup for striking luminescence. For total "liquid color" coverage, blend with LiquiSet or Final Seal for smudge-proof durability on face or body. Adjust sealer to powder ratio for desired opacity and airbrush efficiency. Expect 25-150 applications. LX .21oz./6gm. - .28oz./8gm.

Lumière Ultra Bright Powder Ultra Bright Powder feels feather light and sparkles like miniature diamonds. Stunning applied dry on bare skin, over makeup, or blended with our Sealers for a durable, high gloss finish. Expect 25-150 applications. LX-100 .28oz./8gm.

Lumière Luxe Sparkle Shimmering pigment, plus our high intensity glitter, are a re-

markable combination. Mix with our Sealers for smudge-proof

Christine is wearing LX-9 Mermaid Green Luxe Powder applied with LiquiSet and LX-100 Lumière Ultra Bright Powder.

durability on face, hair and body. Iced Gold is a favorite for fairies, angels and ice queens.

Expect 10-100 applications. LXS .28oz./8gm.


LX-1 Ice

Tangerine 18

LX-14 Amethyst

LX-7 Iced Gold Chartreuse Persimmon LX-15 LX-8 LX-2 Aztec Gold Mermaid Green Cherry Red LX-155 LX-9 LX-3

LX-4 Silver

LX-10 Jade

LX-16 Azalea

Bronze Turquoise Cosmic Violet LX-17 LX-11 LX-5 Indian Copper Cosmic Blue Golden Apricot LX-18 LX-12 LX-6 Sun Yellow Royal Purple

LX-19 Peacock

LX-13 Iced Gold Cosmic Blue LXS-12 LXS-2

LXS-4 Silver

LXS-16 Azalea

Sun Yellow Cosmic Violet LXS-17 LXS-61 Mermaid Green Starry Night LXS-20 LXS-9 LX-61 LUMIÈRE LUXE SPARKLE POWDERS

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