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Ben Nye


Our Professional Beauty Book celebrates Ben Nye’s 45th Anniversary. We do it all for you... our most important customer.

Dana Nye, President I

n our new production facilities, our talented chemists expanded and improved the pro- fessional line designed by 20th Century Fox

Makeup Director, Ben Nye, Sr. We are one of a few family-owned professional makeup compa- nies in the world. Our new colors and products were designed and produced in our Los Angeles facility for today’s global artistry.

New MediaPRO® has the industry talking! The

series is a remarkable ensemble of Sheer Foun- dations, Creme Contours, Concealers, Eye De- finers and silky Poudre Compacts. All are finely textured and color balanced, making them the perfect choice for motion picture, HD broadcast, bridal, fashion, opera or ballet.

Our three 18-Color Palettes provide what you need, wherever your work takes you. Sheer Foundations include a versatile, multi-ethnic color range in a micro-processed, easily buildable texture. Creme Contours add radiance and dimension, while the Con- cealer/Adjuster Palette is a master set of highly pigmented camouflage shades to con- ceal imperfections flawlessly.

We expanded our Powder Rouge and Eye Shadows with 23 eye catching colors in an improved silky smooth texture. We now offer 10 refillable pressed color palettes of eye, blush, luminescent and compact powder shades for fashion and theatre.

Busy artists like smart, efficient,“kit friendly” packaging. We created Palettes, Stacks and Wheels in Lumière, Eye Shadow, Powder Rouge, Foundation, Contours and Con- cealers for "on-the-go" artists!

Our Beauty Book is designed for you. It's a joy to create professional makeup for the world’s most talented artists. We have come to know many of you at trade shows and by reading your thoughtful blogs that bring us all closer in this unique and truly rewarding profession of artisans. Look to our website for the latest news at Ben Nye.

It’s our pleasure to serve you wherever you are in the world today!

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