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Our glamorous collection of Palettes, Lipsticks, Pencils and Glosses will shape and define lips to perfection. Lip color instantly adds style to any makeup and finishes the look.

Lip Colour Pencils Decadently creamy pencils line, shape or fill lips with ease and saturated color. Available in 23 beautiful shades. Sharpen with our Single Hole Sharpener (SP). Expect 50-150 applications. LP 7" Length, .065oz./1.83gm.

Really Red Chocoholic LP-143 LP-120 Bare Cedar Rum Raisin LP-144 LP-125

LP-127 Nude

Ginger Snap LP-145 Caramel Rose Berry Brown LP-146 LP-128 Mahogany Mystic Plum LP-147 LP-129 Burgundy Beet Red LP-148 LP-130 Wine Berry Cherry Pop LP-149 LP-131

LP-132 Currant

French Roast LP-150

LP-134 Natural

Super Pink

Lip Gloss Versatile tints add high shine and a wash of color to bare lips or over lip color. Glazes contain a hint of shimmer. Lightly scented. Pots are “stackable”. Expect 50-100 applications. LGS .25oz./7gm.

Lip Gloss Stack Can’t decide? Five full-sized pots are stacked together to conveniently slip into your makeup kit.

Expect 250-500 applications. LGSS-1 Net Wt. 1.25oz./35gm.

Lip Gloss Wheel Six of our best Glosses perfectly packed in a handy wheel. Expect 200-350 applications. LGW .94oz./26.6gm. Shades (clockwise from upper left): Cherry Baby, Gold Glaze, Nude, Bubblegum, Apricot Glaze, Natural (center).

LGS-01 Natural

Champagne LGS-03

LGS-10 Nude

Bubblegum LGS-15 Cherry Baby LGS-18 Apricot Glaze LGS-21 Gold Glaze LGS-24 Pewter Glaze

Lip Colour Palettes Beautiful and practical Palettes include six tabs of creamy, long-wearing color. Apply indi- vidually or blend into custom-perfect shades. Each Palette includes brush. Empty Palette with six tabs and brush is ready to fill with your own shades or Refills. Includes FDB-71 Lip Brush. Expect 200-300 applications per palette. Net Wt. .36oz./10.2gm. LSP-1 Natural Palette Shades (Top, L-R): RLS-47 First Blush, 48 Watermelon, 26 Primrose, 19 Mocha Rose, 12 Natural Brown, 49 Cherry Cola*

LSP-2 Fashion Palette Shades (Bottom, L-R): RLS-46 Shy Apricot*,

52 Pink Tart, 51 Cherryberry, 50 Poppy, 33 Marilyn Red, 53 Sangria* LSP-0 Empty Palette with Six Tabs and Brush (Refills sold separately) * Available only in Palette. See Lipstick Color Chart on page 15.

®Refills available in Palette shades. 14 LGS-28 LP-151

LP-135 Spice

Rosewood LP-136 Cocoa Spice LP-138

LP-140 Vino

LP-142 Salsa

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