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by Mike Griffin

MLF sure has lots of dogmatism for one who claims such devotion to truth and objectivity. His distinction of science fiction versus fantasy based on “improbable but possible” is a nice working definition as long as one doesn’t consider truthfulness. Once again, MLF has overlooked the most glaringly obvious point: Science fiction is fiction and that means it’s not true. It’s not just possible stories based around true science. Even in his genre of mundane sci-fi, it is in fact speculative fiction, which means speculation about future science that right now is not true. And does MLF exempt sci-fi from

this criterion so that he can declare it “the one true religion?” Its future science is by no means true. So sci-fi is only truer than traditional religion in that it doesn’t violate known science. But traditional religion adapts and retreats its superstitious claims in the advance of science. All religions approach a safety zone of speculation beyond science. Do we have souls, life after death, is there some kind of sentient God of all, is God really love? Science can’t address these, and it is conceit to say there is nothing but the materialism that science can address. Even the cold materialism of

evolution cannot refute these issues. Consider the fate of the earth in a billion years when it is finally burned up by our sun in its red giant phase. What if we can’t ever get beyond our solar system; will the human race be finally over? Perhaps the goal of evolution, as some sci-fi stories have speculated, is for us to advance to a spiritual level that can survive the end of our solar system, and we have millions of years to achieve that. Or does each of us achieve that when we die? Take away the superstitious, MLF, and you still can’t answer that one. Open your mind. Maybe you might read some science fiction or other speculative stories about it.

Volume 22 Issue 3 ConNotations 23

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