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experience. The goal of the selected preservation treatment is to retain and preserve the historic form and fabric of the vessel to the greatest ex- tent possible. We have a plan of work that we are following above and below deck and we work on Fridays from 0800 to 1300 hrs. The work sched- ule will soon increase as we near completion date. The Port of Los Angeles has provided

great support to preserve the boat by developing a preservation plan that involves the vessel and the building that will house it funded by the Port. They have provided a land berth for it, utilities and soon will provide a large canopy to cover it while work continues in a protected environment. Work has begun on the water cut back south of FS 112 and adjacent to where the boat museum will be. This will provide anchorage for historic vessels. The US Battleship Iowa will be coming to the Port in June and become a floating museum located just north of FS 112. I hope that you have “caught my drift”

with this article. We need support from our active and retired members in the way of volunteers to help work on the boat and donors who will be rec- ognized for their contribution in the new boat mu- seum. Donor levels start at the ”Firefighter” $100 and go up from there to “Diver” $500; “Mate”

$1,000; “Engineer” $2,000; “Pilot” $3,000; “Cap- tain” $5,000; “Chief” $10,000. How about the many members who

were assigned to the old boat over the years get- ting involved or those interested in preserving the history of the LAFD (Your history). If nothing else, come down and tell a few stories about your experiences. Those of you who are interested in supporting us with the boat project can come to the Harbor Museum at Old Fire Station 36 on a Saturday or email me direct at frankwborden@ You can also call and leave a message at 323 464 2727. Time to get serious. Our clock is ticking.

The Saying “ruST never SleepS” iS So True. here WalT jaeger and Tom moran are Working on ruST miTiga- Tion and preServaTion on The afT deck.

Some of our dedicaTed BoaT volun- TeerS geTTing ready To go To Work. Bill dahlquiST, Tom moran, WalT jaeger and glenn WilkenSon.

CALENDAR for June & July 2012 June 2012

reTired lafd memBer annual luncheon June is again time for our annual LAFD

retired member luncheon and we look forward to the event that will be bigger and better. We have great plans to make sure everybody enjoys their time together with good food, our raffle and time for camaraderie and storytelling. We hope to fill the upstairs with attendees. We can seat over 100 people. We have many new displays in the mu- seum to see since last year . Some of you have purchased pavers to support the memorial so you can see them while you are there.

laST year’S gaThering of our reTired lafd memBerS in The muSeum dorm.

archiTecTS rendiTion of The mulTi-lev- el muSeum Building for old fireBoaT 2 in San pedro To Be locaTed aT harBor Blvd. and The fooT of 5Th ST.


July 2012

Board of direcTorS elecTion June is the month for the election of

members for the LAFDHS Board of Directors. If you are interested in our cause and supporting our mission please let us know. We will have several openings this year for a two year term. Also this year we will be able to vote using email. Active or retired members and civilians from outside the LAFD may apply.

50 • June 2012

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