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of memories. It brought back some happy times. Don and Nina Clegg, retired LAFD, were kind and supportive also. I am sending this check to the Widows and Orphans

Fund in appreciation for all the good things you do. Please accept it in memory of my husband of 69 years, Leon E. Eggers.


Dear LAFRA Members: As your elected DC board member for police and fire,

I want to follow up on the information you received via direct mailing regarding changes to the plan. Please note that you do not need to do anything! The changes will occur automatically and at no cost to you. You will retain exactly the same account balance after any transfers that may affect your account. In a nutshell, we are consolidating the core menu

options in order to eliminate redundancy and a couple of under-performing funds, and to make your investing decisions much easier. Having so many fund options led to much confusion and guaranteed that we retained underperforming funds simply for the sake of extra choices.

Remember, if you feel particularly strongly about

keeping one of the funds we are eliminating from the core menu, you can still invest in that fund via the Schwab Self Directed Brokerage (SSDB). Every fund we had is still available there. There was one fund where the identical share class was not available. We were successful in getting Schwab and that fund to agree to add it so the same funds and same share classes are all available to you.

For the vast majority who do not use the SSDB, you

will find the new menu much easier. There will be a single option in each general investment category. Though the names are being changed, several of the funds are the same ones you were already in. In the case of the bond fund, it is now equal parts of the two original options. Of further benefit to you, the costs for each option

have now decreased. Over time, those little basis points add up to very significant monies in your account. And remember, the vast majority of these accounts are held for decades before you tap into them. Please do not hesitate to contact me (or the plan) if you have any questions

John R. Mumma Director, Los Angeles Police Protective League

L.A. Firemen’s Relief Assn.

Please accept this donation in memory of Ed Wenger. He has been my longtime friend. He stood up for me and my wife at our wedding. I have known Ed since he was about eight years

old. He lived down the street from me in Los Angeles. I worked with him at 10’s. My dad talked to him about coming on the job – and it worked and I did too. Although we didn’t see too much of each other on the job, I will miss him very much

Thank you,

William “Dane” Sims Garden Grove, CA

Travel the Right Way! current promotions

Firefighters enjoy an

@ Sandals & Beaches Resorts (800) 303-7901 June 2012 • 39

Send your letters & comments to the editor at:


Donated in memory of Phil Boukather, with heartfelt condolences to Carol and his four children. Phil was assigned to FS 30 early in his career and fit right in. He had worked as a mechanic at our shops before becoming a Fireman. His knowledge and skill with our apparatus and personal vehicles was part of the easy fit. His love of practical jokes was also endearing to some. Not so much to the recipients. He was an expert at bucketing unsuspecting members and everyone was delighted at Phil’s reaction when he was the target. We shared some adventures – the first Watts riot,

hunting trips, Death Valley trips and 30’s parties. Those were the days! Took them for granted, treasure them now. Phil had a love of the Colorado River and the desert

near it. He maintained vacation homes there for years and then recently traded that for La Quinta. Flying was another of his passions which he recently gave up in favor of motor homing so that his family could come along. It would be an understatement to say that Phil was

active. His mind was always focused on building, maintaining, inventing or improving something like his “Rapid Cool Oil Filter” or the prototype 3 ½” by 4” double female he built while at 30’s. Phil left us much too soon but his memory will always bring smiles.

John and Margitta McKinney Prescott, AZ

Relief Association:

Thank you so much, LAFRA, for all the help and information you gave me upon the death of my husband, Leon (Lee) Eggers. You made a difficult time a little easier. I also want to thank John McKinney for his letter

Margaret (Monnie) Eggers Leeds, UT

Widows, Orphans and Disabled Firemen’s Fund This small donation in memory of my husband

Vincent L. Chavez is sent to help others . . . your caring and kindness for all firemen and their families is gratefully appreciated.

Thank you

Mary Lou Chavez Hatch, NM

L. A. Firemen’s Relief Association. Please accept this donation in memory of Dale Parker.

He was a very nice person. My husband knew him as a fireman when he was on the job. My thoughts and

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