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Greetings from the Battalion that

never sleeps! Let me start out by giving a huge

Thank You for all the participant’s in this year’s MDA fundraiser for Jerry’s Kids. With everybody’s help, they were able to raise a lot of money for research of Muscular Dystrophy. It’s for a great cause and it’s something the Fire Department has been associated with for a while, so again, thank you! Also this month was the annual “Dad’s and Kid’s” camping trip. A few skinned knees and owwwies, good food and camaraderie, and great weather and a lot of fun was had by all. Looking forward to next year already! A hearty “welcome back” goes out

to EMS 13. During some of this “redistrict- ing,” they were moved from their plush estate at 112’s to their new digs at FS46. They went from watching sunsets over the ocean, peace and tranquility, to climbing stairs all day and being woken up all night . . . on the bright side, at least you won’t have to go as far for most of the runs you’re dispatched to. Speaking of EMS . . . recently EMS 13 was already attached to a run, so when RA 64 asked for the clos- est engine and EMS Battalion Captain, they were given E 64 and EMS 2. Since this was the second time in four hours that EMS 2 was sent to a run in Battalion 13, he contacted RA 64 over the radio and asked them, “Do you re- ally need me? It’s kind of a far drive to get all the way down there.” Now we all know that EMS usually isn’t attached unless it’s an odd circumstance or a superior knowledge of para- medicine is needed, and on this run they ob- viously needed both. Seems like with all the re-structuring lately, it should have been a “no brainer,” but apparently it wasn’t. I guess if it’s so far to travel then there really is no need to justify a position. Just sayin’. . . The next tale comes from 46’s. Un-

fortunately all this EVOC training came just a little too late over there. I know we went over emergency braking, evasive steering, and proper positioning and rig set-up for entering and exiting a turn, but I must have missed the part where you’re supposed to back into super expensive cars while out of your district. Ap- parently, after they dropped their patient off at the hospital, they needed a quick pick-me-up at the local coffee joint. Some lucky owner of a Porsche also needed the same pick-me-up, and in order to stay out of the red zone, he parked somewhat close to RA 46. After they got their lattes and macchiatos, they returned to their rig and got ready to head back to the district. Fortunately there’s a back up camera on the new rescues so I guess there’s no more need

for a member to get out . . . right? Evidently, they needed a “objects in the back-up camera are closer than they appear” warning sticker, because that Porsche crept up really quick and RA 46 ended up resting on the hood. Maybe we should start installing inflatable bumpers in- stead of back-up cameras, or just have the other member get out and direct the driver like we’ve always done . . . Just sayin’ The next story comes out of 57’s.

One of the members has a very restricted diet and sent a letter through channels requesting to opt out of organized mess. Permission was granted, but since 57’s can get very busy they need everybody to help out and cook. Unfortu- nately this member thought that since he wasn’t participating in the eating of the meals that he shouldn’t have to participate in the making of the meals. Finally after some common sense thinking and a bit of persuasion this member jumped into the rotation and gave his crew a real culinary delight . . . a few bags of frozen chicken wings. Mmmmmmm good - or not. Well recently this member’s name was on the latest transfer list to the Valley and his crew fig- ured they would at least get a final meal from him for all the support they’ve given.(Spoiler alert!) Turns out he TS’d his last segment so he wouldn’t have to cook. Good luck at 73’s John, maybe they’ll like frozen chicken wings.


congratulations to most of Battalion 13. Recently, there was a post on the Information Por- tal congratulating all the stations that had perfect ePCR entries. In a very busy battalion it’s nice to hear a “thank you” for your hard work every so of- ten - even if it is only for inputting the correct informa- tion on the ePCR for every run that the station responds to. That being said, not everyone was able to participate in this high honor of perfection as the stations listed in numerical order were 21, 33, 46, 57, 64,and 66. Wait a minute. Aren’t there seven stations in the Battalion? And 65’s

was so close to not making the Grapevine this month. Maybe next month? For those of you that read the Bat-

talion News, I’d like to thank you. The staff puts a lot of effort into the design, structure, and material every month. These articles are an opportunity to give appropriate honors to those that deserve them, and also to have a little fun if there happens to be a bit of buffoonery. It used to be used as a deterrent from doing something; i.e. “I shouldn’t do this because I don’t want to make the Grapevine,” but unfortunately it doesn’t always work that way anymore. More- over, all of these fables are word of mouth sto- ries that are passed from firefighter to firefight- er, getting stronger and more unbelievable with each person’s interpretation of the truth. None of this is meant to hurt anybody or injure a rep- utation (some of you don’t need the Grapevine stories for that), so I’m sorry if feelings were hurt. We’re all just trying to have a little fun. Well, that’s all I’ve got. Remember

to stay safe and keep taking care of one anoth- er! . . . and remember, 2+2 makes sense, play nice, stay marginal, know your audience, get a cool nickname, and figure out which formula you use before the media gets a hold of it. Keep sending your stories to

a Well involved auTo fire in The alley, 333 W 61 STreeT on eaSTer nighT.

phoTo By jeff zimmerman, epn

BaTTalion 13 companieS Work an aparTmenT houSe fire aT 4147 mcclung drive on april 7, 2012.

phoTo By jeff zimmerman, epn June 2012 • 17

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