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baseball coach at La Joya Community High School in Avondale. This devastating and unwarranted decision must be overturned and Coach John Jacobs reinstated. I am asking that you print the following letter to Coach Jacobs. The outpouring of support for this amazing man at a recent board meeting was impressive, as the board listened to heartfelt comments from past and pres- ent students, parents, coaches, and teachers.

Dear Coach Jacobs, Thank you for putting people above things. Thank you for treating your players like family. Thank you for being a man of integ- rity. Thank you for the count- less hours spent with players when they needed you. Thank you for the fortune you spent out of your own pocket so that the team could have equip- ment, uniforms, and a decent field on which to play. Thank you for high standards, both in your life and what you expect from your players. Thank you for your unending wealth of baseball knowledge, skills, and abilities, and the willingness to share that wisdom. Thank you for encouraging players. Thank you for being instrumental in helping students receive base- ball scholarships, alleviating a financial burden for parents. Thank you for taking a per- sonal interest in those students and calling them monthly. Thank you for investing your time in each player and truly making them feel important. Thank you for shaping the character of your players, turning boys into men who become pillars of the commu- nity. I have seen this firsthand, and you are to be commended. Lastly, congratulations on

receiving the award for Coach of the Year, 2011.

Lani VanderWerf Avondale

My predictions

for rest of 2012 Editor:

out Here is how I see 2012 playing

To begin with, the world will not end on December 21, just because the Mayan calendar stops on that day. The only accurate prophetic document, the Bible, tells us that we still will see the Rapture, the Tribulation and Armageddon unfold. Since the Tribulation will last for seven years, well you get the picture More than likely the Supreme Court will strike down the insur- ance mandate from Obamacare, which will make implementa- tion unworkable. That is very good news for the American people.

Obamacare’s Medicare scam

by Susan Stamper Brown Cagle Syndicate

America’s senior citizens deserve to enjoy their golden years in

security rather than be faced with the uncertainty of having their beloved Medicare benefits yanked away thanks to provisions within the Democratic Party’s darling, Obamacare.

congressional Democrats are not. Democrats failed to inform seniors nearly half of Obamacare’s cost would be funded initially by taking more than $500 billion from Medicare. When this information was made public, Democrats


election. Most sadly, according to the Heritage Foundation, low-income seniors and minorities will be the hardest hit by these cuts. Once again, Democrats claim to be the party for minorities and the poor, but contradict their claims with stunts like this.

More than 25 percent of Medicare recipients are MA participants. Of those, a large percentage lives in key swing states like Pennsylvania, Florida and Ohio. The Obama administration knew they had to do something to protect the senior citizen vote so they pulled another trick out of their trusty Chicago politics top hat when they conjured up $8.3 billion taxpayer dollars to supplement MA benefits until after the 2012 elections. After the election, all bets are off and seniors will be left to figure it out. The Weekly Standard suggests this ploy

Susan Stamper Brown

SB 1070 will probably be upheld. Subsequently other states will pass their version of 1070 in an attempt to control illegals. Since our President doesn’t care about protecting our Southern border, Gover- nor Brewer will be more than happy to do his job for him. It may be that was what she was telling him with her famous “finger pointing” moment. You think? Incidentally, I see Governor Brewer being elected comfortably.

Sheriff Joe, I see our sheriff being reelected because he is doing his job and because senior citizens vote in very large num- bers.

I see Mitt Romney being (See Letters on Page 8) Tess’ Alterations Dry Cleaning & Tuxedo Rentals

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Service Available Same Day Despite the DOJ’s war on

promised the cost-shifting would not in any way lead to benefit cuts. In addition, they were told Obamacare would reduce the deficit and were told everyone could keep their doctors. If Democrats genuinely believed what they were saying, they obviously failed to factor into their quirky calculations that pesky little fact that Medicare reimbursement cuts to doctors would send them packing in droves, making it a bit tricky to use the same doctor if he or she no longer treats Medicare patients. Moreover, another side effect from this pernicious legislation is what seems to be the ultimate destruction of the Medicare Advantage (MA) program as seniors know it today. It is to no surprise that this program elected by millions of seniors has been in Obama’s crosshairs for quite some time. After all, MA allows benefi ciaries the ability to receive Medicare benefi ts via private health insurance plans. In Obama’s world, MA is a waste of money but spending countless tax dollars on green energy pipe dreams is considered smart investing. Obviously, Democrats failed to consider the timing of these cuts when Obamacare was enacted. Many seniors are in the process of losing their MA plans or will discover they are about to lose them — just before the 2012

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is illegal in that “a president isn’t generally thought to possess the power to reallocate American’s resources to shore up his political vulnerabilities.” The Government Accountability Offi ce (GAO) apparently concurred, recently telling the administration to stop this charade the administration fronts as a “demonstration project.”

This Medicare funds siphoning will continue, according to a Jan. 3, 2011, Wall Street Journal article, “Obamacare’s Medicare Cuts in the New Year.” The article discloses that Obamacare will extract from “Medicare and related federal programs,” $638 billion over the next 10 years, and an additional $1.6 trillion in the seven years thereafter, “for a total of $2.2 trillion” in cuts.

Democrats will use their best “Mediscare” tactics

to defl ect the blame to Republicans for the mess they’ve created. You can read an informative article about this “mess” at the Galen Institute online at: damaging-disclosures/.

In stark contrast, Republicans have common sense solutions that will leave Medicare benefi ts intact for today’s seniors and those nearing retirement. The plan also gives younger Americans the opportunity for a far superior program to work toward, while allowing today’s seniors the ability to rest in the promises America made to them long ago.

Susan Stamper Brown is an opinion page columnist, motivational speaker and military advocate who writes about politics, the military, the economy and culture.

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