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guns fromFAIR I

talian shotgun expert FAIR is using the latest technology

to produce a range of guns that are designed to sell well around the world. Since FAIR began making

over-and-under shotguns in 1971, constant updating and embracing the latest technologies ensures its Marcheno factory is at the cutting edge of computer-aided design and manufacture. Models include theMaster,

SRL 802,Carrera and Racing. TeMaster products have non- adjustable stocks and triggers while the Carrera and Racing models feature FAIR’s XR adjustable comb stocks and XR triggers. Te trap and skeet models

have single non-selective triggers while the sporting models have single selective triggers that allow either the top or bottom barrel to be selected to fire first.Both are adjustable for position. Tis means it can produce sturdy, functional and reliable


RUAGadds more brands to

The FAIR Racing SportingMkII offers cutting edge design andmanufacture.

guns with ‘Italian elegance’ and at competitive prices, helping FAIR become Italy’s second- largest manufacturer of over- and-under shotguns,with strong representation around the world. It offers a selection of

models at different price points, AnschützUKgoes toRUAG

RUAGAmmotec UK has snapped up hunting and sporting-rifle brand Anschütz for UK distribution. RUAG takes over from Frank

Dyke – which had been running the match and hunting gun agency in the UK for more than 30 years – following director Frank Jacques’decision to retire. Phil Unwin,RUAG

Ammotec UK’s boss, announced the deal during the IWA trade show in Germany. Phil told GunTradeWorld:

“We are obviously very pleased to have picked up Anschütz because


it is a top brand with an excellent product range. It’s an exciting announcement for us. “It sits very nicely with our

existing portfolio of products, such as ammunition and accessories.We look forward to offering a compete range of items in due course. “As youmight expect,Frank

Dyke has offered to help us in any way possible during the transition period, for which we are very grateful.” Alongside its core product base

of Rottweil,RWS andNorma, RUAGUK also distributes other

well-known brands, including Perazzi and Bettinsoli shotguns, Titan rifles,Diana air rifles, Lightforce lamps andNightforce and Kahles optics. A seamless transfer will

ensure continued product supply and service, sales information, brochures andDVDs.

ensuring those with lower budgets can have a sound and reliable gun,while also offering higher grades with improved features and finish to satisfy those seeking more- refined options.Tere are also plenty of guns tailored to the

More competition

specifications of larger overseas distributors and brands. Competition guns for trap,

skeet and sport shooting at all levels, from club enthusiasts to serious competitors, have become an increasingly importantly aspect of the production line.

collection Te sole UK distributor for Bergara rifles and accessories as well asDocter riflescopes and optics is now RUAGAmmotec. Te first Bergaramodel

available will be the BX11 – a new generation, switch-barrel bolt-action rifle featuring an easily interchangeable barrel system that requires no gunsmithing to fit. It is being offered in light and varmint versions in a wide range of calibres. RUAGis alsomaking the

complete range of riflescopes, binoculars and sights from Docter available, including the Basic 3-12x56, described as being ideal for hunting at any time of day or night. Te announcements follow

DMT T: +1 508 481 5944

news during the IWA show that it had secured the prestigious Anschütz agency in the UK.


RUAGAmmotec UK T: +44 1579 362319

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