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News & Views Parking tickets threaten business survival

says he has no choice but to break the law in order to get deliveries into his restaurant.

A restaurant owner has said he may have to stop trading after getting park- ing tickets totaling around £2,500. Hassan Mashuk, who runs the Curry House in Brislington, near Bristol,

Over an eight month period Hassan says he has received more than 70 parking tickets as a result of tougher enforcement by the local council. He claims he has to park on double yellow lines to deliver as there is nowhere else to stop nearby.

Bristol City Council has provided parking bays in the area, for all resi-

dents to share, but not outside Hassan’s properties which are protected from parking by double yellow lines as a result of their particular location. Parking outside these properties has always been prohibited, the Council states, but the routes are now enforced by camera. Everyone caught parking illegally on the cameras is sent a Penalty Charge Notice, which is subject to an appeals process. The Council says it is working with Hasan to try and find a solution.

Government announces Tier 2 visa changes

Various changes have come into effect since 6th April 2012 and affecting all applicants under Tier 2 General visas.

The government has announced the results of a consultation with regards to migrants sponsored under the Tier 2 route and entitlement to apply for settlement after a qualifying period.

One of the most important changes that will affect the restaurant sector is that anyone applying for settlement from Tier 2 who entered the UK after 6th April 2011 will need to demonstrate earnings of at least £35,000 per annum. This minimum income level will remain in place until 2018. The maximum time permitted for migrants to remain in the UK under Tier 2 will be capped at six years and if they do not apply for settlement after 5 years they will need to leave the UK after 6 years. Migrants who leave the UK after 6 years will not

be able to return for at least 12 months on another visa in the same category. Those who entered the UK on a Tier 2 General visa prior to 6th April 2011 will not be required to meet the requirements regarding income and the duration of stay cap.

The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has recommended that the Government retain the the current limit of 20,700 for Tier 2 (General). It says the evidence received by MAC suggests that a cut in this limit would be economically damaging in terms of promoting the UK as an attractive place to invest and do business.

Restaurant fined over river waste

A restaurant from Wigan has received a hefty fine after being found guilty of pumping untreated leftovers into a nearby river. Environmental inspectors launched an inquiry after ramblers reported that the waters of the River Douglas were running tandoori-red.

The Environment Agency traced the Spice Business Magazine

contamination back to a malfunction- ing private waste water plant at the Baby Elephant Indian restaurant, which emptied chopped onion, mushroom and other food waste into the river. Although not poisonous to fish, such waste can create algae which removes oxygen from the water, and in extreme circumstances can lead to fish suffocating


Restaurant owner Arash Ali was given two 18-month conditional discharges after admitting causing ‘noxious and polluting matter to enter controlled waters’. The restaurant company was ordered to pay a total of £7,616 in fines and costs and is having to invest in a new sewage and waste water system that will cost at least £35,000.

May/June 2012

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