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Do you love dogs? Whether you wish to look after a dog or just help a good cause, the Dogs Trust can always do with your support…

At any one time, the team of dedicated canine carers at Dogs Trust re-homing centres will be caring for over 1,500 unwanted dogs: feeding, walking, training, playing, grooming and cleaning all day, every day. However, the team cannot care for the dogs without the help of kind people who give up their time to volunteer, donate, foster or fundraise for the charity. If you want to do your bit to help the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, here’s how…


FOR DOGS TRUST Dogs Trust’s policy is to not just rescue dogs, but to give them the best possible quality of life as well as all the specialist care and training they need to give them the greatest

chance of fi nding a new home of their own. A squeaky toy, a treat or a cosy bed can be all it takes to raise spirits, and most of our dogs fi nd homes within weeks. But other dogs need a bit more and this is why we often look for temporary foster carers. Temporary fostering off ers dogs a chance to live in a real home until a new owner can be found.

DONATION! DONATION! DONATION! You can keep the doggy tails wagging at Dogs Trust by donating toys to help amuse the dogs while they wait for their new homes. The dogs are particularly partial to squeaky toys and tennis balls! April showers can take hold of the charity’s blankets, duvets and towels as canine carers need to use more to put in


Want to go away but unsure what to do about your dog or cat? Gay Dog Boarding will take care of them... you can even check up on them via webcam while you’re away!

Situated in Hampshire, Gay Dog Boarding kennels has been run by the same family since it opened in 1962. It retains a homely, friendly feel for both customers and clientele. Run by Paul and Melanie Bliss, it sticks to the principle that the dogs and cats should be treated as they would in their home. Employees at the kennels are handpicked for their interactive skills with, and dedication to, small animals. Paul took over the kennels

from his aunt, and has kept the establishment refurbished and up to date and introduced new aspects, such as Shear Bliss Grooming Parlour. The kennel’s relaxed, professional atmosphere is somewhere that

your pet will feel at home. The compartments are generously- sized and licensed for two or more dogs, so families do not have to be split up. Kennels have outside, south-facing runs, and it goes without saying that hygiene is of the utmost importance: all kennels are thoroughly scrubbed between occupants. and meticulously cleaned, daily.

As well as dogs, the team has been looking after cats for same number of years, so you can rest assured that your cat is in the best of hands. Don’t be worried if you have a nervous cat, the cattery is an island of tranquility compared with the noise of the kennels. All cattery


the dogs’ beds to keep them warm and dry after wet walks. So if you’re having a linen cupboard clear out, think of Dogs Trust. To ensure the dogs’ training sessions are positive experiences, canine carers use tasty treats to reward their learning. Next time you do your weekly shop, why not pick some dog treats and drop them off at the Dogs Trust re-homing centre?

WHY NOT SPONSOR A DOG AS A GIFT FOR A LOVED ONE?! Most of our dogs fi nd loving new homes but those who need a little extra care are always safe with us because we will never destroy a healthy dog. You can sponsor one of these longer-term residents for just £1 a week. Dogs Trust is reliant on the generosity of the public to help dogs in need, so by sponsoring a dog you won’t just be helping your sponsor dog but all their friends too!

To fi nd out more about Dogs Trust, where your local re-homing centre is or how you can do your bit to help visit

compartments are heated and feature their own run and are disinfected between occupations. As with the kennels, hygiene at the cattery is of utmost importance. Accommodation is suitable for single cats or families of cats. One innovative aspect of the

kennels is the webcams, where you can see your loved ones

whilst you are away on holiday. The kennels were the fi rst to pioneer this in the UK and it’s proved hugely popular with clients. For more details, view the

website at - email or call 01256-389233. There is also a Facebook page at www.facebook. com/GayDogKennels

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