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Barrie Drewitt-Barlow of the British Surrogacy Centre explains how current bans on certain kinds of fertility treatment in the UK are forcing couples to seek treatment abroad…

At their Los Angeles facility, The British Surrogacy Centre is seeing a huge increase of couples for treatments that are currently illegal in the UK and other European countries. Unfortunately, not every

available IVF option is available to you in Europe. For example, sex-selection is outlawed in the UK, but it is available in other countries. Would you travel abroad to make use of such a service? Well, hundreds of other people are now doing that. International fertility law is not as liberal as U.S. law regarding fertility treatment, especially in relation to reproduction through donor and surrogacy options. In response to the bans

currently in place in the UK, the British Surrogacy Centre has seen a surge of interest in services currently available in the U.S. The centre uses two U.S-based clinics to guide patients through the process of sex selection and other easily available fertility treatments that are not available in the UK. California Fertility Parenters are now seen as the ultimate celebrity-spotting clinical practice in LA. This is also one of the first clinics to work with the gay

community and, in fact, has many gay members of staff. The West Coast’s clinic has one of the highest success rates anywhere in the USA and has years of experience in IVF. Then, on the East Coast, there is New England Fertility. Another state-of- the-art facility, it doesn’t only cater for the heterosexual community, but actively welcomes same-sex couples and singles wanting to go through the surrogacy and egg donor process. The benefit in using this agency

some couples needing this type of care particularly single parents or gay couples. Germany and Norway have bans on egg donation, while Austria and Italy have bans on egg and sperm donation for in vitro fertilization (IVF). There are also bans on artificial insemination and IVF for single women and lesbian couples in France and Italy, and bans on surrogacy are in place throughout much of Europe.


thanks largely to teams like those available in the U.S.

This interest in

alternative parenting is demonstrated clearly by the establishment of two leading European shows on same-sex parenting – the annual Alternative Parenting Show which runs in

September at the Connaught Rooms in London, and the Building Families Show which runs in April each year at the London Hilton

is the wonderful staff running the facility and our advice is: anyone going through surrogacy should really look no further.

Laws regarding fertility

treatment vary. Some countries ban aspects of treatment such as surrogacy, egg donation, sperm donation, artificial insemination, and a variety of treatment options for

As well as such bans,

many of them have also reported unsuccessful experiences with adoption panels and foster care teams in the UK, some saying that they found attitudes to still be quite homophobic. People are no longer prepared to put up with discrimination, especially as there are now options for our community to become parents to our own biological children,

Metropole. Both shows are becoming essential events for those considering surrogacy and egg donation. Each play host to the world’s leading fertility specialists, who are able to discuss one-to-one with you about the surrogacy process and your fertility needs. Also present are the best legal minds from the UK and USA, who are able to talk to you about the legal issues.

Pursuing an

international surrogacy agreement can be time consuming. Using a management company will help minimise the visits you have to make abroad and the final costs. The British Surrogacy Centre can help keep costs down because of relationships we already have with certain clinics. Also, we will work with clients until a baby is born, then up to three months after the birth – and we’re on hand afterwards should help be needed.

A team of 11 nationally and internationally- recognised surrogacy specialists, who work with hundreds of clients each year, the BSC has earned a reputation for overcoming hard-to-solve parenting issues. Our clinics specialise in a comprehensive range of fertility treatment options, including intra-uterine insemination, in vitro fertilization, donor egg, gestational carrier, and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, as well as extensive resources to address financial and emotional needs. In fact, everything you will need to make your family complete and bring your baby home. For more information, Barriedrewitt@ britishsurrogacycentre. com

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