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eCupid is the tale of a man who, on the brink of turning 30, questions the direction his life is heading, and wonders whether his long-term partner is really ‘the one’. A mysterious phone App seems to offer the answer to his problems, delivering a steady stream of new sexual conquests to his door… but is his new lifestyle the answer to his searching?

The film is the latest feature from gay director JC Calciano, who picked up fans with his last film, the gay-flavoured Is It Just Me? JC was born in Brooklyn and raised in Long Island, but moved to LA in his late 20s. He currently lives in West Hollywood with his partner of 13 years.

Where did the idea for eCupid come from? The inspiration for eCupid came from a few places. I was inspired by the monologue Ernie shares with his roommate Xander in my first film, Is It Just Me? I thought about a perfect relationship that falls apart because one of them is unsure if he is with right guy. I think everyone in a relationship wonders at some point, “Is this person I should be with for the rest of my life?” The other inspiration was the film It’s A Wonderful Life. I always wanted to make a film about an angel or some divine being helping teach someone a lesson about life. There’s a line in the fi lm about “30 being the new 40” for gay men, suggesting that they experience a mid-life crisis earlier in life – do you think that’s true? I do think it’s true; maybe because I work with actors and know a lot of people younger than myself; but it seems that the pressures of society give them the need to establish themselves at a younger age. When I was younger, I recall believing that achieving a level of comfort and success at 40 was the goal. Now I see a lot of younger people pressuring themselves in their twenties to be successful by the age of 30. Do you think it’s now extra diffi cult for gay men to stay monogamous to one another with so many technological ways to hook up with others? Yes. Today’s technology puts men and sex at the fingertips of anyone with a smart- phone or computer. It’s the classic “kid in a candy store” scenario. Years ago, we had only a few choices. Now with technology, the chance for temptation is greater. Have you ever hooked up with someone through an App or dating site? How did it turn out? No, I actually haven’t ever met anyone through an App or a dating site. When I was younger, I was like the character


JC Calciano and (right) scenes from his new film eCupid

Blaine in Is It Just Me? I tried the chat- rooms to meet someone. That’s what inspired the story for the movie. It was my idea of how I could find love in a chat- room. It didn’t happen that way, but it was my romantic notion of what could happen. Currently, I’ve been with my partner for almost 14 years now. When we met, we didn’t have smart-phones and A-pps and dating sites weren’t popular yet. How long did it take you to shoot the movie? Was it a smooth shoot or were there any setbacks? eCupid took 12 days to shoot. Six days in a row with one day off in-between. It was a smooth shoot with no major setbacks other than one scene. There is a party scene in the film where Gabe walks in and catches his partner Marshall kissing a co-worker. It was supposed to be a big party with lots of hot guys in it. The morning we showed up to shoot, I learned that we had no guys showing up. Only one friend of mine came to help. I told everyone not to disturb me for 15 minutes and went in the back room to re-write it. I re-wrote the scene to happen pre-party instead of mid-party. There were a bunch of adjustments that had to be made in order to make it work, but I think it ultimately ended up not only working, but also being better than what I had originally written.

How did you get Morgan Fairchild to come on board? I was looking for an iconic Hollywood actress who could play the Goddess of Love: someone who, when she showed up on screen, would make everyone smile. When my casting director, Mark Sikes, suggested Morgan Fairchild, I said “Absolutely!” We contacted her management and sent over a script. We were delighted when they called back saying that she loved the material and wanted to get involved. Are you working on any other projects that you can tell us about? Yes, I’m always working on something. I currently do an ongoing web series called, – it’s a sexy, silly sketch show about misadventures of several incredibly hot guys in a steam room. I’m also prepping a short fi lm I’ve recently written tentatively titled The Choice, as well as a new feature fi lm, Killer Looks. I’m excited about Killer Looks because it’s a black comedy. It shows a diff erent side of me.

eCupid is out on DVD on 14 May through TLA Releasing.

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