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Musicalhouses aka Jerlene Then Tales from the blogosphere with our blogger of the month

My blog, Of Faces and Fingers, was started in 2009, an

amalgamation of my interests

in writing, photography and beauty products. Under my online moniker, Musicalhouses, I chronicle my experiences with beauty products – what worked for me, and what just didn’t. While I have my staples, I also love to move from one beauty product to the next! But beyond the product samples, beauty launches and features, it’s always my readers’ feedback I value the most – I once wrote a post on Asian undertones (partly out of frustration of always being mismatched by clueless counter staff), and it still makes me smile whenever I get an email or a comment from a reader sharing how my post has helped them. I also do my best to keep my blog honest – part of the attraction of reading a blog is seeing how a product works on an average girl who isn’t a make up artist, so I make it a point to be honest, even if it’s a less-than-favourable review. I think readers appreciate that too, especially in an era of ever-increasing commercialisation from which the blogosphere has not been spared. For me, my honesty has paid off, and my blog has been featured in Allure Korea’s Feb 2011 issue, and also was voted the Best New Blog in 2010 by UK beauty website BeautyJudge. These are blogging highlights, for sure, but at the end of the day, I blog as a form of expression, and I’m just glad someone’s reading!

DO-MAIN EVENT I Love Cosmetics has been selected to

represent the UK in the Annual Report of EURid, the registry for .eu domain names. One .eu website is selected to appear in the registry from each EU member state to ‘visually represent the large body of .eu’s on the Internet.’ I Love Cosmetics website will appear in the registry alongside key European brands from fellow member states. The managing director of I Love Cosmetics, James Brown, says: “We have developed a brand packed with personality and a ‘joie de vivre’, and our website is a reflection of our customer focused outlook. Since launching the website, we have had tremendous feedback and this latest high acclaim is the icing on the cake!”


Darphin UK is inviting beauty fans to join it on Facebook by liking its new UK page. Launched in February the new Facebook page already has hundreds of likes and the brand is hoping numbers will increase rapidly as it releases details of exciting new launches coming in 2012. The page features regular updates, including videos, news, expert beauty tips and product information. The latest videos include explanations from Darphin’s scientific production innovation director, Alexa André, on how some of the brand’s best selling products affect the skin – such as

Ideal Resource Smoothing Rexturising Radiance Cream – alongside delightful videos that capture the Parisian essence of Darphin.


Sleek Eau La La Eyeliner Sleek Eau La La Eyeliners promise vibrant, well-pigmented colour, and are touted to be long-

lasting as well. They come with a really sleek (haha) black casing, and have a cap that’s really tight, which is usually a good thing, as more airtight caps prevent emollient ingredients from evaporating. The Eau La La Eyeliners come in a large variety of colours: Canary Yellow, which is a bright happy sunshine yellow; Tonic, which is a gorgeous shimmery forest green with a metallic finish; and Noir, which is matte black, pure and simple. All three eyeliners were very nicely pigmented, and felt smooth and creamy going on. In terms of pigmentation and texture, these actually rival high-end brands with really good eyeliners, such as Urban Decay and MUFE. But how do they hold up against other more famous brands when it comes to long-lasting-ness (if there’s such a word)? Well, in order to test the eyeliners out, I drew the lines on my arm, and subjected them to three tests: one, frantic rubbing with my finger; two, putting them under a running tap; and three, rubbing them frantically while putting them under a running tap. I have to say, I’m impressed! I think the MUFE one did the best, and some of the Sleek ones smudged a little more, but the difference was pretty marginal. I think I’ve just found another brand of eyeliners I love. For more from Of Faces and Fingers visit May2012 Pure Beauty 61

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