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BP: I would say innovative. There is always something new and thrilling every year! After my chat with Brooke, I talked to Allison Baros- Kabler about her fantastic experience this HITS series! EL: IS this your first time showing at HITS Ocala and what Children’s division did you compete in? ABK: Yes this was my first year at HITS Ocala. My pony Sport and I were so ready to compete here and we had a great time. We did the Large Children’s

As this year drew to a close, I did get a chance to catch up with two up and coming juniors who both showed at HITS this year in the Children’s Hunter Pony division. First, Brooke Pfeiffer, who competed in the older Children’s Hunter Pony division with her medium pony Golden Season, a.k.a. Autumn. Here’s what Brooke had to say about showing at HITS Ocala:

EL: What is your favorite part about showing at HITS? BP: I really had fun in my Marshall and Sterling Children’s Pony Medals!

EL: What is your plan for the HITS series next year?

BP: I am hoping to show a large green pony next year.

EL: What accomplishment are you most proud of this HITS? BP: I took first place in one of my medal classes and Autumn earned a blue ribbon in one of the flat classes! The competition was really tough this year so I am proud of us. EL: What is one word you would use to describe HITS?

Pony 12-17.

EL: What is your favorite part about showing at HITS? ABK: I loved my jumping trips! They were such a great experience for me and my pony. The courses are different each week and it makes it interesting.

EL: What is your plan for the HITS series next year? ABK: Next year I hope to do the Regular Large Pony division. Well, that’s it from HITS and the junior perspective for 2012. I look forward to another exciting Circuit in Ocala for 2013. See you at the ring!

WEF 2012: FL Rider Photos Courtesy Kate Morrison (KM Photography) The following captions are for the WEF photo page in this issue. First Row: Hannah Patten and Mr. Big Shot/Children Jumpers 13 and Under , Mckinsey Hughes and Hidden Creeks Serenity/Low Children Jumpers, Cyara New and Four Seasons/

Kerri Gantt & Mystic Mamba Photo: Brad Levine

410-804-5813 15.

Claire Lube of Orlando is one hard-working little girl. Most of her coaching is achieved last-minute ringside by available trainers at the shows. Photo: Lauren Lochliear

Children Jumpers 14-17 2nd Row: Heather Hooker and Perle/ Medium A/O Jumpers, Elizabeth Patz and Chantal/Medium Junior Jumpers, Addison Piper and / Medium Pony Hunters 3rd row: Heather Hooker and Castlekeep/ 18-35 A/O Hunters, Emily Fleishman and Jacquet/ Low Adult Jumpers, Victoria Colvin and VIP Z 4th row: Catherine Pasmore and Pacific Beach/ High A/O Jumpers, Nicole Belissimo and Hotspur 23/ Young Rider Grand Prix

Photos from FE Readers

Catalina Peralta showing at WEF '12 Photo: Randi Muster

Briana Folk & Blue Cowboy at HITS Photo: Jessica Randall

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