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Bathroom Remodeling Ideas That Add Style and Space

Now, more than ever, homeowners are adding to

the value and comfort of their homes by renovating bathrooms into private retreats with luxurious touches that rival those of an upscale spa or resort. Ron and Susan Bishop of Adams Township, Pa., re- cently completed an extensive remodel of the master bathroom in their 20-year-old home. The remake cov- ered nearly every square inch of the space, including the installation of new cabinets, tile, floor coverings and lighting. The couple says one of the biggest highlights is the custom shower enclosure, made from Clarvista glass by PPG, which uses a fused-on coating to keep its showroom appearance over time. “Few things detract from the appearance of a luxu- rious bathroom more than a shower door covered with water deposits and soap scum,” Ron Bishop says. “Susan and I made it a point to find a product that would keep its good looks and be easy to maintain. We completed the renovation on our master bath more than a year ago, and the glass on our shower enclosure still looks brand new.” When considering an update for your bathroom,

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whether you choose to do an extensive remodel or a smaller project, most kitchen and bath designers agree on these tips: * Consider the size of the bathroom. If you have a small room, look for ways to make it feel more ex- pansive. A sleek, stylish glass shower enclosure helps your bathroom appear more spacious, and in most instances, a frameless shower enclosure will provide the cleanest, most open look. If you decide to go with a framed shower enclosure, you’ll have two choices: frameless sliding doors or framed doors. For framed doors, be sure the finish of the metal framing and handles matches your bathroom fixtures. * Think outside the box. Taking a creative approach to bathroom necessities can help you make the most of your space. For instance, the majority of shower

enclosures are square or rectangular, but today’s designers encourage you to think about other shapes. Don’t be afraid to consider a circular or oval-shaped enclosure, a triangle or even a standard shape with an artfully bowed glass door, which can redefine the space and make your bathroom more versatile. * Don’t skimp on the glass. All glass used for

shower enclosures is safety glass, which means it is tempered to make it stronger and more shatterproof. That doesn’t mean all shower glass is alike, though. Most shower doors and enclosures are fabricated from conventional clear glass - which typically has a light, almost imperceptible green cast - or some variation of frosted glass. If you want a look that’s chic and ultra-clear, ask your bath designer or showroom retailer about Clarvista on Starphire glass. * Brighten things up. Repainting your bathroom with light colors can make it feel more spacious. If your bathroom has windows or skylights, use window treatments and accents that maximize the amount of light that comes through to give the room a more airy feel. * Find the best use for your space. Move bathroom cleaning items to a hall closet if you are stretched for storage space in your bathroom, especially if you have freestanding storage units that are taking up valuable floor space. If you need more storage space, consider adding built-in compartments if possible between your wall studs to maximize usuable space. It’s been shown time and time again that remodel- ing a bathroom can add to a home’s value. Whether you want to sell or just enjoy your home more, it’s one of the most practical and dramatic ways to make your home more appealing. To discover more great ideas and inspiration for bathroom remodeling, visit

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Springtime means sunshine, blooms, birdsong - and the dreaded “deer drama” that will inevitably wreak havoc in your beautiful backyard this season. Deer are now a per- manent part of our landscapes, brazenly entering our yards and eating our gorgeous gardens. They are majestic animals, and beautiful to look at - from a distance. Up close, trampling and tasting your tulips, they’re just not a welcome


Springtime is when deer damage is most noticeable, particularly as plants awaken from months of dormancy and prepare to bloom. Deer are the poster critters of natural adaptability. As suburbia has encroached on their wild habitat, deer have adjusted easily, finding plenty to eat in residential landscapes.

“In the early part of the 20th century, the deer popula- tion in the U.S. was less than half a million animals,” says Greg Ecsedy, owner of Bobbex Inc., which manufactures deer repellent. “Today, estimates place the deer population at between 15 million and 20 million animals that cause about $1 billion a year in damage to farms, gardens, yards and timber.” “We know that deer will eat more than 500 different types of plants, so there’s a good chance that something you’ve planted will appeal to them, and you can bet they’ll eat it,” Ecsedy says.

Since deer need to consume a high

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volume of calories to survive - bucks weighing 125 to 250 pounds need 4,000 to 6,000 calories per day - their foraging can cause significant damage to suburban landscapes. Deer seldom travel alone, so a small herd can devastate a neighbor- hood quickly. Deer’s close proximity to people over the course of time has dulled their natural fear, so it’s quite common to see multiple deer nonchalantly noshing away - right outside your window. Deer’s adaptability stems from their ca- pacity to learn. Homeowners can defend their landscape by putting deer’s natural learning ability to good use. Deterrents that convince the deer your yard is no longer a desirable dining destination can successfully protect your home environ- ment from these foraging foes. Several methods can be effective in deterring deer, including the use of repel- lents like all-natural Bobbex Deer Repel- lent. Common solutions include: * Deer Repellent - Deer rely heavily on their sense of smell to assess the desir- ability of an area for feeding, and to alert them to danger. Disrupting their sense of smell can disrupt their sense of security, which is why scent-based repellents often prove effective. The Connecticut Agri- cultural Experiment Station gave Bobbex

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a 93 percent protection index - second only to a fence, at 100 percent, for effectiveness. The repellent uses ingredi- ents that blend the scents of putrescent eggs, garlic, fish, clove oil and other proteins, so it smells and tastes awful to deer. It’s environmentally friendly and safe for animals and your family.

Apply it in almost any weather, it dries clear, won’t wash off after heavy rain or burn plants and grass. Bobbex Deer Repellent is available online at and in garden retail stores. To learn more, visit www.bobbex. com.

* Deer Deterrent Devices - Motion-activated noise mak- ers and lights can scare deer off for a short time. Deer’s movement in the yard can activate motion lights at night, scaring them away, during the day you can use motion- activated sound. It’s likely, however, that deer will become acclimated to both tactics over time, and the sound and motion might not have an effect on them. * Deer Fence - Fencing is considered the only surefire

way to keep deer out of a garden, but keep in mind that deer have been known to jump 10-foot fences, and many communities restrict the height of fencing. You may not be able to put up a fence high enough to keep deer away - plus, fencing might not be practi- cal and can be costly. * Deer Re-

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sistant Flowers - Another option is to grow plants that deer don’t like. A hungry deer will eat just about anything, but you may have some success by planting deer-resistant flowers and plants like catmint, helle- bore, yarrow, fuzzy lamb’s ear, and

cleome near the plants you want to protect.

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