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4 - July 29, 2012 | Salem Community Patriot

The Word Around Town... Letters to our Editor

Salem Youth Baseball Gets Ready to Kick Off Season

Tank you to all the Salem Community whom supported us last weekend for another successful tag day event, and are excited to have a great jump- start to the 2012 season. Make sure you come down to Michele Park on May 5 to officially kick off the season with our Salem Youth Baseball Day starting at 10 a.m. Fun will be had by all with raffles, guess your speed pitching, and much more. We look forward to seeing you there!

Kenneth Tarara, Salem Youth Baseball, Salem

Field of Dreams Clean Up Successful Trough the Help of Volunteers

Te members of the Field of Dreams board would like to take this

opportunity to thank everyone who came out to help with our annual Spring Clean-Up last Saturday. It was a beautiful day for the clean up and we had an outstanding turnout of wonderful volunteers. Tese hard working people helped to rake leaves, pick up trash, and clean up branches throughout the park and playground. Tere were groups of students from JROTC and the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) who worked tirelessly. We had representation from the Greater Salem Chamber of Commerce/HYPE, the Rotary, the Salem Recreation Department, and our dedicated Selectman Pat Hargreaves. Volunteers from the Girl Scouts numbered more than a dozen! What a fantastic crew. We would like to extend a special “Tank You” to Moe’s Italian Sandwich

Shop for donating sandwiches for our hungry volunteers! We would also like to extend a special “Tank You” to Salem’s own Tom Whittaker for bring his tractor and all of the support he has given over the years!

Pat Good, Vice-President, Field of Dreams, Inc., Salem A Few Words About Oil Prices

Tere’s been an awful lot of misinformation, as well as out-and-out lying,

thrown out over the past few months by Republican presidential candidates and their adherents about all the “pain at the pump” that we’re currently experiencing. Mitt Romney, in his constant flailing in attempts to throw more mendacious mud at president Barack Obama, has been claiming repeatedly that the $3.80 we’re shelling out per gallon is somehow his fault. As this most cheerful of liars admittedly knows his conservative audience well, he probably deserves credit for playing on their collective three-year hate fest against the president, even as his administration continues helping America and many of his own detractors forget the George W. Bush years. But to the people out there who don’t get their information from FOX

NEWS, Rush Limbaugh and Romney’s daily distortions, here’s some real facts about Big Oil and why most of us now have to unfurl two or three Jacksons to fill our car’s gas tanks instead of one. 1. Te Number one reason for the wild fluctuating of gasoline prices is the unbridled stock speculation-run-rampant by entrepreneurs busy making crazy money at our expense. China’s heightened need for oil as their own manufacturing level increases, economic sanctions on Iran, 2011’s


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National Boys & Girls Club Week Celebrated

unrest in Libya leading to Khadafy’s assassination, etc., remain major contributors as well. But the worldwide proliferation of unregulated futures oil speculation, prompting billions of dollars poured into their stocks daily, has catapulted a barrel’s worth far beyond anything that could be called intrinsic. Tis artificial spiking, and not any American drilling negligence, remains the primary culprit, and also serves to minimize bank losses when an actual production problem (natural disaster, war declared in an oil-producing nation, etc.) occurs.

2. America’s commander-in-chief, whether his name is Reagan, Kennedy, Eisenhower or Obama has virtually no power to influence the cost of a barrel of oil or a gallon of gas. When pundits yammer on about opening up our Strategic Oil Reserve to alleviate consumer gasoline costs, they are ignoring the fact that prices are set on the world market and aren’t subject to automatic rises and falls if we release a few hundred million more barrels for our consumption periodically. At best the cost of a refined gallon would drop by a few pennies. And when these same people parrot Michael Steele’s and Sarah Palin’s simple-minded 2008 exhortation to “drill baby, drill!” they are similarly ignoring the fact that domestic oil production is at its highest level in nearly a decade under Obama, despite the gallon’s near-record cost. And they’re also forgetting the aftermath of 2010’s BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill, a catastrophe that finally shut Palin and gang up for a while about the “safety” of their eagerness for unrestrained increasing of offshore drilling.

3. American Big Oil corporations have enjoyed humongous profits for years, save for 2009. Everything from Exxon’s annual $30-$46 billion income from last decade, Shell’s $31 billion from 2011, etc. has been well-documented. Despite all this economic largesse, over $4 billion of our tax dollars are funneled yearly to these already- affluent companies, and has been for over a century. President Obama’s attempt to end these obscene additions to their already-bloated profit margins was voted down last month by Senate Republicans, calling it a “political stunt” by the Democrats. Te real reason, of course, was the PAC dollars that Washington GOP members, as well as Democrats, realize from these same corporations to vote to keep the subsidies in place. Nearly all Senate Democrats were willing to vote against their PAC interests to bring some fiscal sanity to the issue, while with the GOP it was business as usual. So this totally-illogical income stream continues unabated, while Republicans go on hammering Obama on fuel prices, despite standing with the Exxons and Sunocos when they could’ve made a difference.

William F. Klessens, Salem Te War on Women Is Spreading Tree very disturbing things are happening that seriously affect women

and are prime examples of the Republicans’ War on Women. • Congress is set to vote on renewing the Violence Against Women Act. • Equal pay for women is in jeopardy. • Tere is a bill in Congress that will determine whether or not students with subsidized Stafford loans will see their interest rate double to 6.8 percent. Next week the Senate is scheduled to vote on renewing the Violence

Against Women Act. Many Republicans have announced opposition to the Act including Kelley Ayotte from NH. Te legislation has saved countless lives since it was signed into law by Bill Clinton. Te Act has always

passed with bi-partisan support. Now it has become a political football for Republicans to impress the Tea Party Radicals. Women are not political footballs. Tis is an example of the Republican War on Women. American women earn only 77 cents for every dollar men make. Tat’s

wrong - pure and simple. Te Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act was the first law President Obama signed - it helps ensure women can fight for equal pay. A quote from Mr. Romney on the subject: “Instead of being about fair pay, it is really about a handout to trial lawyers because it expands the areas that people can sue their employers unnecessarily.” He calls suing for equal pay “unnecessary.” I don’t believe so. Women are cheated out of hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of a career. Money that could pay off medical bills, educate our children, be put toward retirement. Another example of the Republican War on Women. Rep. Virginia Foxx (R) is overseeing the bill that will determine whether or not students with subsidized Stafford loans will see their interest rate double to 6.8 percent. A quote from Foxx: “I have very little tolerance for people who tell me that they graduate with $200,000 of debt or even $80,000 of debt because there’s no reason for that.” Maybe no reason for the 1 percent but the rest of us are the 99 percent. Tere is absolutely no reason economically to raise the interest on student loans. Tis will hurt thousands of folks who got their degrees and are diligently paying off their loans. Why add this extra burden and take money out of the economy? Tis bill will make it harder for young women to get an education, thereby limiting their careers and financial opportunities for a lifetime. Yet another example of the Republican War on Women.

Dee Lewis, Salem

Camp hours are 9am to 4pm (drop-off and pick-up times from 6:30am to 6:00pm) Swimming, arts & crafts, outdoor & gym games and games room!

Field trips to Water Country, Sky Venture, Canobie Lake Park, Strategy Zone and more! Part Time Play Group Kindergarten Camp

-call Maria at ext. 20 for pricing)

(children entering Kindergarten in the Fall) 2012 Pricing:

(children 3 to 5 years old

• Camp registration is available to active club members. Yearly membership is $30. (Kindergarten participants receive free membership)

• $168 per week. A non-refundable deposit of $40 per week is required to reserve your child's spot. (Field trips included)

• Financial Aid may be provided to applicants that qualify. Must apply by April 20th, 2012.

Registration available online or at the Club office

Boys & Girls Club of Salem, 3 Geremonty Dr., Salem • 898-7709 Back row: Rose Halloran, Josh Perreault, Rachel Hill. Center row: Hailey Johansen, Jessie Hunt, Anthony Traficante,

James Ference, Victoria Bonin, Nathan Pettengil, Heather Johansen. Front row: Rhea Shirodkar, Andrew Clark, Cameron Hartmann, Ally Coyle, Cheyenne Barrett, Logan Consoli.

(children entering 6th grade and up)

Camp Funtastic Teen Camp

(children entering 1st grade through 5th grade)

submitted by Boys & Girls Club The Boys & Girls Club of Salem joined other

Boys & Girls Clubs across the country is opening its doors to the community during the annual celebration of National Boys & Girls Club Week (April 15-21). For more than 75 years, Boys & Girls Clubs have celebrated this week in a variety of ways to support the organization’s overarching goal of helping all children achieve a great future. “Because our programs promote academic success, good character and citizenship, and healthy lifestyles, our week included activities to encourage these goals.” Here in Salem, children enjoyed a ‘hands-on’ Science Fair put on by the Biotechnology Club and Science Club of Salem High School. Over 116 of the children participated in a Guinness World Record attempt along with Clubs across the country. The challenge was to create the ‘Largest Number

of Tag Games in a 24-hour period.’ Our week culminated to an awards ceremony in which awards were given for Sportsmanship in each grade (Hailey Johansen, James Ference, Victoria Bonin, Nathan Pettengil, Heather Johansen, Rhea Shirodkar, Andrew Clark, Cameron Hartmann, Cheyenne Barrett, Logan Consoli), Artists of the Week (Logan Consoli, Brady York, Kelsey Cruz and Ally Coyle), Top Reader (Anthony Traficante), and Clubby Banker of the Week (Jessie Hunt). Information on Summer Camps for ages 3 to 18 and information about our transportation/ programs before and after school for children 1st grade and older is available on line and at the Club. The Club is located at 3 Geremonty Drive in

Salem. If you would like additional information, visit their Website at or call 898-7709.

Summer Camp!

4 Great Camps!

Coming June 18th

Full Day Camp K-12 only $168 per week!

June 18th thru.

August 24th!

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