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COLLEGIANNEWS.COM Clarkston Dance:Triangle Club promotes Safe Love

Collegian Staff By Breanna Wimby

Tere were cheers, yells, boos,

an impromptu catwalk demonstra- tion, and a flying wig at the Tri- angle Club’s Safe Love Day Drag Show. In all there were five con- testants, each vying for the grand prize of a $50 gift certificate visa card along with the title Drag Queen and crown. First time drag performer, Diamond, won the

contest for

performing Jennifer Lopez’s I’m real with Tashia. Brittane Mortin, Tashia in the Drag Show, president of the Triangle club and winner of the Drag King crown, felt that it wasn’t fair that she won Drag King, but that the show was a success.

When asked just how hard a

show like the one put on was to put together Mortin responded, “A lot harder than one with think, espe- cially so close to finals,” there were many drops out because of upcom- ing finals and schoolwork and last minute sign ups as well. Mortin is calling all interested

participants for the next drag show now. She is interested in having the

next one hopefully early October, though it’s not certain as of yet. Interested participants can contact Mortin at mortinbk@student.gpc. edu. Safe Love Day is an aware- ness event hosted by the Triangle Club of GPC Clarkston to educate the community about HIV and the other dangers associated with un- protected sex.

APRIL 25, ,2012

Diamond is crowned Drag Queen

Athena dances to Billy Idol’s Dancing with Myself

Trashed:Earth Week ends with stream clean-up Tashia intrigues the crowd and judges

Tashi and Diamond perform J.Lo’s I’m Real

Fitzpatric carries a rim found to the sidewalk

Collegian Contributor By Jade Price

Six shopping carts, a tire and

a tire rim were found during Te Earth Club’s cleanup of the stream behind the soccer field at Clarkston Campus, along with various other trash items such as empty plastic bottles and Styrofoam cups. Tis was a follow up of the

Earth Club’s first stream cleanup that took place on May 17, and was conducted to raise awareness of the detrimental effects of trash and waste on the natural environ- ment as well as the health of the community. Te stream behind the

Clarkston tennis courts is known to run into another body of water

One of six shopping carts stuck in the stream

from which neighboring commu- nities obtain their drinking water. During the cleanup, a sewage pipe was found running into the stream and Professor Steven Fitzpatrick, advisor to the Earth Club, said, “Public work agencies like DeKalb County don’t realize that when they place sewage or a storm water structure next to streams….there’s going to be runoff.” In talking to Fred Buls, one of the Earth Club members present for the cleanup, it was found that there was very little pollution other than the run- off, and most of the filth found in the stream was litter.


Fitzpatrick said that they will be bringing in weighters, machetes, and boots to start moving some of the heavier trash out of the stream.

I think Kamehameha would win. - Alan Alan

A big bang Kamehameha beats them both. End of story. - Al- lan EmberSloth

Both have about the same range, but Hadoken wins because it’s just that badass. - Kyle Madden

Q: A:

Fitzpatrick tries to pull one of six shopping carts from the stream

Which attack would win? Kamehameha or Hadoken? The Soapbox Reporting and photography by Breanna Wimby

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