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companies From Battalion one hanDleD a Fire that Broke out march 23, 2012, at 800 n. Bunker hill ave. in the chinatown area.

photo By Juan Guerra, epn –

it was either very colD in the Battalion one oFFice or chieF GiBson Just DiDn’t want to leave FinGer prints when he was ForceD to choke out his e.i.t. – aGain!

Greetings once again from the sinners and the saints of the Second Battalion.

The first order of business is to con-

gratulate A/O Matt Laurin and the lovely Dusty on their new tax deduction . . . Chloe. Here’s hoping that she looks like her mother and sleeps like her father. Still on the subject of new additions

to our beloved battalion, Battalion Chief Rudy Hill will now lead the brave on the ‘B’ shift. And yes, we will start off liking you, you’ll have to do something to change that. Not much has happened this past

month in our beloved battalion, which had me worried for a minute or two. But as luck would have it, the local news media became awash with stories about our upper, upper, UPPER management. For those of you enjoying retire- ment in an exotic locale, I’m speaking of the

“misstated response times” initially reported in the March 10th edition of the L.A. Times. It turns out that there was a bit of inaccuracy in the data used to justify the reduction in both personnel and equipment in the last round of budget cuts. Well . . . all of the budget cuts ac- tually. Several stories and interviews with the Fire Chief have followed in which the cause of the discrepancies have been explained. We can choose between a) misstatement of the facts, b) a flawed formula, c) problems with the com- puter model or d) all of the above. The story is getting so much coverage that even the Mayor is pretending to be interested in public safety. Fortunately the honesty and integrity of our leadership is not in question. This embarrassment is brought to

us by the same people who hand delivered the official/unofficial “Officer’s Code of Conduct While on Duty” to the Medal of Valor recipient

who regularly defends the rights of those be- ing brought before the Professional Standards Division. As a brief review the first line of the dubiously un-authored document states: “As an officer of the LAFD, you are responsible for the enforcement of discipline and it is your duty to set especially good examples to mea- sure up to the high standards of Department re- quirements.” Apparently the higher up the food chain you go a lie becomes a misstatement of the facts, which allows those of high rank to “measure up to high standards of Department requirements.” Now, according to the Uniform Disciplinary Guidelines I can receive five days off without pay for putting a cartoon, any car- toon, on the refrigerator. So what’s the penalty for presenting false and/or misleading informa- tion to elected officials making decisions that affect the health and well being of this Depart- ment and the citizens we serve? And how much

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