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Virtualisation Optimised Power and Cooling to Maximise Benefits


Make the most of your energySM

Because cooling shouldn’t hold back your business

Close-coupled cooling options deliver greater energy efficiency. Our InRow units come in floor- mounted and overhead forms (floor-mounted shown here).

Introducing expanded, efficient APC by Schneider Electric cooling options for your ever-changing IT needs

Today’s data centres are really heating up Racks are packed with more and more equipment, driving the highest-ever rack power densities. The result: unprecedented heat levels, row by row. Meanwhile, virtualisation is everywhere, leading to more dynamic loads and shifting hot spots. Tackling this challenge with traditional raised fl oors and perimeter cooling alone poses a real struggle: How can you locate enough cooling exactly where it’s required? And how can you streamline cooling effi ciency to minimise energy costs? APC™ Electric™

by Schneider has the effi cient and effective solution you need: InRow™ cooling. InRow units

come in two forms: fl oor-mounted unit and, now, our new overhead units, both of which deliver cooling targeted at heat sources.

Variable-speed fans target heat and improve efficiency Rack-mounted sensors monitor the temperature, giving you real-time information on where heat is hiding. As heat loads shift around the room, unique variable-speed fans automatically adjust to meet the demand. By closely matching cooling with the heat load, you use the cooling that’s required in the right place at the right time, reducing waste by preventing hot and cold air from mixing and eliminating hot spots. You improve effi ciency and avoid overcooling. And the overhead units give you the cooling you need within your existing fl oor print.

Modular design delivers maximum flexibility

Scalable, modular InRow cooling units can be easily and quickly deployed as the foundation of your entire cooling architecture or in addition to current perimeter cooling for a high-density zone within an existing data centre. With this kind of hybrid environment, there is no need to start over and installation is quick and easy, allowing you to align your IT ‘on-demand’ to your business needs.

Next Generation InfraStruxure InRow cooling is part of the Next Generation InfraStruxure™ solution, the APC by

Schneider Electric one-of-a-kind scalable, adaptable, and ‘on-demand’ data centre architecture.

APC by Schneider Electric is the pioneer of modular data centre infrastructure and innovative cooling technology. Its products and solutions, including InfraStruxure, are an integral part of the Schneider Electric IT portfolio.

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Achieve greater efficiency with InRow cooling

1 1. Hot spot emerges.

2. Row-based temperature probes send signal through intelligent controls.

3. Based on required cooling, variable-speed fans fi re up

or level down. 4

4. With row-based cooling, air mixing and overcooling are

prevented. Heat is handled with the lowest energy consumption possible.


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