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There’s definitely the suite smell of success about Driect Suites of Heath Hill Industrial Estate, just outside Dawley. Perhaps you might not immediately think of quality furniture when you think of Heath Hill? If so, you really should think again.

At Direct Suites you pay keen prices for top quality furniture. How can they keep their prices so low? For a start, it is a family business, so they don’t have to carry the burden of large and expensive high street or retail park premises. “We sell direct from the premises or you can order whatever style you want,” explained Kevin. “There’s an extensive range of styles you can se- lect from and also a wide range of fabrics that you can choose from, too.”

And what about the low prices? “”The key to this,” said Kevin, “is that we sell manufacturers overstocks, catalogue returns and can- celled orders. They are all good quality, but we can sell them at prices that seem cra- zy when compared to High Street retailers. For example, many of the suites we sell are only 1/3 of the normal retail value. In some cases there are savings of up to 70%, That can’t be a bad deal, can it?”

Their three showrooms are very busy and there are weekly deliveries of new stock, so there’s always something new to choose from. Which is just as well

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From Penn to design

An extension, a new build, a conversion, all have one thing in common. They need properly executed architec- tural drawings to ensure that your building project goes ahead with the minimum amount of problems. People sometimes mis- understand the function of town planners and council

Suite smell of success at Direct Suites

planning committees. They seem to believe that it’s their job to just slow things up as much as possible. The truth is that council planning of- ficers and council planning committees are very strictly legislated for what they can do. Basically all they want to do is to ensure that your building work, be it an ex- tension, a new build or a conversion complies


the relevant laws and coun- cil policies and will be a safe construction. To help a planning officer or a councillor on a planning committee visualise what the finished work will look like they need to be able to look at some drawings. Some good drawings, done by professional architectural designers. Professionals such as Shropshire-based Penn Ar- chitectural. Penn Architectural de- scribes itself as: “A dynamic

multidisciplinary design practice providing expertise in a wide range of sectors.” They’ll help you from the very start of your idea all the way through to the conclu- sion, the finished drawing on the desk of the town plan- ner to enable him or her to make an informed judgment based on the visual impact of a perfectly executed Penn architectural drawing. And should a potential problem arise, Penn can li- ase on your behalf and can do all the necessary paper- work, using their vast range of experiences.

A spokesman said: “Our design and planning service is ideal for residential and commercial sectors for cli- ents looking to convert, alter, extend, advertise or con- struct a new property. We have a wealth of knowledge and past experience with all aspects of Architectural Design.”

as many of the suites in the showrooms have ‘sold’ on them! “A lot of our business is from personnel recommen- dation. We had a mother bring her daughter in. Mum had bought a suite from us

two years before, and when he daughter needed a suite, she bought her daughter in to see us, which was nice.” The company has now been in business for sev- enteen years, the last 15 of these in Heath Hill.

“Kevin finished by say- ing: “If people want to save money we can guarantee lows costs and high quality, with furniture from top man- ufacturers. Many of which are in stock for immediate delivery.”

TWC’s independent Co-op- erative Commission is cel- ebrating all the borough has to offer to help attract new residents, businesses and encourage more investment in the area.


Commissioners say by improving the Borough’s image it will attract more visitors, increase business investment and civic pride. The report, which looks at how the council can im-

Olympic honour for Wellington girl

The Olympic Flame will visit Ironbridge, Telford town cen- tre and Newport on May 30, spending spend nearly an hour and a half in Telford and Wrekin carried by inspi- rational Torchbearers. Among the torchbearers carrying the flame on its journey through the borough will be Dani Rowlinson, 14, from Wellington, and Jack Smith, 15, from Aqueduct. Both have been chosen to carry the Torch as it passes through Ironbridge.

The London 2012 Olym-

pic Torch Relay will start its journey in the borough in Ironbridge by going over the world famous Iron Bridge at

3.14pm and then goes along the Wharfage turning right into Dale End along Welling- ton Road and the Museum of Iron at Coalbrookdale road past the traffic lights and fin- ishing at the Coalbrookdale Inn at 3.39pm.

At 3.46pm the Torch Re- lay will start again at Malin- slee roundabout in Telford town centre going along Woodhouse Central and into Lawn Central before ending at the Hollinsgate Rounda- bout at 3.54pm.

At 4.06pm the relay be- gins its Newport leg near the junction of Wellington Road with Silverdale Close, then moves along Welling-

ton Road towards the town centre where the route of the torch will turn left towards the High Street and then right into Stafford Street and ending at 4.24pm near the Old Quarry and Hampton Drive.

In between each location

the Torch will be carried in convoy. There will be a se- ries of community events at each location before or after the Torch passes through, with thousands of borough school children cheering the flame as it passes through the borough. The Council will publish more details about these events shortly. Maps showing where and

when you can see the see the torch as it travels through the borough can be seen at 2012torch

It is likely that there will need to be a number of tem- porary road closures to allow the Torch to pass through the three relay locations and more details about these will be published on the Coun- cil’s website shortly. Street-by-street details and proposed start times for when the Olympic Flame will travel through the region on its eight week journey across the British Isles can also be seen at www.london2012. com/olympictorchrelay.

prove the Borough’s image, asks the council to work with its partners to develop new ways for Telford and Wrekin to become a confer- ence town.

They feel the council should do more to promote itself as a business winning council; make links with new and existing employers; lo- cally and further afield. It calls for the council to review how it attracts visitors and recommends a tour- ism officer is put in place to improve visitor information boroughwide.

Commissioners advise the council builds on existing events and festivals to ex- ploit and promote the area’s assets.

They stress council and its partners should look at new ways to work together to promote civic pride for residents.

The Council is working on the large-scale programmes like the Southwater initiative that aims to regenerate the centre of Telford and Wrekin providing a community hub that will attract new busi- nesses through enhanced conference facilities and ac- commodation.

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