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Caci facelifts now in town

You may have heard of Caci facelifts, but did you know they’re are now available at Wellington’s Reshape? There’s Caci Chroma-

Clear, a revolutionary skin rejuvenation technique that cleverly combines new, in- novative treatment technolo- gies. Micro Dermabration is a gentle, deep exfoliation which removes the build-up of dead skin cells, leaving the skin radiant and healthy. It helps generate new cells, smoothing the skin’s tex- ture. There’s also a uniquely formulated hydrating and smoothing gel mask, plus a special high-tech anti-bacte- rial blue light is employed to purify, soothe and calm the skin. This, combined with red light stimulation, pro- motes a clearer, healthier complexion.

There’s also Caci facial toning, which is proven to

ing or acne to de-hydration. The effect of ageing are mostly visible on the face. Facial muscles naturally lose their tone and elasticity as we age. Genetics, life- style, weightloss and envi-

Hairtrade has added an ex- citing new line to its hair styl- ing range.

offer visible results in anti- ageing and wrinkle preven- tation. With over 20 years medical research, Caci was originally used to treat Bell’s Palsy and stroke victims in

hospitals round the world. Caci works by re-educating the muscle, lifting and ton- ing the skin. It’s safe, pain- less so very relaxing. It suits all skin types from anti-age-

It’s a sophisticated hair styling line, with several products, from smoothing creams, styling gels and shaping pomades to mould- ing muds, modelling wax and texturizing foams. The elegance of this line is evi- dent in the unique and styl-

& Beauty Hair

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ronmental factors all influ- ence the rate and degree to which this happens.

The Caci facial toning programme treatment gen- tly manipulates and re-edu- cates all 32 facial muscles.

Soft, cotton-tipped wands are used on the face to transmit tint micro-currents to the facial muscles. It helps to instantly help tone and tighten the facial mus- cles.


ish shaped bottles and col- ourful chic packaging. Keven Kou, MD, I&K Inter- national said: “We’ve been looking for new and exciting brands to add to our hair styling collection, and No Inhibition fits perfectly. The products deliver everything you need for hair styling, amazing signature scents, reforms the hair for any style,

and they look great with their vibrant packaging.”

The range can be used by men and women. If cus- tomers want that little bit of volume whilst holding their hair style or need pomade to shape and texturise, there’s something for everyone and for every hair style. No Inhibi- tions can be purchased on- line at


St Tropez Spray Tan

The New dark spray tan has just been launched...



37 Hair and Beauty.indd 1 CACI MICRODERM

An affordable treatment for dull, lifeless skin, acne, scarring, sun damage, pigmentation, lines & wrinkles. For optimum results, several treatments are recommended.

1 Treatment £45.00 ~ Course of 10 treatments £350.00 Prepare yourself for Easter. Look good and feel like a million dollars


Caci facial toning system will help to tone & tighten muscles & skin, smooth fine lines & wrinkles and stimulate collagen 1 Treatment £45.00 ~ Course of 10 treatments £350.00

MINX NAILS Just £20.00 in April only!

Please call for further details 01952 252100 1-2 Tyrone House, Church Street, Wellington, Telford, TF1 1DR

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