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Photographs of new Library

Facebook users can follow this link TelfordWrekin to have a spe- cial sneak preview of how the new Wellington Civic Quarter looks, only days before the facility becomes completely open to the public.

There’s photographs of a new peaceful walled garden, said to be ideal for creating the perfect atmosphere for any family occasion. You can also check out how the new library will look, but it seems a little bare at present, as the books still had to be moved in when the photograph was taken!

The new registry offi ce looks impressive and there have been many positive comments from members of the public, who have left comments on Telford and Wrekin Borough Council’s Facebook account.

Pound Shop re-launch

Wellington's Pound Shop is now re-launched under new management. They are selling new lines of stock including craft supplies, Melamine range of dishes, cups, plates, etc. They also stock a variety of DIY prerequisites and supplies, children’s party themed dishes and plates. There’s a wide range of cleaning products, too! Feel free and welcome to come and have a good look round Wellington’s Pound Shop.

Heart Wof

Perhaps you have a new house. It’s either a new build or a house that other people have made their home. Whichever it is, now comes the time for you to put your stamp on your new home and your garden. Or perhaps you have occupied your home for some time, but are aware that it needs some- thing extra, something a little different, perhaps? Or perhaps you have done what you can, but


The Wellington

“Things you need for everyday use” WE HAVE:

Men’s and ladies toiletries Kitchen ware and utensils

New plastic goods for picnics and BBQ’s £1 £1 30, 31 Heart of Wellington.indd 2

There is just too much to mention! Come and see! If we don’t have it, just ask, and we will get it!

“ Opening times Monday 9-3.30

Wednesday half day Thursday 9-4 Friday 9-4

Tuesday 9-4 Saturday 9-4

Design with you in mind...


u Garden Design & Giftware u Interior Design u Sourcing Decorative items

DISCUSSION with no Obligation on Garden/interior design.

FREE u u

We offer service and products for the home and garden at an affordable package!

u u Call: 07917 182628 u u 31 26/03/2012 17:15 u uu

feel the need for a touch of expert guidance? This is where JC De- sign comes in. Julie Carswell has recently formed JC Design and promises that her compa- ny can offer design with you in mind.

Julia’s business is of- fering g arden and In- terior design services at an affordable price. The focus being on what the customer wants from the design package.

ellington Design with you in mind

The home and garden is a place to relax and en- joy its surroundings with our families and bring together the inside and outside of our home to re- flect our personality and our own personal tastes. JC Design will plan and guide you to give a workable design to suit your needs and your re- quirements.

Julie points out: “At this time of year many of us decide to change our

colour schemes in our rooms or our decorative items and look in the DIY stores for ideas of colour and inspiration with these products. Or we want to create a tranquil place in our existing garden or source new plants and ideas for our gardens as these evolve over many years.”

Give JC Design a call to assist you in designing your Home or Garden, or your home and garden.



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