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I will be carrying on with my story next, but I will just say that I am including one or two pictures of Les and myself, taken in our later years together.

As I mentioned last month, more or less everything was getting to be too much trouble for my lovely Les to cope with, but he was still so very gentle, and worried constantly he was becom- ing too much trouble for me to deal with, and of course I assured him nothing where he was concerned would ever be “too much trouble for me to do.” Now back to this very particular Sunday morning, he decided he would like to lie on the floor, and you know as I have said previ- ously this is always what he did.

So he said “I will lie on the floor duck, you know that I always like to do that.” So with the promise that I would be up to see him after hopefully he would get some long required sleep. Some two or so hours

later, and after preparing our lamb joint for lunch, I went upstairs and into the bedroom, Les was lying on his side facing the radiator and as I turned him over, can you imagine the shock that I felt at this stage. My Lovely Les had given up his fight for life, he was now at peace, and no longer afraid of losing his breath every time he laid down.

This was Sunday 1 March 1998. I felt quite numb, it was to me not really happening, so I cradled him in my arms for God knows how long, and then suddenly the reali- sation of it all kicked in and I felt so alone, and My Lovely Les had left me forever.

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Rona Harris writes...

Luckily my neighbours were very good and I will always be grateful for their help.

Naturally I contacted his daughter Linda, and it seemed she was by my side again so very quickly. I must say I am still won- dering if I would ever have got through all this traumatic time without the ‘children’ helping me through it all. The day of his funeral finally arrived and at his cre- mation the place was full, as people came from all over the country to pay their last respects, he was so very well liked and respected. It was a BUFFS funeral hence the full chapel. You know it was a really lovely service but I think the part of it that really got to me, was at one point his cof- fin was surrounded by his lodge members, they linked hands but there was a break in that circle and that was where my Les was absent. But there we are, and life goes on, it was in actual fact 14 years this current month since my Les left me. And yet no he did not, because I do feel his presence very close to me sometimes as like everyone else, I do still have my lonely ‘off’ days. However another chap- ter in my life begins, and

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> Rona

suddenly I felt the need to move house to somewhere a little smaller and really this house where I had lived happily with Les for the past 23 years no longer held any- thing for me, without him it was not a home anymore. So armed with a writing pad and pen I took myself

> Les

into Wellington, yes this is my favourite place, of which I am very fond, and I went all around the offices of the local estate agents and spent the following week or so visiting some of the properties they had to offer. But then I did something, which to this day I cannot

imagine with the best will in the world made me actually do it, so here goes. I bought a little two bed- room house in, a place lo- cally that I totally dislike, it is very over built in the way things are done these days, lots of beautiful farm- land, now turned into a huge housing estate, all this lovely part of Shropshire ruined this was all built in the 1980s and all the done as they say “in the name of progress” and I don’t really think so. I did think that the pros- pect of moving to live nearer my younger sister and her husband would be good and I would not be feeling too lonely anymore - wrong - I can honestly say it was the worst move I have ever


I was actually more lonely there, than anywhere else I have ever lived, but I just had to cope with the fact they had their lives and were not particularly interested in me any way whatsoever. Within twelve months I had sold this property and purchased another one, which was in a totally differ- ent area and was built many years ago, but I must say, for some reason I couldn’t settle in this house and be contented, it was all a bit traumatic really.

Now I must draw this episode in my life to a close, and tell you more next time of the, to say the least weird happenings in this my next house purchase.

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