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Your memories of Dawley Park please...

We would like to hear from readers if they have memo- ries of Dawley Park.


park was first established 110 years ago in 1902, write Paul and Sue Wolfe, of Dal- wey History Group. The land was donated by Col W.S.Kenyon Slaney and H.C. and Alfred Simpson as part of the celebration to mark the coronation of Edward VII. Coronation Park as it was called had the war memorial gates added in 1948. The Dawley Lawn Tennis Club used facilities in the park as did the Bowls Club. A putting green and paddling pools existed for many years. The park has been the centre of many events and

celebrations including the Dawley Demonstration, flowers shows and commu- nity singing in the summer. Each November a special service is held to remember the many members of the armed forces who made the ultimate sacrifice. In recent years the Great Dawley Par- ish Council has organised Dawley Day each year in the park and the neighbouring field. We would like to hear from anyone who has memories either formal or informal of events that they participated in or have programmes they would be prepared to loan the group. We can be con- tacted on 01952 501218.


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Peter Hayes from Shrews- bury has written in re- sponse to the Wellington Old Boys photograph in our last issue. Pete is an ex-secretary of Wellington Amateurs, he writes. In Wellington News is- sue 154, I think I am able to name all but one on your photograph of Wellington

Thank you Kuldip

Satinder Singh, writes with thanks for the article on Kuldip Sohota’s article on his life in Telford.

I am probably not a typical Wellington News reader, being 24 and of Indian birth. But I have lived in Hadley since I was about 4, now reside in Wellington. I am fascinated by history in general and am an avid reader of Wellington News, especially George Ev- ans as nowhere else can I read about how life was in the same streets and buildings I see daily.

Being part of the Sikh community, I was 20 20 Letters.indd 1 26/03/2012 13:30

pleasantly surprised to read Mr Kuldip So- hota’s article. I don’t know how many other Telford Sikhs read Wellington News, but I would like to encourage Mr Sohota to share other memories, also encourage other el- ders of the Telford Sikh community to share their experience.

I understand you have to balance keep of articles that are appealing to the majority of readers, so thank you for including this. I wonder if George Evans would be able to write a brief sentence or two on his earliest memories of Telford Sikhs?

Old Boys football team of 1955.

Roy Lee, Geoff Clarke, Brian Griffiths, Cec Herring, Keith Fawcet (goalkeeper), Not known, Tom Farmer, Mr Fawcett (trainer).

The front row reads: Ron Heighway, Colin Wakeley, Les Hicks, Harold (H) Hum- phreys, John Jones, Cliff Humble and Roy Austin. Six on the photograph are Old Wellingtonians (that means they attended Wel- lington Grammar School): Roy Lee, Geoff Clarke, Brian Griffiths, Ron Heigh- way, Cliff Humble and Roy Austin.

The formation of Wel- lington Amateurs was in the main to H. and Johnny Roberts who served as treasurer for many years. When Mr Fawcett arrived as trainer, George Humphreys, took over. A self-appointed committee of sorts ran the

club which I served on with H. George and Johnnny. We would meet at George’s bungalow on Mill Fields just off Mill Bank to discuss club business and team selection. It is difficult to believe that from such small beginnings, the Ama- teurs have reached their status of today with their own ground and floodlights in the offing.

Congratulations to all those who have worked so hard to achieve the club’s position within Shropshire football. Make sure you win the league again this sea- son with it being the club’s 60th anniversary.

Ed. Nice to hear from you again Peter, I will invite you up to the ground be- fore the end of the season for our 60th celebrations. I think we met at an away game at Hanwood a few years ago.

TEAM? Our editor, Dave Gregory, has a long association with


Wellington Amateurs Football Club, but we would love to hear from you about YOUR football club, or for that matter any club. A lot of people put in many devoted hours to make these clubs work so we would love to hear from you about your club; whether it is football or hockey or anything, drop us a line and tell us about it.

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Peter Names Old Boys

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