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Celebrate T

HE QUEEN has since celebrated her Silver Jubilee after 25 years on the throne and

more recently her Golden Jubilee celebrating fifty years. The Diamond Jubi- lee will be celebrated over the weekend of Saturday 2 June 2012 and the celebra- tions will continue through to Tuesday 5 June.

Our Queen was born Princess Elizabeth Alexan- dra Mary on April 21 1926. She was never expected to succeed to the throne un- til her uncle (the Duke of Windsor) abdicated to marry a twice-divorced American named Wallis Warfield Simp- son.

His brother Albert was next in line to the throne and he duly became George VI in honour of his father. Eliza- beth then became the Heir- ess Presumptive, meaning she would become Queen only if her parents did not have a son.

She met her future hus- band, Prince Philip when she was just 13 and he was 18. They were both dece- dents of Queen Victoria and third cousins removed. Eliz- abeth and Philip married on November 20 1947.

The Princess and her new husband were on an official tour and in Kenya when they heard the news of her fa- ther’s death - they returned to the UK as Queen and Consort.

I can remember being a nine-year-old when the

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Queen’s Coronation was held. As a young school- boy attending Constitution Hill junior school I can re- member receiving decora- tive spoons and mugs to celebrate the occasion. It was in the very early days of black and white television and so it became the first Coronation televised live to a mass audience.

When I say mass audi- ence, little fewer than ten per cent of the population had a television in 1953 and many areas were not covered by transmitters. The television screens were a minuscule nine inches compared to to- day’s 60 inch monsters. The television cabined dwarfed the screen.

Nevertheless a huge amount of people saw Queen Elizabeth being

crowned and the magnifi- cent horse-drawn parade back to the palace that fol- lowed. It was 1953, the UK was still under the grip of ra- tioning, the war had only fin- ished a few years previously and the country, deeply in debt to the Americans, was in need of a morale boost. Queen Elizabeth gave the country a massive boost and has continued to serve her people graciously and with a huge appetite for the job. She had been a young lady when the Second World War broke out and later drove Red Cross vehicles in an eager attempt to help out. Her father had refused to leave the capital despite the deepest concerns that the Royal Family would be a tar- get in the case of a German invasion.

> The loyal residents of Ednibrugh’s Royal Mile put up the buntings in celebration.

Were you

there? 1953

Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay were the first men to climb to the summit of Mount Everest. Hillary was from New Zea- land and Tenzing was a na- tive of Nepal but it was a Brit- ish expedition fronted by Sir John Hunt who had a school in Trench named after him. It is thought that the two men reached the summit a day earlier but the news was held back in celebration of the Queen’s Coronation. Another local connection

1953, the year of the Queen’s Coronation was a memorable year for many things.

Were you at the Queen’s Coronation, did you celebrate her Silver and Golden Jubilees? We will be publishing a special commemoration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in our May issue. If you have an event you want to publish, if you have a story to tell, if you have photographs or souvenirs – we would love to hear from you.

with the Queen’s Corona- tion. Local boy, Sir Gordon Richards brought home Pinza (above) to win the 1953 Derby. Sir Gordon was brought up on the coal tips of Donnington Wood and went on to be the ‘house-

Help us make the Wellington News Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee special edition something to remember with your unique stories and photographs of the Queen’s sixty years as our Monarch.

wife’s favourite’ when riding in the Derby. It took him 27 years before he won the race late in his career, but the ladies still loved him!

the Queen's Jubilee with the News

With Queen Elizabeth II fast approaching her Diamond Jubilee, it would be nice to hear from our readers of their memories of previous jubilees and indeed the Queen’s Coronation back on June 2 1953.

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