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Curtains - Let Jane help you

Choosing the correct cur- tains is easy. Everyone knows you just go to a cur- tain shop and buy some cur- tains, take them home and... oh. They don’t quite fit the window? They don’t match the wallpaper? And how come they seem to make the furniture look so... drab? And who chose that paint? And who chose that curtain material? Oh, dear. That’d be you, in both cases!

Finding curtains that

match everything isn’t as simple as one might think. There was one lady who rejected a particular cur-

Ahead of the Easter holidays, detective sergeant Matt Gib- bons, from Proactive CID at Malinsgate Police Station, reminds householders to not leave their homes vulnerable to burglars when they go out. Although police regu- larly issue warnings about the need to keep windows and doors shut, and ideally locked, when out, many bur- glaries appear to have hap- pened because a home is left insecure.

DS Gibbons said: “Up to half of burglaries are com- mitted by thieves entering homes via unlocked doors or open windows.

tain material even though she had previously raved about how good it looked. It transpired she had taken a swatch with her and de- cided that it clashed with the colour of her dog’s fur! Ex- treme? Not really. Because it is, after all, what the custom- er wants that is important. But how does a client re- ally know what they want? If only there was someone who offers independent ex- pert advice on what materi- als are available, what fit- tings are available, what col- our material will match your décor, or yes, what material

“Don’t leave open or un- locked doors or accessible windows in unoccupied rooms even if you’re outside for a short time. If you’re in the garden and leave the front door open: it only takes seconds for a thief to walk in. Remember to lock up prop- erly before you go to bed only leave windows open in rooms where people are sleeping.”

If you’re going away, over- night or on a holiday, ask yourself, does your home look lived in? Take these steps to ensure your home’s less vulnerable:

Let a neighbour or friend

will show off your prize pet to their best advantage! There is that someone. Stop fretting. Put the tape measure down, return the country lifestyle magazine to the rack, make yourself a nice cup of tea and then call Jane, The Curtain Dresser, on 07870 639930. Or visit her website at www.thecur- and book your consultation (worth £127) which is free if you live within 25 miles of Shrews- bury. There’s made-to-meas- ure curtains, fabrics, poles, Roman blinds plus and ex- pert fitting service, too.


know you’re going away. Arrange for them to check your house collect


open/close curtains. Use timer switches/sensors to turn lights on in the evenings Invest in external lighting Mark belongings with your postcode and house number. Got an alarm? Set it when you leave home.

DS Gibbons said: “I’d like everyone to spend a little time considering how they can make their home more secure.” For more information about home and garden se- curity, visit www.westmercia.

Rotarians dine to raise more charity funds

For the past 25 years Wel- lington Rotary Club have held a Sportsman’s Charity Dinner to raise money for appropriate deserving caus- es and have raised, in total over £100,000. This year’s dinner was held on Thurs- day, 8th March at the Telford Whitehouse Hotel and over 200 diners enjoyed good food, good company and, as usual, good entertain- ment.

This year the Guest Speaker was Graham Poll who was a notable football referee who spoke about his career as a referee, in- cluding his experiences as a referee at the World Cup competition. He was ably supported by comedian John Stiles (who was for- merly a professional foot- baller) who is the son of footballer Nobby Stiles. The evening, which was sponsored by a range of local organisations (in- cluding Wellington News) in addition to the money contributed by the diners, was a financial success,

> Left to right. Graham Poll, Rotary Club President Mike Dorricott and John Stiles.

and it seems likely that over £4,000 was raised to sup- port a range of charities, the

principal beneficiaries be- ing MacMillan Nurses and Telford Samaritans.


CARADOC COACHES Tel: 01694 724522

****2012 DAY TOURS **** 14 April BATH - £15pp (coach only)

18 April MARSTONS BREWERY - £29pp (incl coach/tour/samples/carvery)

24 April MELTON MOWBRAY - £16pp (inc tours of cheese/pork pie factory)

28 April 5 May

8 May 12 May

BLETCHLEY PARK - £25pp (incl tour) LLANDUDNO - £15pp (coach only)


MALVERN SPRING FAIR - £28pp (inc ent)

15 May COTSWOLDS - £15pp (Coach only) 19 May LONDON - £17pp (Coach only) 22 May STEAM TO WELSHPOOL - £20pp (Incl steam train)

26 May WADDESDON MANOR - £25pp (inc ent) NT members £15pp (coach only)

31 May NESS BOTANICAL GARDENS - £20pp (inc ent)

For full list of tours see website or send SAE to 2 Nursery Fields, Rushbury Shrops SY6 7DY

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