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Water district comes under fire for Lemere appointment

BY PETER DUGRÉ Director Fred Lemere’s first meeting as a reappointed

member of the Carpinteria Valley Water District Board of Directors was overshadowed by intense public scrutiny on April 11. Members of the public that had supported the campaign to unseat Lemere and fellow incumbents in the 2010 election contended that Le- mere’s appointment both disregarded the electorate and was questionable due to the absence of Director Matt Roberts during the March 28 vote—a 2-1 decision with Director Alonzo Orozco dissenting. Offering his opinion during public comment, Car-

pinteria resident Bob Franco said, “At the last election we voted for change, new direction and new ideas and thought that’s what we accomplished. But an incredibly ill-advised and ill-planned decision by two of the board members completely changed that decision.” Franco and a handful of other speakers asked that the board revote with Roberts present, but the board indicated that it will not revote. Instead, for informational pur- poses at the April 25 meeting, staff will recapitulate the appointment process and how Lemere was legitimately reinstated as a director. Acknowledging the public outcry, Orozco urged the

board to officially revisit the issue, if for no other reason, to clarify what happened. Defending her vote to reappoint Lemere, Board Pres-

ident June Van Wingerden said, “I do want to remind you that a lot of voters did vote for Fred Lemere. They didn’t vote him out. There were a number of voters

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Sewer relocation project nears its finale

By ERiN LENNoN Necessary drilling for the new sewer line being

constructed along Carpinteria Avenue and crossing un- derneath Carpinteria Creek began on April 19, ushering in the final stage of the Carpinteria sanitary District’s Bluffs sewer Relocation Project. The large sewer relocation project has increased the

flow in the main Carpinteria Avenue sewer section, making this final stage necessary to accommodate this increased level and keep it moving. The new line will also handle added wastewater from the Rincon Point septic-to-sewer project. The sewer relocation project, begun in late 2011,

Workers use laser guided boring to install a 10-inch sewer pipeline during the Carpinteria Sanitary District’s Bluffs Sewer Relocation Project.

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replaces the original bluffs sewer line, built in 1961, with an infrastructure that is accessible for repair and maintenance and sequestered from the bluffs and as-

sociated natural areas. All work is expected to finish up by the end of April. Currently, the original sewer line is largely inaccessible and, thus, abandoned. To avoid impact on the natural environment dur-

ing this final phase, which deals with the vulnerable creek environment, the sanitary district is employing a trenchless construction method known as horizontal directional drilling. Trenchless construction allows for minimal excavation and disturbance to surface traffic, business, the land and other activities. These innova- tive technologies were used in several work areas to minimize impact on the environment and daily life. In this final stage, pits will be excavated within the

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Keeping the bees

Local beekeepers Nick Wigel and Debbie Thompson work on baiting thousands of bees away from a rooftop hive at Canalino School on April 15. Carpinteria Unified School District called in the beekeepers, who are members of Carp Bee Club, to bait the bees into a new hive as an alternative to exterminating the population. The transferred bees will be taken to a local ranch where they can continue doing nature’s pollination duties. Anyone with bees that need to be relocated can call the bee rescue line at 881-3031.


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