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Caroline Alice says... “A homesick little boy runs away from his English boarding school. He is found by an elderly woman. Through the power of her memory and the boy's imagination, a shadow on the hill is transformed into the Butterfly Lion, and the intertwined story of this special animal and the elderly woman's husband is slowly revealed. A magical story of the enduring friendship between humans and animals – Michael Morpurgo at his best!” 197 x 130mm, 128 pages, PB

Caroline Alice

title A Very Naughty Rabbit author/illustrator Beatrix Potter Our price £3.99... Save £4 today!

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This naughty little bunny just doesn’t know how to behave. Whether he’s sneaking under garden gates or stumbling into vegetable patches, there’s no rabbit quite like Peter. Will Peter have gone too far? As he tries to make it home he bumps into a very grumpy farmer and manages to lose his shoes and coat while trying to escape. This lovely picture book is the ideal introduction to the escapades of the most famous rabbit ever! 265 x 207mm, 200 pages, HB

title Follow the Swallow author/illustrator Julia Donaldson & Martin Ursell Our price £2.49... Save £2.50 today!

From the tiniest turtle to the biggest blue whale, the animal kingdom is full of wonders and miracles. Picture books are a great way for young children to explore the natural world and this collection of award-winning titles is an ideal introduction to animals. Accompanied by a CD of the stories, these tales are both beautifully told and presented. Each book 241 x 241mm, pages vary, PB

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This Blue Banana book is a perfect short story for developing readers and Julia Donaldson’s style will surely appeal to children who are now moving on from The Gruffalo. Apollo the swallow flies to Africa leaving his friend, Chack the blackbird, in England. Desperate to send Apollo a message, Chack enlists the help of a jumpy dolphin, a greedy crocodile, a grumpy camel and a playful monkey to help deliver his message. But Africa is far away – will it ever reach Apollo? 213 x 145mm, 47 pages, PB

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Animal stories, whether they’re excellently educational or sensationally silly, will never fail to capture and engage young children’s attention. Young girls will love dressing up Hello Kitty in her sparkly new pop star wardrobe, the Bin Weevils Sticker Activity Book will be sure to keep little hands busy for hours on end and There’s a Hamster in the Fast Laneis a very readable compilation of the craziest collection of animal poems ever!

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title The Butterfly Lion author Michael Morpurgo Our price £2.49... Save £2.50 today!

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