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McKEE’S OPINION — Augusta Chronicle Letters Juvenile crime is

serious problem Editor:

Do you think juvenile crime is a serious problem in school? I believe that juvenile crime is a serious problem in schools. It can kill and injure people. It can make people lose their minds. Lastly it can be done at a young age and thousands of students can get expelled or suspended. Kids do these things at a young age such as 11 years old. Over 6,000 students get expelled each year. They bring dangerous weapons such as guns and explosives in schools. They try to kill the kids at school. Or even worst the teachers because they hate them.

juvenile problems in schools are a serious problem. If you were asked this question what would you say?

James Ibrahim Goodyear

Hay farmers

are too greedy Editor:

Why is Hay is selling for $16.00 to $16.50 a bale. The stated reasons behind this price is. Hay is being shipped to Texas, the hay farmers have cut back on hay fi elds to plant cotton. I even heard, hay is being shipped over seas to the troops. Yeah Right. I didn’t see our troops riding horse back!

In the end I personally think

And the most common, the price of gas!.

factor. But, the price of gas is almost the same as it was last year at this time. And a bale was $ 8.00. And when the gas does go

down, hay prices don’t. According to the AZ Agriculture. web site. Hay fi elds went down 14%. So, why is hay up 55% It cost’s a average hay farmer around (pending investments) $ 1.00 to $ 1.50 a bale to produce. It’s the Hay Brokers that are

buying the hay and shipping it out to fi ll their pockets. What happened to the hay

farmer that was for the people of the community? And his community came fi rst. And gave a fair price for his product. So, the community could enjoy their animals and feed them properly.

The price of gas does play a

The sad thing about all of it is. The ones they are hurting are the animals that they are raising the hay to feed.

Horses are being left in the desert, taken to the dog food factory, they are starved or feed very little just to get by. Maybe we should contact our state senator, so the government can control the price of hay. Then the government will control just one more part of our lives because the hay farmers cant control they greed.

Carol Duran Waddell

We all have

self-ownership Editor:

ownership A free person has self The majority of people have

forgotten or have conveniently not been taught on what the proper role of government should be. What has happened is far too many people think that the role of government is to provide for our needs. A good majority of people fail to understand that politicians use the intentional deception of liberalism, conservatism and progressivism to infringe on liberty. Your liberty is not a gift from politicians and certainly not a reward from the current president. Liberty is based on the principle of self-ownership in that YOU own your life. No other person, including government offi cials, has the right to own your life. Just as you do not have the right to own another person’s life. Often a person’s liberty is challenged by peer pressure groups through bullying. Government offi cials will use mandates that severely

limit liberties. NOBODY has the right to

prosperity is without liberty.

deny or initiate others into owning some else’s life. One’s past, present, and future is the product of your life and liberty, which becomes your property of unalienable rights. 1. To take life is murder 2. To take liberty is slavery. 3. To take property is theft. When governments murder,

Thomas Brosius Phoenix

President does

affect oil prices Editor:

deny liberty, and take property through the deception of the redistribution of wealth you have socialism. Socialism has utterly failed throughout history and only produces hardship through poverty. It is time that people exercise the power of liberty in making government great by severely limiting its power over the people. Maintaining a free society requires the courage to think, to talk and to act rather than do nothing. Unfortunately, many people think the way to

Reference “Free Market Drives Oil Prices” Mr. Juarez is partially correct. However, when he claims President Obama is blameless for the price of gas he misses the mark. It is true that there is currently plenty of oil and gas/oil is being exported. What Mr. Juarez missed is, it is the speculators that drive the price of gas up or down based on what they believe the market will be in the future. It is all about stability or the lack of stability in the oil supply, turmoil in the Middle East and the price goes

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